Predator 4000watt Harbor Freight Generator

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Harbor freight tools predator 4000 watt generator review
Harbor freight tools predator 4000 watt generator review
Predator 4000watt harbor freight generator
Predator 4000watt harbor freight generator
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PawPaw Reviews the Harbor Freight 4000 Watt Generator #69676
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Harbor Freight Predator 4000 watt generator overvi

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maz94protege: Little Update Folks. Still No issues, its 2016, Ill be doing an update video for this generator soon. Runs excellent still. Ive changed the oil only 2x since it was new. Keep the questions flowing! Ill respond as I receive them.

Foxfire85: Just a note, in the manual it says to use the top two plugs first (before the bottoms). I don't know how important that is but with China freight stuff I try to heed the warnings so I don't have to go through the hassle of dragging it back to the store for a new one. For the price you can't beat these things though.

sigmundfloyder: i used this to power my fridge/freezer, two lights, and charge cell phones. Loved it.

wingerrrrrrrrr: It might be good to show it with more load than a 100W light bulb, since that's just a fraction of the rated capability.  If you have a 1500 to 1800W hair dryer that would be an easy way to load it up with a fair amount of load; light and portable so it's easy to bring it over to try.

Al Senzick: I used mine 2 summers every weekend for my camper ac and other stuff. I used it for 8 days cause of hurricane sandy and it still runs like the day I bought it. I run royal purple 30w and changed it every other weekend. I have b&s they are loud and always having problems the predator is the way to go. All my friends got them now and if you don't load the crap out of them they will last. Keep clean fuel and change the oil. Never seen anybody with a problem and I know of 8 People with them.

Harrell Hicks: 70db noise level

Saiga762x39mm AK47: you should do a sound test vs. that lawn mower to get an idea of the decibel level the generator makes.

MAC Cap: How much is the Honda??

Dave Sampson: Id like to see the output waveform under the rated load to see if it clips or remains the proper shape. This will affect its performance running electric motors (fridge/ Ac power tools etc)

maz94protege: Not worried about the elements, I ran this in my ventilated shed. But for an extended period of time I would build a small wood box, overhang to go over the top. I'll do an updated video with an example

brewskisdodge: I use this generator for my hunting camper its awesome!! I have tried more expensive and have had better results with this model!

The one: Thats pretty quiet.

mjcorp7652: $249.99 for January 11, 12 and 13th go get one folks... I'm going to the store this weekend to check it out and if they have it in stock I'll get one.

maz94protege: Nothing special about break in. Make sure you fill the oil since it has just a small amount. After 3 hours on the first time running drain and replace the oil. After that I flush mine every 48hrs of use or every other month if sitting.

bcbp14: Thank for the video. I'm buying the same one tomorrow. Any tips for break in?

maz94protege: Yea, it was able to run my fridge, window AC unit , 4 box fans and some lights without bogging down. and still my Lawn Mower is louder then this generator.

aron john: good video man thanks for making it... was wondering about the new gen's they got.

maz94protege: Update: From the Mid Atlantic Power outages, I never lost power, however i lent the generator to power my inlaws house for 2 days then my friend borrowed it for his house for 3 days. The thing is a real champ And coupons are out there available online to get this under $300 so its well worth it. I DO plan on getting a honda or yamaha down the road, but for now, it does exactly what i need.

saiga76239mmm: True, I just ran this freaker for almost a week, non-stop to power my full size fridge, lamp, fan and computer (simultaneously). Ran like 6-7 hours per tank. Drove my ass crazy (as well as the neighbors) in 95-100 degrees heat. I'm thinking about an $800 Honda too. But this HF Predator at $232 (w/coupon) is so damn tempting. I can't comment on reliability as I've only used this HF during power outages. Are you a contractor or such? Hondas are going to be made in China soon too, if not already

vegasfordguy: You are correct about the pricing. I learned a long time ago that you get what you pay for. I've lost quite a bit of money on these cheap Chinese generators. I agree that they do have their use and for the price they're a good bargain as long as you don't mind having a lawnmower running next to you at 4,000 rpm's. At the home or in the boonies this would be fine, At the campground it's a whole other story. You will make enemies very quickly.
Predator 4000watt harbor freight generator 5 out of 5

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Predator 4000watt harbor freight generator