Pathfinder School Basic Class Equipment List Rundown

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Fishers of Men Ministries: I just realized that I have the same condor knife. Cool

Julia Pape: Can't wait to attend this class with my bf next year for our joined birthday present to each other! What a great experience it will be, and I can't wait to meet you to learn from the best!!!!

Russell Suender: I'm not very good using a flint and steel.I tried knapping a piece of quartz,no go could'nt get a decent edge on it.As I was using what somewhat edge of the quartz to strike the steel,the quartz kept chipping.The worst was hurting my fingers as I was trying to get a spark.There were some sparks not nearly sufficient to ignite excellerant ie charcloth,What am I doing wrong?

julia motos: Can't wait to attend this class next year with my bf for our birthdays.... Exvied to learn and meet you

want-a-be woodworker: Thanks for the info Dave!! Now do you have any videos on how to convince your wife to let you go to the school? (LoL) 

Coolnicknameguy: bk2, 8 by 10 tarp, canteen, water jug.. firesteel, 50 feet of 550paracorde and a good compass is the absolute minimum Id have on me to not suffer in the outdoors.. ideally Id have a whole walmart in my backpack 

Lemon Lemon: Nice vid but u need to name the knives that fail so I won't waste my money

Coolnicknameguy: you forgot the beer Dave.. that's a must to survive..

Klein-Horus: thanks dave for this lesson and show off

Andrew Gman: Haha! I was just looking around, the school is only 30 minutes from me! 

cowboysfanzz77: So I live in Idaho. If I come all the way they're ate you the one that will be teaching? 

Survivingknives: I Love your vids and I wish u were still on dual survival and I was wandering if u could put my name out there in one of your vids that would help me a lot because I just got started on YouTube and I need a little help so that would be awesome thanks for your vids and your skills that you past down to me keep up the good work 

specter madrid: Hey dave you dont have tell us what knife fails .....but would you buy and use a BK2...need to know ...thanks and great video

Billy Taylor: My nephew and I are planning a trip for next year.

Loren Littlejohn: I understand all the criteria for the knife except the blade length. Anyone know why he wants it at least 5" long?

wfd805: Very well done. I like how you emphasized not to duck out if you don't have a specific thing. If I could, this one would be a 2 thumbs up. Good list and quick reasoning. Enjoy and stay safe. ~ Chet

Numeral Gibbons: what condor is that? the condor mini-bushlore?

Stephen Sherman: I really want to go take your course now. i might try your dvd this year

monk fu: honest review bud. keep it up top bloke

Steven Anderson: Awesome, found your site, looked at your webpage, and am now putting money away to gather some pieces as funds become available.. Excellent Presentation.. brought memories back to my navy instructor training,, Demonstrate for the student, , do with the student, have student perform ,,,Thank you

aaron cuyler: nice

Countryboy85: I plan on buying the 10L dry bag off the pathfinder store but I am just trying to get an idea of the size of the 10L dry bag, the orange bag you have there is that a 5L or 10L bag.

Chris Gallant: you rock man way to break it down now all a need is a passport lol

ricstormwolf: I'm a huge fan of yours, Dave. I was wondering why you wouldn't trust your life to a $25 compass. I want to buy a compass from your website, but $85 is kinda pricey for me at the moment and I was considering the $25 one. But, now I'm not so sure. Haha

Trace Hammer: what about browse beds 

Bennett Lanza: If two is one and one is none...doesn't that mean that two is none? Ps. Nice vid

William Coulter: i like that gorilla tapes its good...but at west marine an some hardware stores they sell this 200 mile per hour tape its rated for 200 mph winds you can tape plastic up and that stuff wont budge. i used it alot when replacing window in yachts and sailboats here in NC, we call it hurricane tape

The Lurker: Dave you just sold me on the course with this video. I like the bit about not nit picking about gear. Question though. I have a Becker BK2, if I ground a space on the spine to strike a ferrol rod would that work? Might try and swing this class this year. Great work.

james spurles: What specific items would you suggest putting in a survival pack? 

Darrell Strickland: Dave, I've always thought that candles were great to have in a kit, so much so, that I usually carry two, one in a dedicated candle lantern and one as part of my fire kit. The cheap dripping candles work great at starting fires in wet conditions,(assuming of course that you can light the candle) and they can add a few degrees of heat inside your shelter. Candle wax can be used in waterproofing, lubricating and a dozen other applications. They don't need batteries. If you break one, you get two. They're reliable. They even start with the letter 'C'. But I've never heard you mention one. Am I wrong about candle power?

comfortouch: The issue of taking your classes isn't in the cost of supplies, or the cost of the class; it's in the travel costs! It would be great if you/your instructors traveled to major areas (ie: Sacramento, CA) and held classes. I belong to a non-extreme 'prepper' group that would easily take up 20+ places in just one of your classes, if we didn't have the travel expenses.


alzathoth: hey dave, you really need to do a video of the contents of the "Pathfinder Basic Survival Pack" kit. what suunto compass does the kit come with? will I need anything else for the basic class? thanks again for another great video. :)

Jeff Buzzard: this is great info Dave, thank's 

Alejandro Bustamante: thanks for this video. excellent information! it would be nice to see this bundled in your store to get a good deal for all the kit you need. different bundles could be created for different needs/classes. it would also be nice to see a list of the equipment in the description along with links to the items in your store. no reason why you shouldn't be able to generate additional revenue by drawing those connections, and we would all love the convenience of the links. keep these great videos coming!

Phillip Leman: Awesome

George Wamser: I bought your book on Amazon, and I just wanted to say: you rule!

mindbonker: must be nice...

Raf C: Hey Dave, thank you for the great videos! I have a question, what do you recommend for shoes? I know this is not a question Cody would be able to answer haha

wildernessoutfitters: If you are not learning to be prepared then yes you may have to rely on nothing, but I would challenge you to creat a cutting tool that will even perform simple tasks in an area with no knappable stone? The reason for being prepared with at least the 5 C's is because these are the items ALL Cultures have relied on since Ancient times.

Joshua2019: put all the broken blades in a box and send them to me please.. I can use them for all kinds of stuff.

Hero Of The Otaku: Hey Dave have you ever conducted a class in Maine if not would it be a possibility?

kabaruser: keep teaching em dave good job

ollie824: I was wondering what brand or style Axe would you recommend for a survival tool. price is not to big of an issue because it will be a gift for my dad and I would rather have a quality tool so it doesn't break easily. Thanks. Love the videos by the way.

soulful66: This is great pre-training video! I attended a basic class in July, & it was great. Everyone brought different gear, and you get to see what works for you. If you don't get something, just ask. The staff has 100 ways of doing the same thing and 100 different ways of explaining the same thing. The end result is your will own the skills (I still owe a bow drill fire) if you make an effort. You think like a possum after this class. I am greatful to have had this instruction. Thank you Dave!...USAF

IIDASHII: Hey Dave. I know you don;t seem to want to name specific brands that break, but for the sake of all of us, I would sincerely appreciate it if you did. You see much more gear, and how well it works, than the rest of us, which puts you in a better position the let the rest of us know what to avoid. There is nothing wrong with letting us know what is crap! It might even make a good video. "Survival gear to Avoid?"

MrCodmw3champ: Dave everything that u show in this video can it be bought in the pathfinder store

wildernessoutfitters: Sometimes it is possible for Basic classes only, but not always, you would be best to check 2 weeks prior to the class.

GraymanTactics: check out his website.

wildernessoutfitters: It is not Tarred so it is not near the same brother.
Pathfinder School Basic Class Equipment List Rundown 4.9 out of 5

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Pathfinder School Basic Class Equipment List Rundown