LG 800g (Tracfone) Review

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TracFone LG 800g Review
TracFone LG 800g Review
LG 800g Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
LG 800g Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
Tracfone LG800G  Unboxing (LG 800G)
Tracfone LG800G Unboxing (LG 800G)
LG 800g (Tracfone) Review
LG 800g (Tracfone) Review
Review: LG Tracfone LG800G
Review: LG Tracfone LG800G

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bacassa: Hey Thx A lot that helped!!!

Clangle1: Did you have trouble with the person you were calling hearing you?  I can hear them but they can't hear me.  Can you tell me what I need to do?

jeffrey paradis: i know this is a dumb question but is this a flip phone as well? i looked at google images and i can't really tell so any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

mrd john: no really. the lg 800 has no equals. at and t sucks and so does verizon, t mobile, sprint, . magic jack rules however.

mrd john: i concur cause i like to say concur. say it? isnt it fun to say. concur, concur kunkur

Chrissy Streaty: The handwriting thing is cool :-)

Kevin Cortez: Cheap ass phone from Walmart

April TracFone: Hi Carlos Morales, I am April from TracFone Wireless. I noticed your post and I would like to help you get this situated. Please email us at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com with your phone number and serial number. Thank you.

carlos morales: oh my phone is lg 800

carlos morales: how i can unlock my sim app it ask me 4r 8 digit and give u 5 try and that it!! some one can tell me how!! and yes glee u can take a photo by ur self and put as home page

Destiny Berg: you can fix it to where it wont do the auto lock

Shayleece Miller: yes u can

How to basic: tbh this phone is a ripp off because it has a pirited verson of brewmp its os wich is only suppost to work on sprint i know because i worked there and we have 3gcdma lock out chips for phones that run brew lick the lg rumor reflex that install brew off our privite server after validating its productkey but our early beta test hardwere didnt have that


Perverted Chibi: Tracfone sucks

Henry Butler: Yes, I'm pretty sure you can. You can do it on most phones.

Karly Johnston: why would you spend $20 on accessories for a $40 phone?

Screamo emo: the reason y ur having a hard time texting with the touch screen is cuz ur new at it thtz y it will take sum time

Lyd Harris: Yep you can change it to a picture you have taken yourself

LG 800g (Tracfone) Review 5 out of 5

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LG 800g (Tracfone) Review