10 Strongest Strains Of Weed

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Where's Jermaine?: og kush? pineapple express?

Marius Mander: This is stolen Video material from a german YouTube called Top zehn🙄

MrSupercar55: Gear it up for 4/20 fodder!!!!!

Teischa V: Canada's where it's at

turtles420roast: gorilla cookies and dirty sprite have been tested at 30% thc

Cecilia Castro: Where's White Widow?

Demonmixer: I thought this was illegal. It wouldn't be banned without good cause.

grabemby thepussy: buncha bull crap lmao. don't fall for it if your tryna find the "best strain" the name doesn't mean anything. it's pretty easy to grow it and call it whatever you want

Jan Adema: so funny when people say that weed can taste like cherrys or bananas thats bullcrap there is no weed that can taste like that it can taste sweet but thats bullcrap

j.: There are over hundreds of strains. It would be impossible for a video like this. It also depends on how it was grown

NoSmokeNoPoke Bb: Where's Bruce Banner?

slick dreams: i love grandaddy purple purple kush and girl scout

Daniel Garcia: what about 2046?

Graeme Dixon: only ever tried chemdog. ...wanna hit the rest of them strains tho...!!!

el barto: I need me some ghost train haze

Justthatboychris -: Damn I didn't know there where more types of weed I though there where just one type weed and that's it.

Michael battle: Who tf rolled those blunts

HardlineFeminists: If my Bubba Kush or Plushberry or Jack The Ripper or Maui Bubble Gift vape hash oil is lab tested at between 50%-80% THC/CBD, does that mean it's stronger than say, a premium top-shelf strain of dry flower? If YES, then why do I get way higher smoking something like Vanilla Kush or some other high 20%-30% THC/CBD strain out of a water bong than I do vaping something like Affgoo hash oil, which is lab tested at 79% THC, vaping that all day from an epen cartridge? I never understood why much lower THC content in dry herb is so much stronger than vastly higher THC hash oil? Nobody I've talked to knows the reason.
By the way, "Maui Bubble Gift" is my all time favorite cannabis strain. It's 1-to-1 THC/CBD ratio will knock anyone on their ass, it's that strong!! Best pain relief I've ever dabbed! Woohoo!! Cheers!! Here's to your health, 420 for life!! =)

Ryan H: i had ghost train haze on my way to school one time to this day it will be one of my highlights of my life

10 Strongest Strains Of Weed 5 out of 5

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10 Strongest Strains Of Weed