Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD)

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HUCK stir: they are imacassa , just finished

James Hart: It rolled because you over sharpened it. This is not a knife its a chopping and splitting tool. I've sharpened mine to a 24 degree edge. And go easy when you chop with it. The blade is heavy enough to do most of the work for you. I just got mine and I love it. I suspect I will be handing this down to a family mameber. And yes the leather sheath is well made. Oh, and great review!

paulie 4x: Sk-5 is equivalent to our 1080, but even then, there are different qualities of 1089, I'm telling you, becareful, Condorv1075 rolled on me, on harder wood. I got fed up on some companies, so now I go with Swamp Rat, "now this is a knife", seriously the SR101 is a Primo Steel compared to 1075, I would take my Rident 9, over a Condor Golok, any day, but to each his own, if the Condor is your cup of tea, I say Kewl Beanz. But hinest, check out some Swamp Rat's, once you do, you will buy more.

paulie 4x: It looks better on paper than up close, my front of my handle was cut uneven, also becareful, the steel will roll on hard wood, if you chop, make sure the wood isn't too hard, My friend RealB'M, suggested the O.K.C. Gen2 SP-53, it's the saber grind, the 52 is the full, the SP-53 is a beast of a chopper, it's 5160 Carbon, the designer calls it the "Sharp Hammer", for a 9 1/2"+ blade, it chops better than the Condor Golok, but for the prive, Condor is an inexpensive way to go, with nice leather work, but the steel ends at 1075, can't understand that, almost everything is 1075 or less carbon ? no wonder it rolls. Yeah I'm not a happy camper with what happened to my Golok, and the way the handle was made, but my Wilderness Tool is ok, nothing to sing about, maybe because it's 420HC.

qw43gdtyghdrth: Does it come with a knife and the machete?

Radu D: Just when I was about to write about the great quality of the video and all the great info you are talking... you started talking about zombies... anyway it's a great review!

razv21able: da...mai nou,orice review al unui cutit/macete ia in considerare zombies :))

elevenbravodotnet: 12 freaking minute and you never showed me a demonstration you suxor!!

xjohannes98: weirdo

SHTF Gear: This one has a 14 inch blade. Its a lot bigger than the KA-BAR and I would say that it has a much different purpose. It will be more capable with larger chores but will add more weight. I think either one would work as a general SHTF knife depending on your load out.

HelikaonIX: Mine are at a post office a few hours away as of right now, I can't wait to get my hands on them. If anyone knows: what would be a good way to take an inch or 2 off the tip of the blade to make it a thrusting point, without compromising the strength of the machete overall? Any good suggestions?

USNMA811: SK-5 Steel is equal to 1080 fyi :)

stxrobstar: @OntZ I ended up giving my parang to my brother & getting the golok. Even though the parang weighs exactly the same as the golok, it is too long (tip heavy). I found the parang to be much more tiring & unwieldy to actually use in the bush than the shorter & more handy golok. The parang would probably be useful for cutting back a bush line, but my thinner/lighter traditional machetes are even better. If they shortened the parang to 14" and took off 1/16" in thickness they would have a keeper.

OntZ: @stxrobstar dude please do a review on the Parang, cause it's like 99% goloks, almost no parangs

Moisa Vasile: Ma astia-s cam narozi cu zombii lor. Pai astia nu fac distinctia intre film si realitate ! :))

pvhurdle06: Nice detailed overview of the blade. I've been checking these out for a while and it's hard to find a decent video on youtube I just ordered mine too!

Kasey Newell: i love this machete it is badass and i would also recommend the hudson bay

stxrobstar: @shtfgear ;^)

SHTF Gear: @stxrobstar I should call them up and ask to get my sales commission :)

stxrobstar: Great review. Just sold me on the brand...Ordered their Parang for hurricane SHTF duties.
Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD) 5 out of 5

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Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD)