Building The Tilting Router Lift

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Building the tilting router lift
Building the tilting router lift
Tilting router lift design
Tilting router lift design
Woodworking -
Woodworking - "wood gears" tilting "router lift"
Home-made router lift
Home-made router lift
Making curved molding with the tilting router lift
Making curved molding with the tilting router lift

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Bryan Coombes: Hey Matthias, I love your channel. I have made your shelving, work bench + drawers and saw sled. I'd love it if you did a dial indicator video. How you mount that thing for various applications and how it works etc.

Mathieu Girard: hey Matthias, any particular reason why you are using a commercial plastic knob for the lift mechanism and you are making wooden ones for the angle ? Why not making all 3 out of wood?

Violencefetish14WP88: I wonder how many job offers have come from this guys channel. this combination of intelligence and talent is incredibly rare.

piter albeiro: eres el puto crack

Teddy Dahlqvist: And the gear generator, and the big print. And im verry happy whit my purchase

Teddy Dahlqvist: I bought the plans

Teddy Dahlqvist: Im not amarican and i dont have access to imperial plywood. Can you make this whit metric ply wood?

HolyChickenn: 00:00 i dont know why but that head movement killed me😂

James Colby: I'd rather watch these videos than anything else on the tube. It's an inspiration! Good for you Matthias.

Scott Babb: I don't even do woodworking and I enjoy watching it. It's genius.

josh logan: genius!!

Crepe Maister: If you made toys I would by them

iPwn8599: man you look so young

Lukas Haas: Ship involvement component million fifth.

debbie09090: All the time I'm watching this impressive video thinking "why would you need the router to tilt", then OMG the reveal in the last few seconds! Oh that's why...
I just love watching this channel and I'm going to have a go at making the bandsaw.

DaveTheTurningCowboy: interesting. i had been contemplating making something like this before I saw yours. it is still playing now as it just came up by random as I was watching woodworking clips

Stroker Ace: I made a bird house

Egil Sandnes: That router table must be perfect for making pocket holes! ;-)

Carmel Pule': Brilliant ideas and and excellent presentation of the logic used to achieve a function. I spent most of my life in engineering and education and I found that there is a mind processing ability that many do not have. Only yesterday some one told me that these days there is no need to know but only where to look just in case you need to know. That is not true as the human mind is not a fetch cycle form an already written down memory system in a book or in an electronic computer. Matthias Wandel leaves the thinking and processing activity in his audience and anyone who does not want to think nor process a situation to reach the logic required to achieve a function might as well go and buy a plastic version, it will probably be cheaper but the human mind will be as dormant as a door nail. Many people are happy to be proud owners of what they buy with a dormant mind state, but there are those who relish the mind activity, as it is a good asset to have. Congratulations to Matthias Wandel for being a brilliant gentleman who respects his audience with leaving them with the thinking and the mind processing sessions in all he does, Thank you Sir. In my opinion you rate as being in the top 1% of students in higher education and even better than that as you combine , research, mathematics, computation, design, synthesis, making testing, modification and the highest quality I respect, which is GUARANTEEING YOUR WORK TO OPERATE efficiently. Not many people and professions want to walk the paths of guaranteeing their products nor their services, but Matthias Wandel does fine in that area.

hardstyle Addiction: ur videos are awesome budy
Building the tilting router lift 5 out of 5

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Building the tilting router lift