Remove Algae From Above Ground Pool

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Remove algae from above ground pool
Remove algae from above ground pool
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Remove algae from above ground pool
Remove algae from above ground pool
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Tek Legion: Thanx buddy 

Tito Alvarado: Great Video, wish i would have seen this before dumping all my pool water out and refilling. lol I tried so many things and making my own filters too but algae kept coming back in the pool. Thanks for the heads up.

chantal villegas: Awesome thnx for the video

Fritz Mulder: I'm about to buy myself an Intex Sand filter. Think it might be easier to clean the pool with a proper filtration system.

Victoria England: You don't even need to use the filter. Just fill the vacuum hose with water then drop it over the side. It will drain into the grass and the suction will act as a vacuum. You just add the water to the pool when you're done and you're good to go! Easy Peasy.

Cindy N: OMG!!!  Finally...someone actually said what I needed to hear...THANK YOU!!!  I kept vacuuming my pool and wondering why the dead algae was getting through the filter!!!  Is my pump dying?  Are my filters bad? Is there a leak somewhere in between?  What the heck is a filter for if it doesn't filter the crap out?!  I was going mad trying to figure out the problem.  GRR....I will definitely do the vacuum to waste method once the crap settles down to the bottom again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Julia H: and might I add--after watching this and shocking my own vinyl above ground pool for the last 4 days--I will DEFINATELY be doing this this this afternoon--Thanks dude--i will let you know how it works--my pool bottom looks like his did and its just on the bottom because my filter cartridge when I went to clean it has no algae on it at all.

Julia H: The vac he is using is called a SKOOBA--you can buy them online or at stores for around 35 bucks--it hooks up to your pump and using the intake pressure to suck the waste--problem is it filter back thru into your pool--its a great tool but not for algae--what he did was unhook the return and let it run out onto the yard--The reason he keep the pump working was to increase the suction. Using a siphon works but you don't get the same suction that the pump will give you and it takes longer. Clear it up any?

Andy Atkinson: What vacuum do you have?

Rebecca Vassar: Thanks! Same problem, trying to vac without the residue returning to the pool, making it a 3 day job. I am going out to do this now. MJCH APPRECIATED!!!!!

kimberly newman: Thank you for this video:-) I'm going thru the same thing right now, don't know why I didn't think of this! !

dylan vanzutphen-kann: So I'm going to disconnect the output of my pump from the filter to put into a bucket? 

Sonja “Sue” Studnar: My pump quit working too, until I found I needed to stop and keep cleaning the filter.  Then it worked great. Next time Ill just remove the filter. Thanks for the advice!

samnanez: What exactly is it that you are using to vacuum the pool? How are you doing whatever it is you are doing? 

MikeCraft minecraft Gaming: my water is very green i tried the sink and swim and the water is still bright green and the pool is clean .what do i do?

cossjuan1: good idea it worked and i didn't loose much water 100 galls maybe

IrishEyes1009: I usually just syphon to waste. I am interested in why you have the box of water next to the pool? I mean, what use is it? Do I sound totally ignorant here? LOL And people are saying to syphon with the garden hose; is this the same concept as just vacuuming to waste with the pool hose?

Hugo García: Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow.

wcjcnc: I tried this but no matter what I did the pump wouldn't keep working. I finally just let the water syphon straight from the vacuum hose onto the ground and it worked great. much more water flow too. thanks for the idea though. My pool is crystal clear now.

Brenda Crow: This video does not tell or show what exactly he is vacuuming with. I assumed it was similar to what I had.  I bought extra hoses and this did not work. $35 wasted. I don't know what kind of pump he has and I did not know to try taking the filter out, so in all my frustration I was thinking it may be time to drain my pool and start over. So I started a siphon hose. My next thought was maybe I could just siphon the algae off the bottom of the pool. It works just as well as the vacuum in this video and very simple to set up. Same principle. My point being, if this video does not give you enough info, try a siphon hose (just the garden hose). 
Remove algae from above ground pool 5 out of 5

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Remove algae from above ground pool