Husqvarna 45 Chainsaw Compression Test

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Bryan Bates: I have 115 psi on my  old Husq 281. Is that too low? The saw runs great and is easy to start

VHS YouTube: How easy is it to turn it by hand (spinning the intake fan). I mean mine was used very little in it's life. Stood for 12 years I opened it up, cleaned everything, replaced all the consumables, but it turns very lightly even with spark plug on. I mean is it supposed to be really hard and requires a lot of effort to turn it by hand with plug in, or is it really that easy?

The cylinder itself is really clean, no rust, but i've noticed scoring on the sides, not sure how since this saw probably didn't run more than 10 hours in it's life..

Darienne Theobald: donyboy73...i jst bought a 455 rancher in dec of was brand new i was hired to cut 30 cords of wood nd today i was running hard all day..i stopped to sharpen chain put gas in it ..pulled the rewind it started then i gave it gas it died now no compression...what do u think happend is it worth rebuilding or jst buy new saw....i push decompression valve nd it stays in...pull rewibd 100 times nothi g idk wat to do plz help

Michal Šveda: What's the content cm3 engine ?

Ken M: Don, I have the same saw, dated 1997 and the compression is 175 psi, seams pretty high considering there is some lite scoring on the piston and cylinder, your thoughts ? could you tell me the reason for holding the throttle open during the compression test ? thank you for the very informative channel.

Clifford Johnston: I bought a used and abused Husqvarna 455 Rancher for $50.  Much to my surprise, the compression test indicated 150 psi.  It purrs like a wildcat ;-)

dolson99: Hello I have a McCulloch Weedeater that I have not ran for a number of years. What will I have to do to get it going again? Thank- you for your time.

jwades77: my BRAND NEW Jonsered 2255 has 120psi compression. My 6yr old Makita/Dolmar DCS540 has a whopping great 155psi. I dont get it.

donyboy73: it's probably burned out, need a new top end kit, piston, cylinder and rings

George Rivera:

George Rivera: One of the guys topped up fuel using plain gasoline on a new 45 model and it lost compression. What happened? It has 60 PSI.

donyboy73: that's awesome

7minibike2: im going to try the carb the saw is brand new i got it as a left over so maybe the gaskets dryed out.thanks for the info.mike

donyboy73: yes sometimes better to spend more money right away for an oem kit

AzFiresDan: hey there minibike, I have a husky 575xp 51 piston 72cc. 30" bar with a skip chain. everytime that I start cutting big trees and i use the dawgs the power head start bugging down... So I start with a carb re-built and a new top end. try those, and see how it works.

AzFiresDan: just by reading other ppl test readings... its time for a true top end!!!

AzFiresDan: Hello DonyBoy, Just by watching your videos I have learn lots about chainsaws and to work on them. I did a compression test on Husqvarna 575xp Chain saw. One with the decompressor bottom in and a zip line on the trouttle it read about 60psi second was decompressor bottom out and the same with the trouttle. it read 80psi. I buy a chinesse cylinder head kit, well the price was really nice 99.00, but it missing the vacum line port nipple. Some times be chipper it more end up more expensive...

Chuck Person: mine is 180 on my poulan 361.....that thing is louder than my 30-06

donyboy73: @8019shane that's low

Preston Blair: 15 psi
Husqvarna 45 Chainsaw Compression Test 5 out of 5

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Husqvarna 45 Chainsaw Compression Test