My 2007 Honda CBR125R

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Mustang1204: they can go about 140km/h with a good engine set up and when you shift high... With normal driving you can go like 125km/h

andig4: the CBR125R is like 2600 pounds (united kingdom)

littlesoldiergraba: lucky bastard! :P

TheCityofGod: looks so gonna get my bike liceance soon so ill probably get this bike

MrBrodsters: i just got the lil book thing to get your m1,, i will probably get this bike.

K Beglaw: hey im interested in buying one but how fast does it go?????

iH8MomJokes: @blackhawk777 maybe since its under 400cc its not considered as a motorcycle 6a licence.. my guess

A7XBilly: i just buy my cbr and i'm from europe Greece! the difference is two! the flash lights and the switch for the electricity near the throtle!

matto1256: lol 4 days to learn to shift

DarkBanshee8: Not in some of the American states.

sokha326: So where are the riding videos?

Jitmonl: "a really nice bike"

Vincent Colussi: as long as you have your M2 license. M1 you can't ride on 400 series highways (such as the 401) Higher than M1, and you should be good =)

Benny Li: @pacrat90 It might be the lighting in his garage. It doesn't look Maaco red in person.

MagicPup69: can you please make a video of you riding it please and send the link to me

Dominic de Luca: I have white! Maybe replace the mirrors, but if you take them off completely that's extremely dangerous and illegal.

Joe7946: the bike looks awesome but im am worried that i am to tall for it. im 6"1 and have long legs and i have seen riding videos and the people dwarf the bike. i think i would look silly on it and would go for a biger bike such as the ninja 250r :)

sargeantbanana: hey, it would be my first bike, I would like to know if it's easy to ride, assuming the only other 2 wheeled vehicles I handled are a old 80cc scooter and a 50cc scooter.

rg0r: The best bike ever. Red especially. HOT HOT HOT. got 08 of this bike.

ssrc30: When did these get released in Canada. Lookin to get rid of my 1000RR for a smaller bike. Looks nice. Are they fast as they look?

Nathan Hemstock: isnt that bike a bit thin and small ....i'm a big guy not..fat but i'm 6'3 and i feel ide look a idiot on it compared to the aprillia ?..well size wise..ive not seen it personally..but what do u think ?

tkrywit: @sokha326 Yes, they can unscrew or fold in for storage.

fnp23: Cool....thanks for the info!

JaalaJ: Next month I'm buying on of these. I can't wait for it. Yeah, it's slow. But as my first bike I think it will be good for me.

DaltonDisciple: thanks for the video, kool bike.

Deniz1923: Hey you guys, nice bike nice post, how much does it cost in US $ ?

Todd Daniel: it was my "stunt bike" not like i dropped it while riding it seriously. my old man just got it for me and basically told me to learn to look cool on it lol. so i was learning to do wheelies n crap. anyways i got rid of it 2 months ago i got a green kawasaki turbo-ed 636 ninja now. havnt even been close to dropping im completely comfortable with riding i can do a stunt without crapting my pants lol the excitment is still there tho.

indianmunda16: the bike looks gd...shame about those indicators

Tobyle286: 150km

AL3Xmotodude: I'm on the edge of purchasing this bike... I'm 5'11 and weigh about 200 lbs, would it accelerate decently? This would be my first motorcycle btw. Speed limits on my city / regional roads are usually 50-70 km/hr

Jikian: the european front looks better than your bike

hugngui0102: ark cé bin laitte komm bike sa satirre pas

sadr789: How much insurance do you pay for this bike in CDN dollars? Thanks

sqee123: i have a black one. I can't wait will our canadian weather gets better so i can ride it again.. i do think it looks a tad strange from the back. i still think it's an awesome bike.

sugivanr: hey buddy did u get ur CBR 125 insureed? how much did it cost u for insurance?

pacrat90: Don't like that red, it's like an orangy, and very faint red.. I prefer this bike in the Black or the Blue :)

Flesher1697: 1 pound = ~$2 CDN

Jikian: Thanks

bescherelle01: is this a good motorcycle for a beginner? Or what other motor would you suggest?

tom ktm: 1. i think the 2 stroke sounds better (in my opinion) in this low ccm 2. the aprilia looks loads better(opinion again) 3. wont need a rebuild if u buy new and look after it. if the cbr125 was beefed up(way 2 small) and the dodgy mirrors werent there it wud b nice.:]

ellie32: That version is available in europe, came out in late 2007. I got a black one and its is so smooth and looks/sounds ace! Makes Aprilia's look like toys compared to its 'big bike' looks. :D

mickeyblueeyes123: nice vid man ok I just got my class 6 lerners and im 33years old and im just starting out riding . how would this bike rate for me as a new rider....

s0096901: hey, i'm gonna buy this one 2day..!!! it's my first. i'm excited.

ElBelle09: I'm definitely getting this bike now! Awesome ;)

CIB96: how do you join the new riders program?

최 성웅: cool...... HOT red...:)

Jitmonl: If you're tall, avoid it. get a varadero 125 with the v twin engine. I want a varadero but it's too big for me. i'm getting a cbr125r. this new one. The tyres are skinny to give better traction as it is a light bike. it's really good if ur small like me. otherwise, varadero.

supersportbikes: Is the cbr125r legall for use on the highway? i live in london ontario.

1966caprice: sweet

sokha326: Are you able to take the mirrors off out of curiousity?
My 2007 Honda CBR125R 4.8 out of 5

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My 2007 Honda CBR125R