Inverter Board Repair Explained

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Inverter Board Repair Explained
Inverter Board Repair Explained
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Engelbert Delrosario: Cool video. For my purposes though...I decided to not repair the inverter board because I install LEDs.I just throw them away.

natrellia Smith: August alsina

natrellia Smith: August Alsina

Ariam Ramos: lol ballast? those are transformers not a ballast

true_blue1878: "compacitor" "sawder" lmao

leroy mack: I need the info were to get this inverter  board .Please get back to me soon as your can. 

Brick Tamland: the thing about faulty parts is, they stop manufactuering the parts when they figure out the crap breaks easily. so finding the parts to fix the board you have is pretty rare.

Mac Islas: hey man nice video only little details, on that particular board the problem is not the parts that you call ballast which they are not actually ballast they are called transformers and like i was saying the problem is not the "transformers" it's a diode, I have fixed those boards many times and it is always that same diode so you might want to check the board better, I understand it is something new for you maybe but it's driving people into the wrong road. Nice try though.

mitropoulosilias: ;-)

David B. Vaupel: I have the very same power inverter board that you have on here & its out of a emerson lcd tv.
I'm hoping this video will show me how to test my board for which the power light is flashing 15 times then goes into standby mode.

: There is no reply option so I will reply here to Gabriel Sorin Beldie: Perhaps youd b kind enough to point out what was condescending in my message? Having heard someone use an incorrect term, does not make it now the correct term. My response was genuinely intended to be helpful and non offensive,and thankfully was received as such.   If your talking to one who knows the difference then your not going to be on the same page with whom you are trying to communicate are you? I am sorry you found my post lacking in information & objectivity, so here you go: A ballast is a complete device that by definition always steps up V & limits A, it may or may not have a true  transformer or even have the output isolated from the power source like a transformer. This whole inverter device could be correctly referred to as a ballast. A transformer on the other hand is a single AC component that steps up V while stepping down A,  OR viceversa, & electrically isolates source and load from each other typically.  Some specialty transformers like automotive coils do not isolate input from output, but isolation is usually one of the defining characteristics of a transformer.  One could occasionally be correct to call a ballast a transformer, as some ballast are simply an enclosed transformer, but most are more complex than that! So one searching for this board level part calling it a ballast, can be 99.99% certain the search will end in failure.  I hope you found my contribution more beneficial now Gabriel.  

peterjordan1977: This video should be removed because it is very misleading and may even cause somebody harm if they try and play around with an inverter that has very high voltage output even at low current could be dangerous if not deadly

Vicki Stromlund: Thanks so much for this video! My Emerson is having the exact same problem. I've removed the back panel, and will order the new inverter panel. Your explanation, and demonstration made this very easy to understand. Can you tell me the seller on Ebay that had the $59 panels? Thanks again.

jacobusonian: Hi, Don't know if you're still looking but I found a place that appears to have the ballasts. Here's a link to it Looks like links are not allowed - then you want to look up a company named Electronica-usa, using standard web addressing if you know what I'm saying. Hope it helps you or anyone else in the future.

Charles McCune: America has become a throw away country. and I love it because there junk becomes my treasure. lol. nice repair.

Charles McCune: cool repair. I have a 42inch I picked up from the trash. it had be repaired before they replaced the caps. but the person that owned it said he spent like 200 bucks for that repair and not even a month later it went back again same problem so he said he threw it out and pick up a new one. so I to did the research and found it better getting a new board. but the one I had was rev A the new one I got it was a rev c looked a little different but its been working for 4 years now.

hermann ehon: hallo i hop this few ideal can transform my electronics life and am very interesting of it

Gojoe107: Thank you so much. huge help!

sinkosav: good point...that kid know nothing

sinkosav: actually over time lamps loosing inert gas in it ,and draw more and more current...when current is overload ,than feedback voltage sensing is come so hi that shut down the power supply...its possible to find on what transformer is sensing voltage to high and simply disconnect transformer and shorting the input coil...then set will work ,but without one or more lamps,depending on set system,on some sets one transformer drive one lamp,on another two or more...regards
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Inverter Board Repair Explained