How To Easily Enable WiFi Sharing On Your Samsung Windows Phone

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Harry Britten: See can't do this on an iphone !!

SantaHul: Any idea what to do with 7.8? I have an Omnia 7 running 7.8 and I've tried this and WP7 Root Tools but neither have worked, the internet sharing option simply doesn't appear. The rom is unbranded and the phone is sim unlocked if that has makes any difference. Any help would be very much appreciated (because my internet's been down for two days, it's horrible)

Devon Robinson: Do I have to run the samsung tools? It didn't seem to affect my data.

Yulieth Llamas: Totally perfect. I didn't even back my phone up which I wouldn't suggest. This worked like a charm. Good Job windowsphonehacker..

Lethal Botty: its been like 6 months since my last update on my htc mozart, still hasnt got internet sharing :/ help

678junjun: Not working on my samsung focus, here in india. it says no data connection found.

vvarpig: thank you for this great tutorial ! works for my samsung focus : )

Jason M: ur more than awesome

Lethal Botty: hey dude i have a htc mozart unlocked - but sim is vodafone. had wifi sharing on my trophy with the same sim i am using now but it wont update my phone. 7.5 mango os; 7.10.8107.79 please help man

OverlordJ: works great i did not even have to repair the 3g with samsung tools

Kike Pech: hi, can i do this tutorial for my LG e900h???, saludos!!

Theo Vasiloudes: does this work with the Samsung Focus S?

Vash TheStampede: Hi i tried doing this and everything worked except for the point when i enable internet sharing. I get connection not shared there's a problem with the current settings. do you have any suggestions? im using a Samsung FOcus

Chris Ching: Hey, thanks for the great video. I have a question about updates. After you do this to enable ICS, does that affect applying updates via connecting to PC and downloading from Zune? Also, does this affect connecting your phone and deploying apps from Visual Studio for development? Thanks

Diego Felipe León Cárdenas: Hey Man How can I enable this on a HTC Surround?

discusslife: I pretty much don't need this feature.. but its cool I can manage to get it when I need :)

windowsphonehacker: @KAZO712 You can uninstall them, yes. They're great tools, but not something one usually uses on the go ;)

KAZO712: Do you have to keep Samsung Tools and DiagProvXML installed on your phone for the feature to be continued to be enabled? I am a stickler about having apps I don't use installed.

jakez834: @reltih89 This is the effect of not INTEROP-unlocking your device before attempting to enable WiFi ICS. It should be noted that your Mango device needs to be both dev unlocked AND INTEROP-unlocked. Hope that helps!

Jaime Jimmy James: Only work for Samsung device?, because i have a HTC surround
How to easily enable WiFi Sharing on your Samsung Windows Phone 5 out of 5

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How to easily enable WiFi Sharing on your Samsung Windows Phone