Homemade Sandblaster And How To Build

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Good Quality $20 DIY SANDBLASTER.
Good Quality $20 DIY SANDBLASTER.
Homemade Pressure Sandblaster
Homemade Pressure Sandblaster
Homemade Sand Blaster Booth
Homemade Sand Blaster Booth
homemade sandblaster
homemade sandblaster
Homemade sandblaster and how to build
Homemade sandblaster and how to build

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Eric Gaudio: is that stick welding? and what sticks did u use

George May: I would have a moisture trap on the inlet, and I would have done all of the pipework in iron, no plastic apart from the hose. I think I would also have afew pressure gauges for fine tuning. The unfortunate thing though is getting a ccompressor big enough to power this thing upto full working ability is very exspensive... That's where making an air compressor from too old engines becomes interesting... That's what I'm trying todo first before building the pott

ron fox: I dig it , good job

bill p: Would think it should work for soda too?

bill p: I think it is a great ideal.

Ichiban Moto: Nice set up ! Wish I saw this before making mine!

demoking1422: Nice job ,Hope you get a bigger compressor soon makes a big difference, I found pump,then tank, and the motor and regulator from a small Craftsman compressor.

kekerispo: can you make work with dry ice???

Alex Huntzinger: yes it does thank you you have to save money now a days lol

thecuddaking: Sure beats the $100 harbor freight setup

byronmill: All you certified welder pressure vessel building know it all PITA dudes need to get real. He is not reusing the tank to store propane, it will likely never see more than 100 PSI of COMPRESSED AIR!! How could this be considered a bomb? What serious thing is going to happen if his weld fails? Your imagination is running wild on you. For goodness sakes, he has vinyl hoses with barb fitting and hose clamps exposed to the same pressure. Imagine the nightmare if one of those fittings failed!! sarcasm

holyluke: I think he sees all the comments made.... it seemed like a relevant place to put it.....

holyluke: thought ur name was disgustedpat... my bad??

disgustapated: I think you're replying to wrong person. You're agreeing with me but who is Pat??

holyluke: btw... has nothing to do with heat transfer... what pat is talking about is how when the weld metal is brought to its UCT (upper critical temperature) and then slowly cooled it creates a HAZ heat affected zone around the weld that becomes hardened or "tempered" and that is the area the will get you, it will always break beside the weld assuming your welds are good. this is why in industry we send our vessels to be annealed in an oven wich returns the HAZ to its parent metal state.

holyluke: REALLY DUDE!!! I am an Alberta red seal certified, journeyman welder, I build pressure vessels with thousands of psi in them, Im not just someone with exp welding....... and pat is right.... that is a deadly bomb, and without testing the welds you have no clue what you have!!!! even 5 psi instantaneous escape will take your hand off. perhaps you should do "research" before you retort negatively to someone who is concerned for your safety (search "Calhex Ind. Calgary" thats my shop)

Chris T: Be very careful welding galvanized anything, you can get zinc poisoning from the fumes that is left out, I know from experience from welding galvanized for a living. We had special whips that had vacuums on them to pull the fumes away to a filter system. Some guys got very sick when they decided not to use the vacuum. Your best to stick with black pipe. It is your life and have been warned.

SmokeTwo Oinks: i ment what kind of welder

SmokeTwo Oinks: nice,i want to make one.whak kind of welder did you weld that gal-steel with?
Homemade sandblaster and how to build 5 out of 5

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Homemade sandblaster and how to build