My Homemade Air Rifle - Piston Valve

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Виталий Дячук: чистонюсовий день

Robbyhoey GAMING: 120? I thought it would hold about 500 or 700 PSI without exploding

amir machaka: really nice idea !! and great work , i've made one very powerful ! ,and what's the name of music ??

Pascal Rohart: c 'est quoi le non de la musique sinon tres beau air gun

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MrMiguella: nice work. good to see another aussie (vb can is a give away) getting around the stupid laws we have. probably the best stock for a qev gun on you tube. I'm on about my 10th rifle myself and found that the cheap 1/2 in qev valves on ebay are a bit more compact than the home made ones and are cheaper than buying all the fittings to make one yourself. next project you should do is a hammer valve pcp rifle, once you get the trigger mechanism working they are way more fun as you don't need to refill the tank every shot. although the qev dumping all the air at once gives way more power.

MISTERCLASSIC10: that's what usate as trigger

MISTERCLASSIC10: que es lo que usate como gatillo

Lobelialapse: I like the stock you made, very cool. It must have been a labor of love.
I would like to ask you a question and hopefully get a little help.
I've built several air rifles. I've used ball valves, sprinkler valves; electric and mechanical diaphragm, and poppit (hammer valves). The one thing I've never been able to do is get a barrel sealing piston valve to work with a small air nozzle. 
They just don't exhaust the high pressure quick enough.
How did you get yours to work? I've opened the ports inside the valve body.
I've turned the center of the valve pin down to almost as thin as a pencil lead.
I added holes at the center exhaust transfer ports.
I drilled out the bottom of the valve and cut the lower portion completely off but it still won't do the job.
If you can share some advice it will be greatly appreciated, 

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Dustin Korpi: I can't stand it when technical videos and how to stuff always come with a soundtrack. Annoying.

Juan Manuel: hace un video de como hacerlo porfaaaaa

Winnie Blues: VB cunt

joão Victor: incrible...

jhon dave: hey.. you use hand pump??

jhon dave: can you show me how did you build your piston, and how its work..plzzzzz
my homemade air rifle - piston valve 5 out of 5

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my homemade air rifle - piston valve