How To Steam Bend Wood At Home

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Stephen Tebbutt: Try steaming in a plastic bag. you can bend the timber with the steam still running. clamp to your form to get shape then remove the plastic bag and clamp back to your form. the timber wont cool like taking it from your P.V.C pipe.

Aaron Beer: You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from WoodPrix .

Garzon Laperle: It's simple, Just go to WoodPrix page - and enter the Eco World.

AJohnson0325: I noticed that on most rocking chairs, the top of the back is bent. I'm guessing that steaming is how to achieve that? Sorry for asking such a novice question. I just recently became interested in woodworking. Also, does the piece stay exactly in shape once it's dried or does it try to lose some of the curvature and go more flat once you take it out of the jig?

CyberGolem: Whaaaa?? No "after"?


AmazGraz: Use a pressure cooker.

mtgentry: Nice work man!

Shasta Kennon: All of my woodworks I made with woodprix. Google and try it.

Aaron Beer: I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to woodprix webpage.

Jennifer P: Thanks!

P Neumann: Can you over steam a strip of wood? Or it gets to saturation and won't matter?
Good job..Me like!

SUJIT ROY: Excellent!, I wouldn't have known about these sorts of plans before reading about them in Hyezmar's site.

Temir Bayram: what if you boil it?

thuat nguyen: this is solid wood or plywood?

Missymoo87: Hey thanks for the video it was really good, would have liked to see the cooled wood and how it turned out though

G PCM: Yeah, by the time he's done fiddling with the clamp, the other end is too cooled off to bend easily. Good idea coming up with a better form.

Jess Evans: good for you, well done, great idea, im impressed

Isaac mondragon: did you make a video of how you made the custom made steamer to fit your pieces? can you send me the video link?

meagain2222: how long did you steam that piece which didn't break?
How to steam bend wood at home 5 out of 5

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How to steam bend wood at home