Extending Wireless Network Range

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Extending Wireless Network Range
Extending Wireless Network Range
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Jesse G: Need to do this to my house 

Muhammad Younus: ok done but ..my main base station says limited access what to do..plz help :(

Peter Doan: I can't find my wireless repeating function. Can you help me out?

miko1989100: I tried this method and worked as a charm without an encryption method......the moment I added the encryption it stopped working.....I made sure it's the same encryption method and passcode and tried all encryption methods but still nothing.....My routers are Huawei HG532n and a TP-Link 54M ADSL2+

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I tried using a Thompson Speedtouch and it gave me same results

dallas75205: you have one of the best videos on here BUT I would like to have wifi coverage to another part of the home (far away from original router) as it is large home AND I would like to have same network and password so if I walk from one part of home to the other - it would just switch from router to router without having to change passwords.   I have seen tons of videos on Youtube like your offering Wireless Access Point but none that you can connect WIRED and then give wireless access to that area.  

Besides that - what is the point of having a wireless access point in another part of the house with a wireless extension.  If you have a strong enough signal to get wireless in the other part of the house - why would you need to have a wireless access point there.  I have no signal in the other part and thus need to connect the 2nd router to a wired wall port AND then offer the WiFi to those in the home who need it.  Sure wish someone like you would place a good video on how to do this.  Particularly using Netgear routers.  Thanks.

mm1387: I have netgear WNR2000 v4 router which does not have any of those pages to set up for master router! is this devise capable to be used as bridge?

Brock Steel: im currently trying to do this but i cant find the wireless repeating function. help!!

Fubar Snafu: is there a way to turn the subtitles off!? It's distracting as all hell.

Joshua John: I have a xfinity router and a netgear router.
Would it still work?

Daniel Salgado: do all netgear routers support wireless reapting? My base router has it but on my repeater i cant find the wireless repeating option. my netgear router is wndr3400v3

Daniel Salgado: hi

vaibhav kaushik: sir i have 2 router of netgear .how can i use one router as a repeater

Tyler White: Does the repeater have to be the same model, brand , or manufacturer as the base router

John Snediker: Great video! well done.

Raziel Raziel: i have qustion plz any1 have exp answer me.. if i have the main router in my living room, and the Extending wireless is like  8 metersaway and 3 walls through them, it wil works? and give me  good net for games and youtube etc

Jay El: question....I have a new netgear router model R6300 and my old router is Netgear WGR614. can I make my old router as a repeater? 

Lester Tablan: Hi can I connect a repeater Netgear (WNDR3400) to Prolink (H5400N)?
Please help me sir thanks

Bill Tapp: I've tried several times still can't get it work. Base router is WNR2000v2 repeater is WNR2000v3 please help.

Jesus Christ: I have a Linksys Wireless-G range expander, is there any way to program this without use of someones router? Or is there anyway yo basically program it using my router, then change the settings later to match the other persons router?

Hugo Kanters (HuGoPro): I can see the signal from my repeater on my iPhone, but when I connect and go to the internet it goes away.
What should I do?
Extending Wireless Network Range 5 out of 5

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Extending Wireless Network Range