How To Steam Bend Wood At Home

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Bent plywood in 7 easy steps.
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A steambox for bending wood and luthier work steamer

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meagain2222: how long did you steam that piece which didn't break?

meagain2222: Thanks for showing .Good job.

Jeff Ku: It's very good video. One has to care on video screen and forming wood. ^^~
Thanks your sharing how to bend a wood.

Marcia Kimberling: You may learn more about it on woodprix webpage.

Mikk Tikk: How long did you steamed this wood?

Bill Rees: Thanks for sharing.....I was going to build a wooden steam box but using plastic pipe is a much better idea (easier/cheaper)

ElTurbinado: I thought you were going to pull that cooking show move and pull that finished one out from the background right after you bent the wet one.

Roda Dua: To monitor the water level, all you need is something that floats on water and a stick made of heat-proof pipe or wire. Drill a hole on top of your steam machine and let the stick goes down following the water level. If you measure the length of the stick in respect to the tube height, you will need to refill the water once you no longer see the wire. The trick is, how to minimize the loss of the presure from that tiny hole. That's not difficult, thou. 😜

Paul Oakley: Thanks mate! A very helpful video

sailingsolar: For water level monitoring, you could make a hole so your cork will seal the hole but stick out.  Then when you want to check the water level pull the cork out and use a dowel taller than the pot as a dip stick.

Fureek brand: Awesome video! 

119matburn: dose any one know how to put bends along two plains. most everything I find just shows bending it one way

singinggirl108: B

The Mystical Gamer: Im making a half pipe in my back yard

Jason Awa: share you thoughts

mikexhotmail: please don't break pleased don't break  ^^

FDVlogger: YOU SIR, just gave me the necesary information to makemy bow limbs from now on :D

Jarkko Ohaniemi: Thanks for the video. How thick was that piece of wood by the way? 3/4", 1" perhaps?
How to steam bend wood at home 5 out of 5

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How to steam bend wood at home