Little Wonder Leaf Blower Start

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Little Wonder Leaf Blower Start
Little Wonder Leaf Blower Start
little wonder 5hp walk behind leaf blower
little wonder 5hp walk behind leaf blower
Little Wonder Optimax Blowers Move Leaves and Debris with Unmatched Air Power
Little Wonder Optimax Blowers Move Leaves and Debris with Unmatched Air Power
Little wonder leaf blower
Little wonder leaf blower
Leaf Blower : Pull-Start Cord
Leaf Blower : Pull-Start Cord
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Joseph Shaw: why r u mad

coffeefish: It is a good way to be. But, that just means that politically un-neutral people will run out affairs?

1972FordF150: That would be cool !!!!

truckguy900: best blower around.

Titliest07: thanks for the comment! and i know its been a while

1972FordF150: 5 stars !!!

Austin McComb: Watch my straight piped leaf blower videos

coffeefish: It's a good way to be.

stlouissux9119: Wow that thing is pretty powerful!

Titliest07: i wish it could suck too!

Titliest07: i stay politically neutral toward other people

motorboy171: nice blower how much did it cost?

1972FordF150: Lol that thing really blows doesn't it !!

Titliest07: i dont voice my opinion to others, i keep it to myself....i cant vote yet anyway

kxdirtrider85: how are these blowers are they reliable and would any of u guys recomend them

Wallabydam: That thing pulls a lot easier then this one i just bought from CL , 11 HP briggs but a flat head engine, its a Giant Vac model, but man its F&*^@# hard to pull, but usually starts abotu 2nd pull, soon to have a video of it up soon, i wanna try it this coming fall, the other i used was a lil $50 one i bought from CL about 2 years ago, it was ok, but this bigger one litterly takes off if your not holding it, *5 titliest long time no talk to man.

themaritimeman: Sweet it is, that started up great! Man, them things work good - what the hell am I doing raking leaves? J/K lol! I agree with Bobbymitchell10, how big of an engine do you need to turn over a metal blower fan? Stick a high-RPM 2 stroker on there and you'll be blowing them leaves to the moon! That's quite the spinning it did when you shut it off! Must've been the metal fan's momentum? Great video!

IHcubcadet: Sure is a little wonder.

Titliest07: its like 4 years old...gets little use

Daniel Woffard: i like mine better its not heavy its powerful and when i use it it feels like im useing a maschine gun :D

samorivideos6: dam thats quit

mrojas1468: sweet. i just bought a toro but it smokes a bit

Titliest07: i hope its old!!!!

500passwords: nice blower , looks brand new . i agree with coffeefish :)

Titliest07: damn right haha

Titliest07: @jeepers2655 yeah and i can afford it

coffeefish: Happy Halloween ! P.S. Liberals Suck. Vote them out of office, Local, State, and Federal.

mrojas1468: yeah its pretty old. I got it on craigslist for $150.

kxdirtrider85: thank u so much

tence89: nice house!

Titliest07: dont get the one with the briggs, they snap rods unfornatly. they now sell them with hondas!!!! 10 stars. totally recommend one.

Bobby mitchell: why does it have a 10 hp engine it only needs a like 3.5hp i mean its just a big flywheel bacially it just sounds like a wast of gas to me not that its ur fault it just amazes me how over powerd mowers are

Titliest07: Kodak Zi6. Its a great camera for the price. Wolfsheadoil and I have the same camera

Stoneyburke: I bet the price sux!

xctome: cool blower,always wanted one of them,those r better than those cheap handheld 2 stroke ones!-Happy Halloween!

dumptonpark: Cool machine.
Little Wonder Leaf Blower Start 4.8 out of 5

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Little Wonder Leaf Blower Start