Helix Piercing

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Skylar Luvya: I had this done like last week & it doesn't hurt to bad just a quick pinch and then bam that's as worse as it gets, plus your ear burns a lot so u can't really feel it

Lo Dominguez: The first time I did that I was 14 than didn't like it in that ear so I took it off than it close and did it again in the other ear and actually I did it myself it look pretty cool this time I'm 19 and I still have it now I'm going for the tragus

Noa Pijpker: had you pain ?

lola mccormack: Do they always do it with a needle?

Khyii White: getting mine today !!

Lexie From roblox: ;-; I want to get it pierced but I am sort of scared XDD

Baruch Vlogs: I have two earrings in each lobe and I want a helix piercing. My parents are okay with me getting one but I'm a bit nervous since they take such a long time to heal

Erika Latris Lomack: I had my helix pierced 2 weeks ago and since the first day I've been able to sleep on it .. it's not painful for me at all so I'll probably change it around 3 months

Emilie Emilie: Bonjour exsuce moi es ce que sa ta fait mal quand il a percer ? 🙂

Maddy Mccawley-rowe: Does it hurt when the needle goes threw ?

Nasia Davis: I got mine yesterday

Lauren Togher: mine only took around 2-3 months to heal fully, I could lay on it and change it after that amount of time with no pain at all :)

Adrien Dwight: Did not hurt at all! A quick pinch is what it feels like. I have my entire ear pierced and I believe the higher you pierce (going up to the helix) the less it hurts. It heals quickly and you can put a variety of different earrings in the piercing.

Hailey Silver: Helix piercings take 1-1.5 years to heal completely, most piercers recommend waiting at least 6 months to change the jewelry. You also have to clean it the whole time it's healing. H2Ocean is great! Don't touch it more than necessary (cleaning it, untangling hair from it etc). Don't play with it and make sure you have clean hands before you touch it.

kaitlyn lawrence: Wtf that was so simple 😱

kaitlyn lawrence: Today I went to a peircing place and tried to have this done... The needle wouldn't go through 😂😂

Luca Mala: anche io me lo sono fatto li ma nn ho usato l ago ho usato quella specie di spillatrice che usano anche per i classici orecchini all obo

PeyCyd VS1124: Does it hurt? I'm getting mine done tomorrow

Verity B: at first I thought he got a screw driver

T'Riah Mays: I'm 13 and I'm getting mine pierced soon any advice please😨😵🙏
Helix Piercing 5 out of 5

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Helix Piercing