How To Program Your Comcast Remote Control

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RandomCanEHdian: I programmed my remote to my LG blu ray player using 20741. Everything works, except for the "Ok/Select" button not functioning, so I can't play movies or go through menus. What should I do?

Stupid Fast RC: I enjoyed your video. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

Frank Verde: thank you soooo much!!!!


Dptwin: Worked thanks

Kei Gabion: If it does not work with the code. Try to power cycle your remote by removing the batteriesfor a few seconds

Mohammed Almubarak: @50centpimpin LMAO :D

blastt70: I have a gray comcast remote and an emerson LC320EM2F TV...none of the codes seem to work. Can someone please help?

TelecomShowcase: all i got to say is...Yep

Jamie Williams: didnt work freak it

Luis Cosme: @jevongunning, Which remote do you have, The one with the red select button? or gray select button? or The Platinum Dark silver remote? or the Digital Terminal Adapter (DTA) remote?

theclash24: remote blinks 5 times wtf.

roselef1: Awsome! Worked!!!!!!!! :)

Marcos Lopez: Didn't work. But my control is about 9 years old so I don't know if its too old to work with my tv.

ItzCrazeee: thank you :)

tacosandchilemm: well the problem is when is comcast is goin to be done installing my box!!!!!

Shae Quae: here you go guys: !) go to the site called easypctutorials 2) that was the site with codes for every tv above 3) go behind your tv and on the white sticker with big bold letters you'll see the brand of your tv 4) on the site scroll till you find your brand. 5) then he stated how you set up the rest

gumpydoood: Tried it and it didn't work. I am so sick and tired of techno geek crap not working. Will you goddemned geeks design crap that normal freaking human beings can use?

uchihaclan10197: Your awesome dude!!!

SeeingRedAgain88: Very quick and simple and to the point instructions. Awesome!

Donny Skineda: thank you

Alex Carlos: sony tv prest 100000

Kawolski: thanks i got my Sharp TV to work with the Comcast Xfinity remote control!!!! :)

NitEMaRe9382: my control blinks like 5 times help please


floresf238: GRACIAS me ayudaste un buen....

FuckingFaggotFuck: Can't find crap for an Olevia TV.

Daniel Ortiz: @MistaRomes44 Hey Babes need help..?,,

king salinas: thankx

willia3r: Just utilzed the factory default 982. Was able to turn on my cable again after an aggravating time trying to reset the remote using the Motorola DCH70 code 01376. Now when I am trying to set my remote to turn the tv on and off the AUX button lights up 2 times rather than the CABLE button. Comcast/Xfinity really sucks butt. I bet these problems are so freaking common...and yet none of the geniuses at Comcast thought to create an ALL ENCOMPASSING GUIDE that talks about these issues.

wil a: WORD!!!

tutie1999: Comcast, Thank you so much for the advice on how to program my old RCA television!!! I never program a TV before, this took me about 4 tries to program, and I finally did it, after I watch the video on you tube. THANKS AGAIN!!!!! :]

Nikol Diabolique: It worked for me! I have a LG didn't even take 50 seconds. Thank you!!

tanae177: i have a flat screen Emerson HD tv an my remote wont program with any of the codes an it wont work with the other way what do i do? i just got comcast not too long ago an now it's been 3 months an still no work or fix i can find please help

Mike Gonzales: Why does this description say that it shows you how to set up your "SET TOP BOX" when there is NOTHING in this video that shows that????

marlonsoto11: i spend the night trying to do that, and didnt work and then i found this video and poooom, so easy and now i can control my tv and comcast box at the same time, thank you so much, really thank you.

WeeklyClips141: Thank you sir

NYballer11725: the codes on the website for my tb dont work

vlsi0n: Worked for my Dynex TV, thanks

Daniel Ortiz: Thank You Soo Muchh..!! :))

Zevan12: anyone know how to do it with the new controllers with the xfinity logo at the bottom?

sebastian moya: no he has xp notice the icon on the star menu

82acerey: I did all this, and the remote flashed when it was supposed to. However, the tv is still not responding to the remote commands. Any clues as to what I should do? By the way, I have a Westinghouse 40' Led 4055 in case brand and model is needed.

Carlos Mathis: Thanks nigga

Caleb Coady: thanks dude

Todd George: I need help....I can't change my channels on my comcast box but if I hit the tv button I can still control the colume of my tv can u please help me so I can change the channesl again

UnitedAdams: It works for the Power. but if i try controlling the Volume with the remote the light display on AUX and the volume doesn't change please help.

Reinaldo Padilla: Thank you for your help. This made programming my TV a breeze. Did it in less than 3 minutes.

AnotherWayFilms: A hotlink to the remotes page in the description would be a win-win.

axsmedia: Worked just fine on my new TCL - code was 10047 if someone else has one and can't find it (wasn't available on the Comcast site).
How to Program Your Comcast Remote Control 4.2 out of 5

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How to Program Your Comcast Remote Control