My Homemade Air Rifle - Piston Valve

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Павлик Полищак: your music is cool

zakamooza: wow nice! check out mine

Hill Billy: hahah VB can

Ben Marin: someone to please tell me how to do bullet trigger system. I do not understand in any video like they did that system, if you can recommend me a video would be better

Ben Marin: cum se numeste melodia how is called the song

1colewade: thats freaked up! lol

Lucas Felske: Tumbs up for Blink 182!

Digadogup: @mcwario13 0:07 :D in the background

TheBakoom: @TheButtonMash hahahaha hows it going? i just started making a new stock it looks more like a thompson, and i found that welding place.

wyz2285: very nice, But the valve´s pilot volume is too big, for better performance try a o-ring piston or reduce the pilot volume.

dethmonky3193: what valve are you using for the trigger?

jhon dave: hey.. you use hand pump??

Richard Bird: VB cunt

LuckyStrike153: cool musik

jasper wortelboer: im gay 1

bmxrulez4life: 0:09 Dawn thats a nice stock :) Where did you get your trigger/release from?

Gamemaster411: Imagine Julia Gillard's face when she sees this and realises that the current gun laws in Aus aren't keeping us from arming ourselves.

keed: i cant seem to find the valve that you are using, what is it called?

SuperEnterprise01: VB..Very Brutal

SketchyAussie: @TheBakoom Try spraying some grease on the inside of the fitting before you pour the epoxy in, after it dries you'll be able to pop it out easily with a few hammer taps (I put mine against a piece of dowel in a vice and tighten it until it lets go). :) I use a can of white lithium grease, you can get it pretty cheap from bunnings and it works wonders. :)

griffin conner: thats fricken cool

JoelHackett: at last a good song

supermotardmario: cool but dont use real pcp pressure for it ! 3000 psi will blow it right up. you are probably smart enough to figure that out, but you never know

Nwest82: nice, can't wait to see it completed, have you fired it through a chronograph yet? if so what were the numbers like? I've been really wanting to a PCP air gun build, but have a lot to learn about designing a valve/piston system that will function correctly and not dump all the air in one shot. Nice work, Keep it up! Great job on the stock BTW.

noobeable: tutorial please

Riley Stock: straya cunt, nah good job mate im hoping to make an airgun like this, this weekend, where did you find the valve, its awsome

Tommy Sands: too weak

TheBakoom: @marko03033 na

wallyson santos: fodao

steeloavenger: Thats so badass.

GunnerCollins: @bmxrulez4life its a blow gun he got it from bunnings

jhon dave: can you show me how did you build your piston, and how its work..plzzzzz

D Elliot: I can't stand it when technical videos and how to stuff always come with a soundtrack. Annoying.

simone cosentino: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

harry goodman: oi can you tell me how a piston valve airgun works please, Thanks

Rafał Matysek: a to jest śmiechowe

Abdul Wahab: which song is on background ?

Garrett Faber: nice music

aleexishurrx3: blink 182 makes the vid good lol and whats my age again peoples

clarkespearo: Or Very Bad, Vile Beer, Vomit Bomb, either way it tastes likes crap and is only good to use as a target haha

TheBakoom: @Digadogup hahaha i got that from a friend who use to work for coke


GunnerCollins: @11gamero111 its a blow gun

Landon Brecheisen: Nice I am making a gas blowback simi/full auto airsoft gun it will be useing 300 psi and i am making 50 round mag can't find any springs for airsoft mags so am ordering spring wire and making them. I also have to order a barrel cause I don't have any pipe that will fit a airsoft BB perfectly. I will put a video response on your video. My dad has a shop so I have a bunch of tools for my use + tons of parts.

r4z0r94: What's My Age Again? - blink182

Radzy Radz: The lengths us aussies go to, to be able to shoot something without a license... GIVE us Airsoft Back ffs.

SketchyAussie: @MrkBO8 That made me lol. Fortunately nothing improves creativity like a lack of supervision, so there are a lot of great Au/NZ homemade launchers around. :)

Radzy Radz: nerf piston ? :O they come in all shapes n sizes :/ use the plastic as the meshing then hot glue around that ? i hate making crap, putting it all together to find out 4 months later it breaks... fk opeing that crap again. Make it to last ;)

Digadogup: @thebakoom erm lol epic coke zero prop

charles cheong: whaT IS THAT SONG NAME I LOVE IT
my homemade air rifle - piston valve 4.3 out of 5

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my homemade air rifle - piston valve