How To Steam Bend Wood At Home

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singinggirl108: B

The Mystical Gamer: Im making a half pipe in my back yard

Jason Awa: share you thoughts

mikexhotmail: please don't break pleased don't break  ^^

FDVlogger: YOU SIR, just gave me the necesary information to makemy bow limbs from now on :D

Jarkko Ohaniemi: Thanks for the video. How thick was that piece of wood by the way? 3/4", 1" perhaps?

58belvedere: great video! I would like to make something like that..

Paul Flynn: Its called PVC not sewer pipe/

C. Ewen MacMillan: Thanks for this - most tutorials I have seen assumed someone already had some ready made equipment. Your tutorial makes me think banjo rims (using 3/8 wood) should be a lot easier than the wood with which you are working.


gerard james: about the water level part cork floats two cork inside pot will float stick dowel to the drpth of pot and a dark line on stick top of pot line(water line full ) it rise out of water.

William Adams: Water level gauge:  Drill holes in the side of your water tank just above bottom, and near top.  Install 90 degree threaded pipe elbows with gaskets in each hole.  Connect a length of heat-resistant, clear plastic tubing between the two 90 degree connections.  Your tank water will flow into the vertical tubing and level itself with the water in the tank, allowing you to see the water level at a glance.

Sean Carney: It does get a wee bit softer, but it does retain it's shape during the process....unlike the old vacuum hose, which promptly collapsed with the heat.  Dunno why it won't let me reply to you directly, Johny, but there's your answer.

Johny Why: Hi, nice project! any problems with the PVC? I've heard it may get soft at a lower temp than water's boiling point. thx

Chad Magiera: How to steam bend wood at home

Tanishq Chatterjee: Sorry, awesome work by the way, but how long did you steam this for? 

Guillaume Laflèche: To mark water depth, maybe you could place the boiler on a scale with the appropriate counter weight that's equal to the boiler at the minimum water level of your choice (maybe leave a bit for safety).  For you could make a scale, simply a platform on an axle.  For safety, make sure the boiler can't spill or fall off, make sure the scale is solid, and make it so the boiler will only lift a tiny bit at low water level.  When the boiler lifts, you'll need a simple system to notify you and make it more obvious.  If the boiler normally rests on a burner, the low water level would also lift it off a bit to give you time.  Not sure if it's a good idea, I just thought I'd share what popped in my mind.

Joe Sommers: Good setup
How to steam bend wood at home 5 out of 5

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How to steam bend wood at home