Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow Box Set

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DeWayne M: damn, he doesnt look like he's 50......weed does a body good

iwasbored07: @mbrcanton12 lol r u retarded? of course u can buy a book legally

liamsdad33: @conradmiami thats very stand up of you to post thanks for the heads up

420stealthmicrogrow: then why do they have an 'F' with the better business bureau? I should have done some research before i got ripped off by them! Dont buy from home grown hydro.

gus361: i bet that dog was stoned.

cappeeler09: ive got a dvd of jorge hes a ill grower if u download u torrent.......then go on piratebay u can download it 4 free...its great quality aswell just like out of the shop

Casey Gramz: I clicced this about 5 times, but unfortunately only the first one counted B)

Zach Keene: i want to meet this guy io would pay money to meet him

herb dean: happy mothers day. give your mom an oz

rastaozzy: i smoke weed every day, jah come in!!

qone1200: cervantes for president!!!!

Philocognition: go pleasure your mom !

bladestep: dont smoke your dog up that craps retarted
Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow Box Set 5 out of 5

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Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow Box Set