Building The Tilting Router Lift

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Derpy Chicken: Really, no one is gonna comment about what he said at 2:36? REALLY?

What a clean audience.

Talha Kathrada: you should make a wooden fidget spinner

Joe Borges: I can't imagine the amount of time it takes to build this!

Chris Limpens: im truly stunned by the skills involved. and he dit it whit wood amazing.

Matthew Torres: So in what application would you need a tilted router?

Han van Vilsteren: A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

ooDirtyMickoo: instead of selling your goddamn plans online you'd make a lot more money selling your seed. we need to artificially inseminate future generations with your pure genes you perfect man ;)

Hex: I can't stop watching these videos he's very inspirational and makes me just want to be as detailed and concise with my own projects

Niklas Grenz: Have the hinges not too much play?

Gerhard Loewen: Where can i buy those plans

Jeffery Hogan: The details are the mark of a true craftsman. Thanks for sharing.

Mechanoid 57: A really useful project, nicely designed and executed with some nice detailed touches. Loved it! :)

Wawan supriyadi: inspirasi ,,,,

GlennTechNYC: how much would you charge me to save me time and build one for me and ship it to nyc

David Urquhart: Epic design and engineering. Very inspiring thank you

mac jo: superb....subscribed

George Young: Another great build. Please ceep your videos coming!

Bryan Coombes: Hey Matthias, I love your channel. I have made your shelving, work bench + drawers and saw sled. I'd love it if you did a dial indicator video. How you mount that thing for various applications and how it works etc.

Mathieu Girard: hey Matthias, any particular reason why you are using a commercial plastic knob for the lift mechanism and you are making wooden ones for the angle ? Why not making all 3 out of wood?

Violencefetish14WP88: I wonder how many job offers have come from this guys channel. this combination of intelligence and talent is incredibly rare.
Building the tilting router lift 5 out of 5

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Building the tilting router lift