Cabin Air Filter Replacement- Nissan Versa

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Derick Ponce-Sanchez: Correction, I will have to remove glove box on my 2012 sedan sv to fit filter into slot

Derick Ponce-Sanchez: 2012 versa sedan sv has filter accessible with out glove box removal. Car didn't come with a filter. (carmax) I just checked after seeing this video. 

chuckwin100: ok so I removed the glove box, not a big deal, but do you think the old filter would come out? no way. I tried to lift it up so the tab would slip out, nope. I tried to push it down so the top would come out. nope. I tugged on it for a while until i lost patience and put back the glove box. But i won't pay $80 to have it done by the garage either. What did i do wrong?

Eggbert Souse: Ok, I can see where some people say you don't need to remove the glovebox & I think that might work but it would be awkward, removing the glovebox allows you to get to the filter easier. My problem was reinstalling the glovebox. Those 8 screws screw into metal "clips" & those damn things kept falling out & then you have to start all over on those top screws. After I bent the clips a little with a needlenose pliers to get them to stay in place that worked but this operation took a lot longer than I thought it would because of those GD damn clips!

Kevin Austin: I cannot pull the old filter out. I'm trying to grip the tab towards the top but I have no traction and my fingers just slip off. Removing the glove box was easy and most of the video is wasted showing this part; it is getting the old filter off the top tab that is difficult. I can't even see it. I have a 2011 versa, not sure if something changed in that year.

akilazizan: Is it the similar with Nissan Latio? Thanks

Edwin Everett: I second Jacob's post.  Just replaced mine without taking out the glove box.  Just needed a pair of pliers and 60 seconds.

Ricardo Melendez: Does this work for a 2012 Versa?

Jacob E: Huge issue with this. There is no need to remove the glove box! So your entire video which is waisted on removing screws could have simply been used on reaching under the glove compartment and pulling out the filter. Whole process takes less than 60 seconds.

Zim8oo: There is a difference between the right hand drive versa and the left hand drive, that is the reason why the screws cannot be found in some cases and in many of the videos on Youtube they are working on Tida's not Versa's and the manufacturing year is very important for it to be done correctly.   

fouramhq: My recommendation is to remove the filter, cut away the old filter material and re-install the old filter  frame .   You need the old frame to be in place to seal the system.  You'll get much better air pressure through the heater and a/c.    A cabin air filter in an automobile is just goofy.

Audrey Muzingo: One critique: most of the video is the unscrewing and rescrewing of eight screws (very easily edited), but instead there is an edit/cut made between the lady reaching into the hole and then a close-up of the filter port.  Seeing where the port is in relation to the hole and other items in the space would be a lot more helpful than seeing screws 2-8 being taken out and put back in. 

Audrey Muzingo: Thank you.  My dealership tried to charge me $80 for this.  But it gets worse: I only came in for an oil change, and I knew they'd try to talk me into other stuff so I told the receptionist flat out, I only have enough money for an oil change today, so if other things need done just show me on the invoice when I pay, and maybe I'll schedule them for another time.  What does she do?  --Brings the dirty cabin filter out to the lobby to show me in front of all the other people waiting.  AND when I asked why on earth it cost so much to replace, she said because they'd have to remove a bunch of stuff under the hood to do it.  I'm looking at her holding the thing, and say, "oh really?  but it looks like they've already taken out the old one for free, so how is putting a new one in so much more difficult?  Why should I pay for anything other than the filter itself if the guys already do the task involved in labor?"  She had no answer; she was too stupid to realize how easy her lie was to detect.  And now I see the task doesn't even involve going under the hood!  

abuyasser abuyasser: Hello I have a 2012 Versa I have the steps in the video and I can not find open after cooling filter what reason please help ... Thank you

Anita French: I have a 2012 and Nissan must have figured it was too easy and taking money from them, so they've hidden the screws. I have no idea where they are...they are not along the bottom.

Dustin Cooper: Thanks for posting this. Tho, unless other people's 2012 Nissan Versas are different from mine, you don't have to take out the glove department at all. It is just was easy to get underneath it (you can see the little door under the dash). I don't know why the Rogue does not put it on the passenger side too (they have it on the driver's side and it is hard to maneuver around the gas pedal).

Jessica F: I have a 2012 versa and have unscrewed all the screws but I can't get the glove box to come out. HELP PLEASE!!! :)

Jennifer Gilbert: We unscrewed the glove box and their was nothing their in ny 2012 versa

Antonio Palermo: Thank you GREAT Video :)

jakecarlos: Nice. Thank you very much.
Cabin air filter replacement- Nissan Versa 5 out of 5

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