LG 800g (Tracfone) Review

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LG 800g Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
LG 800g Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
Review: LG Tracfone LG800G
Review: LG Tracfone LG800G
LG 800g (Tracfone) Review
LG 800g (Tracfone) Review
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LG 800g review
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StinkyCheese9999: Re: your comment about it going to sleep, you can either turn auto-sleep off or set a longer time interval as well as setting it not to need unlocked to wake up IF I recall correctly. The little beep every 30 seconds is a call timer, you can turn it off in the settings. Lastly, shopcelldeals now sells this model for $20 off & on thru amazon & ebay, but if you're willing to spend $40-ish, the newer LG 840G is a better phone & 3G so when 2G stops working around the end of 2016 the phone won't

mrd john: no really. the lg 800 has no equals. at and t sucks and so does verizon, t mobile, sprint, . magic jack rules however.

Destiny Berg: you can fix it to where it wont do the auto lock

gleefanyep: I think maybe it is possible. I believe there are a couple of preset home screens. To tell you the truth it has been a long time since I've used the phone, so I don't remember! I know there are two graphics options, the cartoon one and a different more boxy one, but I don't recall about the homepage pictures. Anyone else know the answer?

fil went: I was going to get this phone but when i got it the screen was way to small so i replaced it with the Motorola EX124G very great phone.

YoshiFanGirl387: My friend has this phone & I was thinking about getting it, but when I tried texting on it, it was really difficult & I hated it

StinkyCheese9999: Yes of course you can, that's a feature on all phones fancier than just a mechanical number pad these days.

carlos morales: oh my phone is lg 800

KawaiiVI Tina: Yes you can :)

Screamo emo: the reason y ur having a hard time texting with the touch screen is cuz ur new at it thtz y it will take sum time

Damien Hartley: tbh this phone is a ripp off because it has a pirited verson of brewmp its os wich is only suppost to work on sprint i know because i worked there and we have 3gcdma lock out chips for phones that run brew lick the lg rumor reflex that install brew off our privite server after validating its productkey but our early beta test hardwere didnt have that

Lesberatti's Place: You do know mthat you can set the time for the phone to lock, don't you?

April TracFone: Hi Jason, this is April from TracFone Wireless, and I will be addressing your query. Unfortunately, our LG 800G is not a WiFi capable phone. If you have further inquiries, please send us an email at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com. Thank you.

StinkyCheese9999: Yes they decided on some preset defaults that were used on several different models. All you have to do is upload a pic & right click it on the phone to set as the background, though what I do ahead of time is resize it to the phone's resolution so I know how it will look. Sometimes an image looks better if you blur it slightly THEN downsize it, more detail is preserved by blurring first which is a bit counter intuitive till you think about how fine details might be preserved in the process.

Jacob Jones: The beep means that you have minute minder on, so you don't use up too many minutes while talking on the phone. To turn it off, go to settings>call>minute minder>off. Hope this helps. It might be a little different on your phone.

Chrissy Streaty: The handwriting thing is cool :-)

Teddy Maitre: i disagree with this video no offense

cgrscott: Good review, young man. You are going places, for sure. :-) I bought this phone last March. It is Tracfone's minor step up from a plain phone, with no touch screen, to a semi-smart phone, with a touch screen. And that is really all that it is and I accept it as the minor upgrade that it is. But, GleeFanYep, you did one of the better presented reviews of the LG 800G. Thanks!

Christopher711: The keys are a little too salland close together. Yeah , you're typing on a phone. figured as much.

acherrysherry: Yes you can. you can change picture for incoming and outgoing calls, too.


poundinghooves96: Can you change the homepage picture to a picture that you took yourself?

LSPD CLAN: they are now $24.99 at shoprite this weekend on sunday 7/8/2012

Christopher711: I am a big guy with big fingers. I mistype using a standard laptop computer. I would go absolutely bonkers trying to type on a cell phone. lol My attitude is that it's a phone. It's suppose to make and receive calls. just my two cents. All the same thanks for sharing your experience with the phone. I do like to hear about cell phones. I hope you find your future cell phonde usage more satisfying. Gofd bless!

gleefanyep: I downloaded Opera Mini 4 and it worked well. It also has a built in browser; however, I don't remember the name of it.

2peefrog: Im wondering to myself why did you make this video when your just saying everything about it is painfull?

carlos morales: how i can unlock my sim app it ask me 4r 8 digit and give u 5 try and that it!! some one can tell me how!! and yes glee u can take a photo by ur self and put as home page

Miryam: I've had this phone for about 8 months now, and it's good- for a tracphone. At first I thought it was the best thing ever as my previous phone was the simple tracfone samsung slider. However, this phone couldn't even consider holding a candle to non tracfone touch phones. The screen becomes quite resistive and slow and you have to know just how to touch the screen in which area to actually select certain options. However, keeping in mind that this is the 1st touch tracfone, it's decent.

Teddy Maitre: i have this phone it rocks

Henry Butler: Yes, I'm pretty sure you can. You can do it on most phones.

Shayleece Miller: yes u can


Scott Domzalski: IT DOESN'T COST 1200 A YEAR

naun516: Tracfone sucks

Lyd Harris: Yep you can change it to a picture you have taken yourself

gleefanyep: I concur. I was very pleased with the phone when I initially got it, especially because it was my first touch screen phone, but I slowly began to notice some flaws which forced me to change to a different phone- Samsung SCH-R455C. Maybe it was the one you used to have?

psyjpg: Excellent video. Thorough, technical, organized. If only Consumer Reports was´╗┐ this honest.

gleefanyep: I wanted to help people. If I had watched this review while I was shopping for the phone I might not have purchased it. Or I would have had a better idea of what I was getting.

Dorian Ryan: when you browse on opera mini, is it free?

poundinghooves96: Just wasn't sure since all of these phones I've seen have had the same exact background.

jason moore: does it have wifi ?

Karly Johnston: why would you spend $20 on accessories for a $40 phone?

Demiurge22: FINALLY!!! A reviewer that does NOT suffer from a speech impediment! Thank you so much for putting this up. Its well organized, honest, and you focused on relevant functions. I just got through listening to some guy ramble for five minutes about the charging outlet. Oh. My. GOD!

cgrscott: I have the 4GB micro SD card in my LG 800G for taking photos and playing my manually copied .m4a music files.

StinkyCheese9999: Yes, it's probably just a matter of right-clicking a picture you download (or transfer via USB cable, bluetooth, or memory card) and selecting to use it as the wallpaper, though it would be best if you first resize it to the resolution of the phone screen, and ideally, soften it some so you don't notice the pixels as much and so icons and text show up better on top of it.

cgrscott: I'm surprised what a decent .m4a music file player it is and I just learned that today. If your music files are from your iTunes library and they are in the .m4a file format, the LG 800G operating system uses the iTunes data, in the files, to organize the music files into their albums and it displays the album artwork provided by iTunes. I was not excepting that.

ttwarrior1: which internet browser does it use? on sale on qvc right now for 99 with 1200 min

Lesberatti's Place: Yes I was asking the other person if they know that they can set the time limkit on the lock feature, I did not ask "Do you know?" I said "You DO know, that you can adjust the ti,e on the lock feature. Don't You?"

Kevin Cortez: Cheap ass phone from Walmart

Lesberatti's Place: Opera mini IS the Brower
LG 800g (Tracfone) Review 3.8 out of 5

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