Subaru Rear Differential Oil Change

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Subaru Rear Differential Oil Change
Subaru Rear Differential Oil Change
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peg372: hey man, nice video. just wondering, are you vietnamese or chinese? lol or... both? best of both words ya feel me

sir_Xenon: didn't show the the most difficult part for us older car owners: cracking the drain plugs (top one first!) can be VERY difficult as they are on tight.  I used a floor jack to push up on the long 1/2 rachet as one end was on the plug, this way I could dislodge the stubborn plug from the differential.  Don't use an impact wrench as that can damage your threads.  I put my left foot on the ratchet to make sure it stayed in there and used my hand to pump the jack.  MAKE SURE YOUR CAR IS NOT on JACKS OR STANDS WHEN DOING THIS as this could make car unstable from the movement and make it fall off the supports.  This is dangerous.   See if you can get all the work done with the car flat on the ground.  I

The second part is putting the oil in the top.. squeez bottle should work but you can use a cheapo pump to pump it up in there

The last point is plugs: clean the threads and decide if you are the believe of thread sealant (such as PTFE tape or Teflon tape (yellow)) or other means.  There is differing theories out there.  its a conical type pipe fitting and Subaru does call for something.  33.2 ft. lbs for the plugs (Torque).  thanks for the video though

PS let it drain over night and make sure the car is flat when filling it up.  

TunesByTanzil: Wow easy! easier than oil, less mess too haha, thanks for the vote of confidence, might do it soon!

7suprasonic: Hey thanks for this vid. Do you know how much you are supposed to torque it down? Also for the transmission that uses the torx bit, do you know the torque spec on that as well? I've looked everywhere, would really appreciate it.

Stacy Marchand: helllloooooooooo see previous post

Stacy Marchand: my light came on changed the gear oil now it flickers on & off &when the brakes are used it goes out any way to disable it

Tithis: Most annoying thing about this when I did it was trying to get oil back in, they don't give you a lot of room to maneuver an oil bottle on some of them. I now own a hand pump specifically to do fluid changes in awkward places. Mine was also pretty rusted up, but using a car jack to forcefully loosen the bolt works really well.

Dave Yttri: This should be a 20 sec video. Take out drain plug, take out fill plug. Let it drain 'forever' to get it all out. ( I even put dran plug back in & add some cheaper clean gear lube & re-drain to try an get as much of the old stuff out )Put drain plug back in & fill up to fill hole. And spend the extra $ on the good stuff. I've found Amsoil to be the best. You'll be glad u did, esp. in rear differential.

wpgspecb: Anyone else think that the thumbnail looked like a skull ?

Big Si: can anyone tell me if its the same principle on a 2002 bugeye manual?

murphynapoleon: A good video, differentials are often neglected, but please note this: All Subarus (AWD) have two differentials, front and rear. On a manual transaxle, the front differential shares 80w/90 gear oil with the trans. and a fluid change covers both. On an automatic, the front diff. is in a separate chamber of the trans. housing and DOES NOT share fluid. There are 2 drain plugs and 2 dipsticks, one for Dexron fluid and the other for 80w/90 gear oil. Be sure to get this right or disaster will result.

geogan2: I could be wrong but I don't think you should use any old gear oil in the rear diff - supposed to be special LSD oil otherwise it won't work right in all situations - i use Motul 90 PA. Also from video looks like you only jacked up back of car - needs to be flat to get refill level right.

TheSubieFan: do I do anything different for my sedan 2.5i 09?

Boa Lee: How do you check the fluid level on the rear differential to see if you meet specifications? Is there a dipstick or do you stick your finger in the hole like what this one other guy did on his youtube video?

stussy: How many qt

DOLRED: The fun part of this job is adding the oil and putting up with the smell of lube oil--which has a very obnoxious odor. Appears Subaru makes the drain a piece of cake with the plug. The old 2 cars I have done in the past--have covers that must be removed. On those 2 vehicles I also swabbed out the bottom as the crud settles on the bottom and won't drain due to its consistency. I'm sure dealership mechanics wouldn't waste their time with that extra work.

R Log: Thank you for the write-up!!!

writeleahnoel: how often are you supposed to change rear differential fluid? mine just went out so i'm frantically trying to find a used one (new is $700) and i'm wondering if it's from me never changing it, or checking it, or even knowing anything about it-great tutorial! thanks

Ethan Newman: @5bbx93 all subaru transmissions have the dif in them.

BQQB-TUBEALBLE: Kudos Kid!!! I just want to add if your car is not as new as his I would try to remove the filler plug first. If it gets stuck or strips and you drain your fluid then good luck filling the diff.
Subaru Rear Differential Oil Change 5 out of 5

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Subaru Rear Differential Oil Change