2-50cc Scooter/Moped Carb Theory And Common Carb Problems

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abz2929: Need urgent help!
Ihave a 50cc piaggio nrg and when opening
Revs it splurters/splurtting

sabelo gumbi: Hi guys I've got a johnways 125cc electric scooter the thing is I've stripped and cleaned my cab but now it only starts when I'm holding the accelerator but as soon as I let go it just cuts oFf, please help

Pierce Newby: My 150cc scooter intake manifold bolt has snapped in half and left the other half in the hole. I cant find a way to properly seat the intake manifold back on jbweld? (lol duct tape?). Also my bike was running fine and after about 9 months one day it revvved very very high then i heard a loud pop and it died slowly. Now it cranks but wont start. The piston rings are fine nothing looks as if it has blown out.

Taylor Ray: hi, I got my son a moped, 50cc jet sym - I'm clueless with all things mechanical - when he revs it after stopping it's still going? any ideas please

MrLonlywolf25: im trying to find out whats wrong with my gy6 4stroke moped when runing it idles ok but when i give it throdle it revs up and down 

POLO tv: I'm having problems with mine too but it's not this.  If yall have time please check out the video I just posted on my channel about my scooter not running right and see if yall know what's wrong with it.  THANKS!

gonjastar: what should I do with the vaccum inlet on the carb that goes to intake manifoldif the auto petrooster was replaced with a manual petrooster?

Lebmob: Hi DIO, hope you can help, I have a 50 cc 2 stroke moped, will only start if I pour fuel into carb, will run for about 2 or 3 minutes + if I keep the rev reasonably high! will die as soon as I let the throttle go! it has an auto choke! any suggestions..?? Cheers

Henry Tripp: Really don't need the life story or a blow by blow of your drinking.

Angel Sun: I have a 205cc briggs and Stratton OHV system with a belt drive, (1 belt) from the motor to the rear tire.  When I start the engine all is fine it starts right up, but when I give it throttle to start moving  i drives very slow like 3 -5mph and it makes a squeeling sound I have to push the bike along by kicking the ground like skatebording to get momentum when i do it gets going better but incresed throttle makes squeeling sounds and the bike never gets past like 10-15 mph it loses power. so I end up turning it of and pushing it back home, do you have any ideas as to what is wrong this has been hindering my progress for 6 months now

Mr Shane:
You need to let it warm up for say 5 mins to make sure the autochoke/enricher is warmed up. At that point, with the suspicion of an unclogged carburetor and jets, you would want to adjust your fuel mixture screw. Too far either way will make it bog. Find the center position. You do want it to run on the rich side as it keeps the engine cooler. Quick throttle turns while adjusting the screw will help you find the engines happy place. It will be where the engine's idle is at the highest and turning the throttle does not exhibit any bogging or choking. You may need to do a few test runs under load to make sure you have it perfect. This should all be done with a cleaned carb! With small engines atmospheric or elevation changes greatly affect your carburetors performance. I would retune the fuel/air mixture every 6 months as far as seasons are concerned. Remember to reset the idle screw after tuning the mixture screw :) Always use the highest octane gas that is offered!!!

nathan hofschulte: 8000hp? holy crap 

trevgoodchild: Cool video man, thanks for sharing.

Goran Milanovski: I have an issue with my 80cc 4tact scooter, when im driving it it feels like im changing gears, it doesent just go like you gave a full trotile and go right? well its not it acelerates and for a second it stops and then again acelerates its like a pause between start , middle and full gas , can you help me with this one?

abel berenguer: Hi Dios tks again four you all videos you been post, I have a Chinnes scooter Sym Fiddle version 1 from 1999 my question is- is ok to use same pipe size from the petcoke " vacuum pump" four the vacuum and petrol tank you have a great Christmas and Happy new year four you and you family best regards: BERENGUER

William Walters: I am having a problem like this. Basically it almost never starts and when it does it is fine. If I don't hold the throttle open it seems to make a grinding noise like it isn't getting enough cranking amps. I have taken it to a scooter person and I told them it doesn't seem to want to start and I wanted them to look over it and fix the issue. Also I wanted them to see if they can give it a little more speed and ability to go up hills without slowing down. Well they did that and it worked fine for awhile but eventually stopped wanting to start after a few attempts. I really think it may be the auto choke do you think this may be the issue as well?

sam240se: your time for making this video is well appreciated. by the way i felt you were talking to me cause my name is sam too. thanks for your help.

DIOSpeedDemon: a Maine turns on carburettor four the air screw ? How many turns the air screw must go in? No more than 2- 2 and 1/2. Any more and you will have to change your idle jet to the next largest size. THanks for the kind words. RH DSD

abel berenguer: Hi Mr. Dio tks 4 your great videos I like to see all your videos because is amazing, just a question I have a Sym Fiddle version 1 from 1999 is two stroke engine whit 75cc naraku cylinder, my question is - a Maine turns on carburettor four the air screw tank you very much BERENGUER

DIOSpeedDemon: A racing variator will give you about 5 mph more speed and can be bought at Vtcycles. check my home page for their website, thanks.
2-50cc Scooter/Moped Carb Theory and Common Carb Problems 5 out of 5

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2-50cc Scooter/Moped Carb Theory and Common Carb Problems