How To Clean Your Skechers Go Walk Slip Ons

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How To Clean Your Skechers Go Walk Slip Ons
How To Clean Your Skechers Go Walk Slip Ons
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Did this video help you?

Nanci Nivolo: Thank you so much! Not only was this very helpful, it was entertaining. Thanks to you and your kitty for making me laugh. I hope you make more videos. 

Huckleberry87: Thanks so much! Tossing mine in the wash in a few minutes!

Blizzeekitty: Extremely helpful, I walked in the ocean with mine and they smell like fish. Thank you so much!

Theresa Verhaalen: This is great. Solved a quandary I was having. Throwing these babies in the wash. 

Lindsey Henninger: Thank you for this video! I have the bright pink Go Walks & was asking myself whether to hand wash or throw 'em in the washing machine so very glad to find your video and save the time! Also, love your gray kitty cat at the end rubbing all over since I too, have a gray kitty who I swear, is obsessed with these shoes and just loves sleeping on them.XD

Nila Sanders: Thank you!

Ruth Karbalai: Thank you, Josie! You've solved my dilemma! Time to throw my Go Walks into the washing machine. :)

Anita Kennedy: Hi Josie, thanks so much. I am going to throw my in the washing machine today. Did you put them in the dryer on low heat then?

Valerie Ortiz: Kinda off subject but does your shoe make a popping noise when you step on it? In the upper toe area .. I think I bought a defective pair: ( but I will keep buying them...sooo comfy!

sara mohamed: Thank you. Very helpful! ♡

amykso: Thank you! Mine are in the washing machine right now as I type! :) 

Barb Lee: I have had fantastic results using Mr. Clean Magic Sponges on the soles and sides of soles. Look like new !!!

Laura Guerrero: did you put them in the dryer?

Elles Wild: Thanks for this advice! Helpful!

Astghik Martirosyan: Thank you. Very helpful!

AnimaSola3o4: Yay thanks! I have them in the pinkish color and wear them to the gym daily. And everywhere else lol. I need like 5 more pairs in different colors!

rick higgins: The original GO walk version comes with washing instructions attached to the shoe. they have been tested and approved for washing, just follow instructions. The key is NOT to put them in the dryer, just let them air dry, this keeps the glue and adhesives in tact. Great Job YumYucky! GO LIKE NEVER BEFORE, 

thyironfist: Thanks for the video! I want sure what to do. And yes, you are too powerful! And your kitty loves you. :)

Judith Somersett: Thanks for this. I had mine under my desk at work and a coffee got knocked over onto ONE of them! New shoes! Gah!

kouotsu: A tip for getting the white rubber as clean as possible: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (or off brand variety). Just wet the eraser and scrub the heck out of the rubber. The eraser will disintegrate quickly but the rubber will come out mostly like new on the surfaces you can scrub well.

Chach1776: I think if you add vinegar to your load it'll get the odor out

Katie Quinney: Thanks!!

TheDkclark10: Thanks! Very helpful. 

Rebecca Dowgiert: Thanks for the washing tips!

Audra Caan: Did you wash them on the gentle cycle? Thanks for the info!

Remoteflpr: Did u put socks in your shoes before putting them in the dryer?

Sharon Lafitte: I have the same grey skechers and I love them but I cleaned them by hand with a regular sponge and a magic eraser and still couldnt get them cleaned properly. I will now throw them in the washer ! Thanks for the video and cute kitty :)

Dez Roye: Thanks for this info! What temperature did you use in the machine?

YumYucky: glad it was helpful! enjoy your Skechers. ;)

Lindsey Steffensen: Thank you thank you thank you! I have the light blue ones and adore them, got them for mother's day and they've already got little spots and even a cooking oil drip. I thought they were ruined but you've saved them!

YumYucky: Hi there. I didn't use socks in the drying process. Thanks for watching!

lisalep4: this is really helpful!! thanks for posting!!

Kim Murray: Thanks for taking the time to make this video ! Very helpful !

YumYucky: You're welcome. I'm happy I could help!

Debbie Ashton: Thanks....will do that....just came home with a pair lol..

tobywinter1: Hey, nice job. Thanks for doing that. One suggestion. When you wash them in the washing machine, put not-too-special towel in with it. It helps to have something in there that will rub up against the skechers while they are going through the wash cycle. Do the same when washing a shower curtain liner.

YumYucky: Hey Bugsy. I used cold water.

Kim Kreger: Thank you so much. This is just what I needed to see! I love my Go Walks. Bought them for a trip to Disneyland. Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. But they are starting to look dirty. You might want to try a Sharpie pen to fix the overzealous scrubbing :-) Thanks again. Love the kitty cameo at the end.

Lisa Mastrobuono: Very helpful. I have two pairs of Go Walks and they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Was nervous about putting in the washing machine but you've reassured me. Thanks!

YumYucky: that's excellent advice, Toby. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Dori Hudson: Thanks! Throwing mine in the wash right now. I love these shoes!!!

marie carolynn: I followed your method by washing mine in the washer on cold. But my left dried quicker while hanging them by a hanger. My right shoe was also waterlogged. So on a sunny day I put it on the sidewalk, in front of my front door. The sun adsorbed all of the water. Now they are clean. I own a black pair in canvas. Just be carful of sticky things, like in the grocery store floor stepped on grapes, cherries. Ucky!! Thanks, Yumyucky :}

DWChildofthe50s: Thank you thank you! These shoes are my life saver. I have pink, black, and white and wasn't looking forward to all that scrubbing. Lol. Now I know just toss 'em! Great video xx

marie carolynn: Mine 2 days. But don't put them in the dryer the bottoms will melt. I sun dried my right shoe.

Paul Wu: What kind of soap did u use in washing machine and hand scrubbing? Is usual detergent okay?

mwhiteschock: Hello kitty

9037chaparra: I just bought sum white ones for cna school and they are so comfortable bt the got a black spot on one side and i freaked out didnt knw how to wash it out bt will wash them in washer thanks for the video :)

YumYucky: thank you, Kim. keep on enjoying your Go Walks! ;)

Javier Rodriguez: I love my Skechers! and i was i little nervous about clean it! Thanks so much!!! I think that the machine its okay, BECAUSE no body are gonna see the bottom :D

kathy henry: Thank you for the video. I sure do love my Skechers.
How To Clean Your Skechers Go Walk Slip Ons 4.6 out of 5

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How To Clean Your Skechers Go Walk Slip Ons