Beretta A400 Xplor Action Review

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Joe C: Great video brothers.

crazy Clan: What's the lightest load it will shoot ?

Vaggelis Grammatikos: i want to buy that gun but i dont know if kick off or without it would be better. I tried both versions of them. what do you think would be better?

Panthergriffin Zeus: Second shooter still got one cartridge left at reloading!

cpjay2003: cool video guys, I have the A400 xplor unico, pretty much the same without the electronic accessory, love these guns for sporting clays!

Mark Clemmens: Does anybody have any thoughts of this gun compared tot the Winchester sx3?

Pascual Morant: yo la tengo

LDJ666: Subbed ^_^

Oie d'etudiant: I don't care bout cash! But I guess great wealth is still cool!


mario schembri: i have the beretta a400 xplor at about one mount new and i am very proud for my shot gun it very fast and very light and its one of the best brand like the benelli.

tirfune: nice video , beautiful gun my friend


: Nice shooting, i just ordered one and i was hoping to see a review rather than some clay bashing though...

Kane Jones: Very cool shotgun, that computer is helpful to keep track of how much you've shot. A lot better shotgun than my webley&scott 810.

srspower: Yes it's particularly pretty for a semi auto, thanks for watching :)

ScoobTEQ: Damn fine looking gun!

srspower: haha! Well I have many other videos, have a look around my second latest we shot 34 woodpigeons! And if your homework is giving you trouble I don't mind giving you a hint or two if I can!

0/Socialismo: You Brits are so F...k boring !

Dreadzedan: -_-

1ducyboy: So really, as you see it, there are only positive points to buying this semi-auto? As you can tell I have limited experience in shooting and don't want to make a £1400 mistake, I will be buying a A400 Xcel and I just want the right gun, which is great to use with limited recoil. It was just the question whether the extra £80 for the kick-off was money well spent. You seem to say it is, would that be right?
Beretta A400 Xplor Action Review 5 out of 5

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Beretta A400 Xplor Action Review