WEN Hair Care Review

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WEN Hair Care Product Review Documentary (over 5-month period) =)
WEN Hair Care Product Review Documentary (over 5-month period) =)
WEN Hair Product Review + HAIR Talk!
WEN Hair Product Review + HAIR Talk!
Wen hair care routine & review
Wen hair care routine & review
WEN Hair Product Reviews 2016   WEN Cleansing Conditioner Review 2016
WEN Hair Product Reviews 2016 WEN Cleansing Conditioner Review 2016
WEN Review - the Good. the Bad. & the CHEAP!
WEN Review - the Good. the Bad. & the CHEAP!

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DragonLady24: 60 dollars!?????? You think that is a great deal???

Mimi G: 1:04 if you don't want to hear her life story.

Ano n: !YAY! Solfaine free!............what's solfaine?

Fawk Yew: ur s's annoy me

Franciscan Friary: Hello, I also got Wen from QVC and I need to tell you "I love it" Wen is the best I have ever had...!!!  :-) :-) :-)


Jesse'sMom: I actually love Wen and I do understand what you mean when you said unfortunately you got good results. Me too. I got a free sample from a friend. It is a great product. Just can't do the price and the whole auto-delivery scheme. That is preventing so many people from buying it and enjoying the product. Your hair is beautiful though and I am glad you put up a review on it. Best wishes!

E. Null: I hate how any time an attractive woman is criticized, the person giving the criticism is accused of being jealous. Being pretty shouldn't give you an A in everything. This video is hard to watch. However, good for her for trying. It does take some bravery to put up a video on here.

jordan simmons: I randomly stumbled onto this page. Wow, this person "bitchiecupcake" is so clearly jealous of the attractiveness of "Vlogbeauty" girl. As a dude, I have never seen a personal care video but you are doing an awesome job vlogbeauty lady !

Elle: Thank you for the mean email, i see that i hurt your feelings... you really should have read my post more closely.. i was giving you great tips, as a public speaker, i guess that i got nervous for you and tried to give you encouragement. You are a beautiful girl and I am sorry that I upset you. I hope this ends the ill feelings and no, I wasn't judging, i actually felt like I was giving tips. Take care.

vlogbeauty: please keep your comments to your self . I am sorry that you feel that way about me . Dont judge !

Elle: lol,,"UNfortunately" your hair looked better? You need to work on your grammar and listen to your delivery and what you are saying. I'm not being mean. If you were anybody else i would say the same. Work more on what and why and how you say things. whew, you make my palms sweat. I'm sure ur a lovely girl but you are allll over the place hun.

Emma Dukes: She sounds like Demi lavato....

Sofia Perez: Hey ur hair looks so beautiful and healthy I'm mixed with Hispanic and African American do u think wen would work for my hair cuz my hairs really dry and frizzy

Ashley Snyder: Try amazon you can get a gallon of it. And they have all of the wen stuff

Caleigh: how many washes does it last using 17 pumps? I know you posted this ages ago but please reply :)

Vanessa Crespin: TOTORO... lol :3

PyramidHead138: id buy Justin beiber tickets just to REsell them on ebay. id like to build up my paypal account anyway

jennyjiberish: Totoro!

slayerchick303: You HAVE to try the Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. It's AMAZING. I completely fried my hair with a coloring & 2 nights masking with the Re Moist completely fixed it to the amazing hair I normally have with Wen. Give it a shot. It's wonderful.
WEN Hair Care Review 5 out of 5

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WEN Hair Care Review