10 Strongest Strains Of Weed

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Last Comment: any weed can be high or low on THC depending on who grows it and who is doing the test, these marijuana % mean jack crap especially when the vendor is freaking you over with the test, they give them the good weed to test and they have the outdoor crap in the bag for the dispensary, the dispensary goes by the test and the 10 % THC weed is all the sudden 21.44 % on the shelf ............ like you can tell the difference

DeltaGaming: Was the Jamaican theme necessary?

XGeN Exol: Where's white widow

growing4broke genetics: Like and subscribe if you want to learn how to grow dank ass weed follow my grow channel

VeineMarée: Cannabis does not grow naturally with THC levels above 20% (landraces max out around 11-15% THC) and hybridization and the grow movement that began to look for ever-increasing THC sort of ruined it.
It has been shown in studies that the cannabinoids have an "entourage" effect - they are individually more effective when in proximity to one another. This is why isolated chemicals (like Marinol which is just pure THC, no other compounds from the plant) are so ineffective.
It's also why THC-high cannabis is usually shown to be less effective for medicinal purposes. THC does have its own health benefits but its efficacy is greatly dependant on its relation to CBD potency. When both are present in correct ratios, the efficiency of the medicine is maximized.
Besides, a lot of people enjoy smoking simply for the experience of smoking. It's not easy to enjoy when smoking half a joint gets you baked beyond being able to think or talk straight.
A strain bred with a better balance of CBD, CBN, CBG and THC will improve medicinal value and potency by a large margin and from there the overall concentration of these levels can be boosted in unison.

eddie sanders: Where can I gets me some Banana Kush. Really pain management sucks bi pickle!

METALFAN2486: I'VE HAD BOTH MK-ULTRA(Which is cross blend of G-13 and orange kush) and normal G-13 so i was suprised to see it on this list but it's probably due to the amazing origin story of it.

I KNOW IM GEY DONT CALL ME GEY I AM 100% GEY: You guys should update this.

I KNOW IM GEY DONT CALL ME GEY I AM 100% GEY: The sronger it is, the more likely it will be GMO weed by Monsanto

danglesnipecelly13: Out of all of these trains I've only had banana kush. And it was some potent crap! Loved it. 

rogelio lenmark pascua: I am not a pot smoker but i support marijuana legalization

Axel Bouten: smoke weed every day

maybe baby: 10 Strongest Strains Of Weed: https://youtu.be/UrDheQBb2og

melissa janse van rensburg: vote for me even if I am not on your lst I will legalise marijuana cause its from my God

Artism Expert: The fact that you people know all these types of pot is just downright disgusting.
(Not talking to you, +Alltime10s, of course you did the research.)

samsquanch1996: OG ghost train haze - "Very powerful high that can cause borderline psychedelic activity"

lol jesus christ, i gotta try some of that

johnny foosball: Weed has come a long way since the red bud Columbian of the 70's

AKA Snaps: tuthannaman is not strng bro it weekk,

blumac81: Trainwreck ftw :D

Tia Kyle: what about black mamba?
10 Strongest Strains Of Weed 5 out of 5

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10 Strongest Strains Of Weed