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750VFRRules: I made one of these after seeing your vids using a side inlet like yours.I have a record vac,supposedly down to .5 microns.It is absolutely brilliant,i can hardly believe how good it is, as i only built it out of what i had to hand.There is no dust AT ALL in the vac.I built my seperator out of some wood i had which i just Kerfed on a power saw and then just rough sanded.Thanks for the idea.

Rob's Garage Woodworking: @drfisherman1 I have 5 videos - cyclone dust separator 1 to 4 and how to make a cyclone. Should give you all the info you need. Good luck! RM

drfisherman1: WOW - speedy reply Thanks - 8x16 small - thanks so much for help and information ... will check for materials on hand and make shopping list... any suggestions would be appreciated... Have a great Super Bowl weekend... Jim

Rob's Garage Woodworking: @drfisherman1 Should not make a difference but remember the longer your hoses and pipes are the more strain on the shop vac motor. Happy Woodworking! RM

drfisherman1: Thanks for the how to make video - have a small wood shop, next to a carport - thinking of putting shop vac under the car port and run a tube through the wall to the wood shop, should the " cyclone" be close to the shop vac , inside the woodshop, or doesn't make a difference?

Rob's Garage Woodworking: @coloradofresh2011 Vacs with pleated filters clog and become useless. This separates the sawdust into a bucket keeping your filter clean and vac at full suction.

Rob's Garage Woodworking: @PassivelyActive Thanks for the comment! Try making one, they don't cost much and if you do a lot of woodworking you will love it! I do like the Rigid vacs, but hate the pleated filter. I sold my 1hp 4" Craftex dust collector after making these cyclone separators and I will be using 2 Rigid vacs each with a separator in my new shop set up.

Rob's Garage Woodworking: @PassivelyActive Not loosing any at all. Check out the distance that I'm keeping the nozzle away from the pile. In a real life situation where you are ripping wood on the table saw or planing with a 12" planer, there would be less saw dust than I am picking up. Note: there is 3/4 of a pail of sawdust in there. This is a modified version of separators that I have seen on youtube. I am shocked at how well it actually worked. Now I don't ever have to worry about the vac filter clogging!

Rob's Garage Woodworking: @LPBBart That is about right. Glad you liked it. I will be adding more videos as I set up my garage.

Rob's Garage Woodworking: Mine was about the same.. 1 1/2 inch gap for the inlet.

Bobb Burnham: Just finished building on for myself. Totally rocks. Thanks for sharing. How much gap did you leave between the bottom and the tube for the vacuum? I have mine set to about 1 1/2 Should it be closer?

Rob's Garage Woodworking: Yes. The vacs have blower attachments, so I will exhaust them directly outside to prevent more dust in the shop.

Sam Holman: are both vacs ridgid
cyclone dust separator 4 5 out of 5

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