Motorcycle Self Loader

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HummingLoud: outstanding

xX3essoXx: slow and safe

Dj Statz: Awesome build!

bos dad: I think I see a problem, getting the front tire out of the rack once it is on the ground. it looks like it would just roll backward every time you tried to get the bike out. other than that a really good basic idea. also, after you get the air shocks or air bags, the truck will sit level and you will have a hard time getting the bike to roll backwards and keep tension on the cable. I would suggest the air Bags they work better and are a lot stronger than the shocks. then you could let the air out when you get where your going. just carry a portable air tank for the return trip. 

tripmind: I liked the part where he drives a Commanche.

Dennis LaLonde: That is exactly what I'm looking for. Great idea!

Dave Lau: Just buy a bike that doesn't break down!! Buy a Victory!! Problem solved.

elwood bigman: that is one big bike in one small truck

jarald john: what a waste of time.i would have loaded the truck on that bike within this time.

taskforceripper91: That's awesome!

Joe Arrowood: Nice looking Jeep Comanche.

Fahad Alhajri: well engineered!

Jay Suttle: ANY DAY NOW!!! i wouldn't even want to ride after this crap

shamarone: I said, no way that's going to fit in there and not sit on the tailgate. wrong-o...!!!

henry cole: Dumb ass

local378: very smart love it

David Bassett: good job

jackson j: I don't think so

hulkhatepunybanner: I think that's a "Speak 'n Spell" prototype on the fuel tank.

godhempus: you'd been better off to pull the pickup with that bike!

MrWyobill: Jesse this is great, I'll bet it cost a whole lot less then the ones on the market now. My question is how are you unloading it with the winch?

MrThememyselfandi: Just great idea and great design i want to compliment you on that. i have a little question,,, whats the size of the steel channel that you are using for the ramps ???? thank you and again,,, great idea and design.

Paulsfullofshit: Wow, you're a freaking idiot.

Paulsfullofshit: Hey freak head. Go buy a bike and come back and talk to us. freaking idiot

CommentPoliceOfficer: How do you even practice something like that. I have seen literally hundreds of videos of people messing up this procedure so that tells me, "Hey, if i can think of any other way to do this and eliminate that huge margin for error I think I will." Try not to be so critical of the ingenuity of people like Jesse who built a home made system that, as you can see, works quite well. The world needs more people like this.

ernesto11953: MrByeceeya, this is great. I would appreciate if you e-mail the drawings to

posilipos: With a bike like that you just ride home. Useless..

Iowaracefan: A few minor tweaks to the over all design and you have a sellable item. Very nice. If you don't mind, I'll be borrowing your idea for a trailer loader.

JigginOnYoAzz: Glad I Don't Live There. Would've Woke Me Up. Cant' Get Any Sleep Over There.

Jesse Wright: John. I could sell you that one, basically for the cost of materials. but you'd have to pic, it up, maybe make some alterations to fit your truck. I'm in Virginia. email me if you're interested. I don't have a pickup any more so it's of no use to me.

John Doe: Should have just towed the truck with the motorcycle

Indra Firdaus: Aha! Thats brilliant ;)

Jesse Wright: @MrThememyselfandi 2 inch wide channel. I would have used aluminum but way too expensive, so I went with steel. I think I have construction pics somewhere, I'll email them to you if I can find them.

Rob Brock: Brilliant! :)

Jesse Wright: Thanks for all the compliments, I didn't draw any plans, just built to fit the truck and the prefabbed chock. About the wheels, 5 or 6 inch, I don't recall. It's in storage now because I no longer have a truck. Working on a hitch mounted chock that lifts the front wheel off the ground and basically "flat tows" the bike. The dolly and ramps, along with the winch are all for sale. Pick up by purchaser at my location in VA.

Jay Vee: Oh great, glad to know you got one at a swap meet! Makes the project even better huh!

DrakeCake80: damn that's an ugly ass bike.. i could have saved u some trouble and drove both of those peices of crap too your local scrapyard, they would have paid you more if u would have left that HUNK A JUNK loaded on da back of that ugly ass truck......

Bruce Pritchett: I like this solution. Simple and effective. Kudos.

kennungesser: Awesome gizmo!! Don't listen to the negatives. Sport bikes are great for younger riders, and short runs. I could have bought any sport bike I wanted. Settled on a Triumph Daytona..until I test rode it. First 3 miles were great..the rest no so much. Got a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R and have just as much fun, but for waaay longer. My next "bike"...Can-Am Spider. So what? And this idea is just smart "nada Plumber"..even if you could ride it up, why take the chance? This guys has build skills!!!

studleylee: Very Nice Great work!!!

Jesse Wright: Yes, I replaced it with an aluminum ramp we found at a swap meet. Big difference. The plank was a "let's make it happen" move.

ping head: That was awesome

Jesse Wright: I'm glad as well. Wouldn't want to wake you up. Stay asleep like most americans, everything's gonna be just fine. G'night.

dbest1a: Very nice

erwin solis: great idea and easy design. my cuestion is wich size of wheels and load capacity..... thanks.

Jesse Wright: It does have 3 ramps. but the whole purpose for the setup is to not need another person to load and unload.

stevest1300: Nice rig Guys. But wouldn't it be simpler to have 3 ramps and winch the bike up with someone on the bike to balance it? Just sayin'....

Jesse Wright: That was the idea, one man operation. I'm pretty much a loner and seems it shows when there's something I need help with. We taped it thinking this could be one of those "fail" vids, but lo and behold it all worked. Too bad the Jeep suspension is so weak. My Jeep's a 92 (I think they ended the model in 93) base model with only AC. And a 4-cyl that will blow the socks off any skateboard (non motorized) out there. 150K+ on the motore so ????. But 22-25 mpg, so !!!!!

Aspencade1984: Great job Jesse, I'm very impressed with the way one person can load/unload a Gold Wing onto a pickup. I like your pickup as well. I bought a fully loaded, brand new, Commache way back in 1986 and drove that thing for 10 years then gave to my son. Wish I still had it.

Larry Carroll: I like it little more work to do on center ramp though but it seems to work good
Motorcycle Self Loader 4.3 out of 5

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