Fuel Line Change On Craftsman 358.742440 WeedWacker

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mark thun: man oh man your video is bouncing all over the place. I'm getting dizzy! no help at all!

Spyder Digits: Glad I checked here for a walk-through, thanks!

Ben Ortega: well I think u guys are cruel this guys just trying to help us comment about his nail is unnecessary.why don't u take a good look in the mirror

SteadiStick: This is the worst video quality ever. Shakey blurry etc.

Laura B.: This would have been a good video if it wasn't so wobbly and out of focus. That's why you got so many down votes. You need to get a tripod to hold your camera, and make sure it is in focus. Also, the long fingernails were distracting. If you're a guy, get some clippers and trim them. If you're not a guy, paint them red or pink.

Agent P: Droopy dog... Or my grandpa. I got all ready to start fixing my weed wacker. Now I'm ready to take a nap.

1234tric: Too blurry

SMS CUSTOMS: Who filmed this, Michael J Fox ????

fatcrab35: you ned a cameraman the video was helpful. But you may know how to fix a weedwacker but don't know how to work a cameraman.

Scott Jeffries: Thanks for the video.

A couple additional notes for others watching it:
The smaller fuel line is the gas supply line (0.140" OD X .080" ID) and has the filter attached to it. It attaches to the straight connector pointing straight down out of the primer. Part number 530069247
Note: I made it long enough that it lays flat on bottom of the plastic gas tank.

The larger fuel line is the return line (0.1875” (3/16) OD X 0.094” 3/32 ID) and has the plastic clip. It connects to the tube pointing to the rear of the engine. Part number:  530069216
Note: I fed the larger tube through the gas tank and put the plastic clip inside of the tank. The clip is used so the return line doesn't get pulled out of the gas tank. It only needs to be long enough so the gas goes from the primer back to the tank or about 1.5" into the tank.

MGA MGA: the only video with the same weedwacker. thought I got help but you are not showing what you are doing. Thankyou anyway

dale owen: Thank you. Very much. I can fix mine now. Your the best!!!!

rbrtfls: Alec, You need to view your video before you upload. It's out of focus and you can't see what you're doing!

Randy M.: Nice video. Question..Ever thought about cutting your finger nails or just plan on painting them when they get long enough?

Richard Larrama: Necesito version en e spañol

skyus364: you got cracked nail ...try in Ebay if you can get a nail clipper; before the Weedwacker take care yourself...

25BEDFORD: Sounds like you have your lines backwards, try reversing them at the carburetor.

Chris Hooks: What is the part number or size of the hose replacement that you purchase from EBay ?

david m: yes its a old machine had it for 10 yrs now maybe its just time for a new one?thnx for the response.

david m: hi,i have a sears weedwacker ,my problem is that its not priming,i press on the rubber bulb and it dont prime and the bulb is good i even tried another one but same thing.i changed the hoses and same thing.the rubber bulb even stays sucked in or pushed in and wont pop out at times.im at a lost,any ideas what i should check?the wacker ofcourse dont run because of this .
Fuel Line Change on Craftsman 358.742440 WeedWacker 5 out of 5

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Fuel Line Change on Craftsman 358.742440 WeedWacker