Wilson Combat Border Patrol (Remington 870)

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stonedimaculate1983: you don't know what cold is way down south

Chris Newport: Love the site; stick with semi auto 1100 Remington because where I live it's hard to find a place to shoot long guns so I want the gun to do as much of the thinking as possible.

CameronCanFLY: I think h tries not to bad mouth the new companies, but you can tell he prefers the 870 much more.

cintu lator: Like having a new porno magazine in your hands..

Rafael Sepulveda: Just bought the 870 express tactical. First gun. Very excited! Love the videos

Pfletch83: We have the same problem Hickok .... them folks from Tenn encroaching on our border and such....they seem friendly enough but they are a little strange at times...lol

Michael Dobbin: just stumbled on to here..been watching for 4 hr's straight... great videos keep it up. 👍👍👍🔫🔫🔫

Buckshot University: How do you like the tritium front vs the trak lok 3 Dot setup with 2 dots on the rear and the single dot up front?

PFCpuente: Hickok I've been watching your videos long time very informative I just picked up an 870 for a deal and a half and all night I've been watching all your videos on the 870 to learn as much as possible thank you for all you do

Mark Jackson: My favorite shotguns are 12 guage, double barrel, and the remington 870.

Anonymous backshot: Why is the number 870? What makes the gun a 870? From a little research I've found It's not year.

Anonymous backshot: I love the gun, hate the ghost ring.

AtticWarrior1994: Nothing is more satisfying than the sound of a pump action being racked back and forth to chamber a new shell.

Underground Grudge Productions: If the world comes to an end, I want to be holed up with hickok45.

James: I have a Mossberg 500 Zombie gun that's good for shooting people crossing the border.

mojofish1: If the magazine tube were just a hair longer then you could get that 7th round in there.

Cade Rainwater: Is it a 12...

jerry wright: Should be called the "gong show". Nice

thebigb39: I cut my teeth at an early age with the 870 so I prefer my action release in front of the trigger guard . I suppose that's the biggest reason I like it over the mossburg.
Wilson Combat Border Patrol (Remington 870) 5 out of 5

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Wilson Combat Border Patrol  (Remington 870)