Wilson Combat Border Patrol (Remington 870)

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Drilling out Dimples (Tabs) to install Magazine Extension on Remington 870
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Technology Acquisition & Border Protection: Ep 80 Government Contracting Weekly
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viper 3000: gotta love this baby 870 20 gage my favorite

Cys Adventures: You should do a video showing your personal collection of your guns

Skyler Vanfossen: Safety first. Safety is off

Darrin Hatcher: hahaha I like when he said I might pick this for the bedroom too lol his joke though😂😂😂

Joe All Star: I recommend a Richard Gleemus 95 with a reciprocating carbide actuator by Don Flemington.

Bofa Deeznawtz: Donald Trump's favorite shotgun!

Ryan Clark: hits 2liter with slug "it broke it! I'll be darned"

ditchdigger93: I had a Mossberg Maverick 88 for about two years that never was dependable at all. I got a light primer strike with the very first shell I ever put in the chamber and never did get it 100% dependable.  Finally bit the bullet and traded it in on a Mossberg 930 SPX auto loader.  Why is it you've never reviewed this shotgun??  I like mine and it has only one fault I can find with it. They require a LOT of cleaning and often. When clean it is 100% dependable and has very good ghost ring sights you'd like I know.  The first thing you do with one of these is to throw away the factory pusher tube in the gas system and replace it with the 3Oragun metal pusher tube. That will extend the period between cleaning by quite a bit.   The one I bought was sera coated in coyote tan and rust proof and I also like that feature. It's a decent eight shot combat shotgun for around $800. I wish you'd request one from Bud's and review it. It's a very popular shotgun.

Eddie9903: I truly enjoy your videos .

ditchdigger93: I am glad you pointed out the fact that why you had gloves on was because it was COLD!  I hate these videos where guys are shooting in the desert wearing gloves because for some reason they think they LOOK cool. As the fumble around and drop shells and can barely operate the shotgun. LOL!  Maybe their shotguns are dirty? I don't know why else you'd tie your hands behind your back by wearing gloves so you have to struggle to shoot a shotgun. Cool it is not.

Teddy Bearz: when sighting in your ghost rings do you put the tip of the tang in the middle of the circle, or at the top, some tell me to put it at the top so I can reach out more, idk I like center to tip

Teddy Bearz: ahhhhh today led me here , then I gotta get my butt in gear and clean some guns for fun day gun day Sunday woo hoo!! good video

Kentucky Justice: I own 2 Remington 870's, and 3 Mossberg 500 variants (500, 590 & 590A1).  870's are good, solid guns, no question.  But I prefer the 590.  The aluminum receiver nay-sayers pose an invalid argument because when the bolt locks onto the barrel, that's steel on steel, which is what an AR-15 does.  The 590 gives you the higher capacity (more than the 500), and is lighter than the 590A1.  They're all lighter than the 870.  If you've ever humped a 12 ga. up a Kentucky mountain, you understand.  On the 870's, one of mine has rifle sights, and one has ghost ring sights.  In stressful situations, the rifle sights make for easier target acquisition (combat/tactical drills, moving targets, etc.).  The ghost rings are more accurate for still shots (steel/paper targets, etc.).  Whatever your preference, I'll pick up a Mossberg 590 first, every time.  But I must admit, I'd LOVE to have an 870 tightened up by Scattergun Technologies.  Enjoyed the video, as yours are always informative and entertaining.  Happy trails, tight groups and safety first.

Ronald Weiss: "I might sell my 45-70." That's great. I watched this video before (on a previous computer) but I missed that.

David Pittman: Everything you think you need. A stock 870/Mossberg 500 with a sling for ease of carry is all you need.

Harry Kuheim: Windage...on a Shotgun?...

MrJay7777: it looks like the follower i have on mine if so it's Delrin...Remington factory advised against metal followers as they will bind and beat up the gun uneccesarily

MrMister: Do you still lean towards the Remington 870? I heard that they're going through a lawsuit because of their gun triggers.

dead eye dick: how would you rate the stoeger m3500 hickok

sEan: I chose a Remington 870 Police.....couldn't get past the "Mossberg rattle".
Wilson Combat Border Patrol (Remington 870) 5 out of 5

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Wilson Combat Border Patrol  (Remington 870)