S&W Sigma .40 Cal Field-strip

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jc reed: This is blow from Spartanburg. I appreciate you this vid cause I have the same gun. I didn't know how too do the break down but now I do thanks too you very cool´╗┐

shimric20: Big man being racist on the internet.

Joe Green: Dry fire will not damage your gun. Smith & Wesson also came out with the SD40VE to replace this gun. Here's my video of it. Check out my video of it.

tightshot88: Dry fire it first and the slide will release.

dan daman: mine i do what you said and the slide goes forward but wont come off

bunny08able: Thanks buddy. Informative video, and you spoke clearly which also helps.

SCARHMASTER1001: There should be a switch on the side u have to push up to lock it in the u push it down and it slings forward

nunay23: Great video, simple and direct, thankx

maclom88: I just got my sigma yesterday and I'm pretty excited. Its my first gun I've ever owned and will be the first one I'll ever shoot. But I have a little concern as far as my field stripping. After I drop the mag and pull the slide back, I noticed that my slide does'nt lock in place like yours did. Does that mean something is wrong with it or am I doing something wrong?

bXares: hahhahhahahah sounds like a freaking hillbilly awwww man!!!!!!

Alan Hovanec: Nice video man. Very helpful!

Lexingtonprepdude: Dumb negro

slickmikey84: thanks for the info video really helped by the way love the sigma

kabol69: i jyst bought this gun at a gun show yesterday and took it out tday to my buddys farm and it bay far is the best gun i have shot that feels the way it does, no jams and didnt oil it before i fired it, got it to my buddys house to clean it and COULD NOT get my slide to come off because of some minor we werent doing but if it wasnt for your video showing you in the act of, i wouldnt have caught what we were doing wrong, we were letting the slide go back to far while trying to remove. thanks again

southfinest2541: For that type of gun u cant mess up the firing pin IMPOSSIBLE to do. VERY VERY tough gun

skinsfantim: lame.. and boring.. YAWN!! : O

steve: good video.... but just letting you know no matter how many times you dry fire a semi auto handgun it will not hurt the firing pin because the pin hits nothing during the dry fire

steve: good video but dry firing a semi auto handgun does nothing to the firing pin.

Tarah Johnson: how da hell you put back in spring

freakylongboy205: @hashashin821 Problems as in no matter how hard you pull the trigger it wouldnt fire. Seem like the trigger got tight. Idk. Maybe you wont have problems with yours. Its a great gun until it freaks up. And that being said it could also cost you your life.
S&W Sigma .40 cal field-strip 5 out of 5

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S&W Sigma .40 cal field-strip