Helix Piercing

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Helix Cartilage Piercing (Needle): Experience + Aftercare
Helix Cartilage Piercing (Needle): Experience + Aftercare
Ear & Cartilage Piercing 101
Ear & Cartilage Piercing 101
Helix Piercing
Helix Piercing
Triple helix piercing review MUST WATCH
Triple helix piercing review MUST WATCH

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Relaqss: Whered you get it done? (:

Mike Fuentes: that looked like it didnt hurt. bet when I'm gonna get them I'll be like plz hold me down 😂😂

Melanie Giselle Izeta Veliz: me encanta este pirsing cuando salga de vacaciobes e lo ago

cptangerine: What song it is the one in the background of the vídeo? Thanks! :)

BillsGirl2008: wie nennt sich bitte diese methode =P

wmaija: i got my helix, didnt hurt at all until the piercer was going to switch the needle to the earring!

kolby: I got my helix pierced and my belly button pierced the same day and this hurt worse 😁

Alexandra Maria Muntean: how much does the piercing cost?

Skylar Luvya: I had this done like last week & it doesn't hurt to bad just a quick pinch and then bam that's as worse as it gets, plus your ear burns a lot so u can't really feel it

Lo Dominguez: The first time I did that I was 14 than didn't like it in that ear so I took it off than it close and did it again in the other ear and actually I did it myself it look pretty cool this time I'm 19 and I still have it now I'm going for the tragus

Noa Pijpker: had you pain ?

lola mccormack: Do they always do it with a needle?

Khyii White: getting mine today !!

Lexie From roblox: ;-; I want to get it pierced but I am sort of scared XDD

Baruch Vlogs: I have two earrings in each lobe and I want a helix piercing. My parents are okay with me getting one but I'm a bit nervous since they take such a long time to heal

Erika Latris Lomack: I had my helix pierced 2 weeks ago and since the first day I've been able to sleep on it .. it's not painful for me at all so I'll probably change it around 3 months

Emilie Emilie: Bonjour exsuce moi es ce que sa ta fait mal quand il a percer ? 🙂

Maddy Mccawley-rowe: Does it hurt when the needle goes threw ?

Nasia Davis: I got mine yesterday

Lauren Togher: mine only took around 2-3 months to heal fully, I could lay on it and change it after that amount of time with no pain at all :)
Helix Piercing 5 out of 5

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Helix Piercing