Helix Piercing

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DerMelonenKuchen: I got mine done with a gun when I was 16.
I am 21 now and it never really stopped hurting, sometimes I couldn't even sleep on that side for days because it would hurt too much.When I took the ring out to clean it yesterday I couldn't get it back inside because it swelled up and started bleeding whenever I attempted to.
I'm going to leave it as it is now for a few months before piercing it again. Hopefully next time it'll heal better lmao.

Iqra Turk: No it seems to b hurt

greta meyer: GURL I'm getting on in like 3 days and it looks like it hurts

paola cruz: me lo aré mañana❤✨👌🙊

Fridaber: I just got my helix pierced and I'm 28 :D

Ninja Of The Darkness: WHAT? she just stick it in like that? no pain at all? oh

Maryam Bulle: i have same piercing. I have to helix piercing and one indrustial and orbital

Grace Arnold: In the U.K. Your not allowed helix piercings ( because of the cartilage in your ear ) until you're 13

Νικόλαος Δεσύλλας: not good

Amya Queen: Honestly... Does this even hurt ?

IzAndAbs: My mom won't let me get a helix piercing but I love them :(

Min Lebwii: I'm 13 I got 5 piercings done with a gun 🙏 at that time I didn't know that gun is bad. I want triple cartilage piercing but I don't know where to find professional piercer. (Philippines)

Edward Miller: I turn 45 this week. I want to do this as a gift for myself. Thanks for sharing.

GodDamn Preacher: is it weird that it's the third day after getting mine pierced and it doesn't hurt one bit? Like I can legit sleep on it, touch, and move it in and out (Not actually taking it out) it's a horse shoe style jewelry btw. It's not red or swollen. it hurt rly bad the first few days but now it doesn't. is that normal?

Guina: What cateter number?

Sirlie08: I'm 21 and got one yesterday :D The sound... this little cracking sound was so disgusting omg :D

Kimberly Hammack: does it hurt

Kat S: Wow, watching this blows my mind. I've had my helix pierced since I was 12 or so. Actually had it done at Walmart when they use to pierce ears and they used a gun. Of course, back then it was just called "getting your cartilage pierced" lol. Man I'm old!!

Sammy Gordon: For anyone wondering, I just got my helix pierced and personally it was just a small pinch for a second. I was very nervous before but it wasn't worth the fear and I love it now :)

Annaelle Paillon: I am 12 and i did it for Christmas and DONT USE THE GUN its just sooooo bad
Helix Piercing 5 out of 5

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Helix Piercing