How To Test Automotive Battery & Cranking Amps With A Multimeter

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How to Test Automotive Battery & Cranking Amps with a Multimeter
How to Test Automotive Battery & Cranking Amps with a Multimeter
How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter
How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter
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Measure Amps (non-contact. DC) on a car
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SwGuru: On a negative earth vehicle you should always remove the negative first to avoid short circuits !

Shayek Miah: Always take the negative off first and put it on last.

J Flow: Follow this sequence before get a new battery
#1.- Discard if alternator is on fail.
#2.- Discard any circuit draining battery even with the key removed from switch.
#3.- if you can buy a cheap battery analyzer to check CCA would be better.
Good Luck!

SIRQWIK1: good video, but misleading... this checks voltage and voltage drop, not amperes...

Sunil Shegaonkar: Nicely explained the voltage measurement. But it does not cover how to determine (estimate) CCA of battery.
The CCA test requires the battery be cooled to - 18 C [ 0 F]. Apart from that, You may please just estimate CCA at room temperature which may be varying in range of 10 - 25 C, depending on where you live.

Mark D: good video every body should learn this

George Clemenceau: 1st, when replacing any battery (new or old) you should always connect the + first (or when disconnecting disconnect the + last). 2nd, there was no test for cranking amps..? Other than that OK I suppose. George C.

Circle B Stables Medina, Ohio: thanks for sharing this....... my truck started cranking a little slower, used your video, found the battery was good except under load and cold crank. Problem solved, Thanks.

Hazzafication777: Good video mate, not having a knock but your title refers to testing cranking amps, you tested voltage and voltage drop. That aside I'm sure you've helped some people, simply and articulately explained video.

Jeremy F: 5:54-5:57 Tri-Pad ? or Tri-Pod ? good video tho thanks :)

MrShataka: Thanks :)

Wendell Sealy: What happened to the part about testing Cranking Amps?

Ardent Fan: Thanks for sharing a good method to determine whether a battery is really bad even though its measured voltage showed 12 volts and above. What I understand from the experience mechanics on the internet is that if the cranking voltage is 9.5 to 11.0 volts, the battery is good. Below that it is going bad or is already bad. This is truly an excellent and reliable way to determine the true working condition of a battery.

Tony M: Shouldn't you remove the negative cable first? Then on installing, attached the positive first? Just saying...

Emile Bezuidenhout: you didn't show how to test the amps with the multimeter... 

Brendan Raymond: misleading title.

ahlishere: I thought you were going to show us how to find out what the cca was on any battery. :(

TekReviews: Battery Jumper box is nice to have when car bat is dead and nobody can help you with jumper cables. Campbell makes them can get one at Walmart for like $35 USD. One cable to battery and other to metal somewhere on engine. Cranks right over. And Battery Buddy uses a Lithium Ion battery to store enough juice in case car bat is dead it will crank over your car.

TekReviews: My 02 Civic Honda battery had removable caps for service and most do not know that you can check the level in the cels, I had to add more distilled water to the battery to keep it in good shape. Had it for 8 years before I got it replaced. Just wear safety glasses and gloves to be safe.

TekReviews: How about a video on making your own Super Capacitor board with LiPoly battery backup. Saw a dude do this to a Mazda, he no longer uses a car battery. The Super Caps hold energy a long time, and cranks over just fine even in cold weather compared to a cars normal lead acid battery.
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How to Test Automotive Battery & Cranking Amps with a Multimeter