Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD)

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Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD)
Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD)
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stxrobstar: @OntZ I ended up giving my parang to my brother & getting the golok. Even though the parang weighs exactly the same as the golok, it is too long (tip heavy). I found the parang to be much more tiring & unwieldy to actually use in the bush than the shorter & more handy golok. The parang would probably be useful for cutting back a bush line, but my thinner/lighter traditional machetes are even better. If they shortened the parang to 14" and took off 1/16" in thickness they would have a keeper.

ArmyStinger150: Cool, never knew about this company, I'm going to check them out! Thanks for sharing man.

Moisa Vasile: Ma astia-s cam narozi cu zombii lor. Pai astia nu fac distinctia intre film si realitate ! :))

HelikaonIX: Mine are at a post office a few hours away as of right now, I can't wait to get my hands on them. If anyone knows: what would be a good way to take an inch or 2 off the tip of the blade to make it a thrusting point, without compromising the strength of the machete overall? Any good suggestions?

SHTF Gear: This one has a 14 inch blade. Its a lot bigger than the KA-BAR and I would say that it has a much different purpose. It will be more capable with larger chores but will add more weight. I think either one would work as a general SHTF knife depending on your load out.

pvhurdle06: Nice detailed overview of the blade. I've been checking these out for a while and it's hard to find a decent video on youtube I just ordered mine too!

SHTF Gear: @stxrobstar I should call them up and ask to get my sales commission :)

dieselwarriordotcom: 12 freaking minute and you never showed me a demonstration you suxor!!

razv21able: da...mai nou,orice review al unui cutit/macete ia in considerare zombies :))

Radu D: Just when I was about to write about the great quality of the video and all the great info you are talking... you started talking about zombies... anyway it's a great review!

teknofil007: Hei.Nice video and blade..I collect some blade my-self.. Thanks fore video:)

stxrobstar: @shtfgear ;^)

InTheSticks0001: Nice!

USNMA811: SK-5 Steel is equal to 1080 fyi :)

Dan Alexandru: @moisavasile82 ooo, bine zici mestere! :)

supersaiyanMK2: Wanker

OntZ: @stxrobstar dude please do a review on the Parang, cause it's like 99% goloks, almost no parangs

stxrobstar: Great review. Just sold me on the brand...Ordered their Parang for hurricane SHTF duties.

Kasey Newell: i love this machete it is badass and i would also recommend the hudson bay

MrMrbodessa: Мачете прикольное видео скучное. Machete cool video booring....

patdud1979: nice review i ave 4 condor machete and one 10 in knife and i love them all they are top quality for the price noting come close i ad a cold steel kukri and i didint like it one bit i gave it away after 5 day so condor 5 star and if your looking to get 1 more in the future i sugest the barong machete ;)

qw43gdtyghdrth: Does it come with a knife and the machete?

xjohannes98: weirdo
Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD) 4.6 out of 5

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Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review (1080p HD)