Mossberg 930 SPX Field Strip, Cleaning, Reassembly

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El Valley Joe: Thanks for the demo!!!

armorer1911: What kind of Sling do you have in your 930?

NOCO GROWER: very helpful thanks for the instructions!

Troy Detter: Outstanding video. Thank you.

Will Robinson: Thanks for the video. On the underside of the bolt is that piece the pivots with the two wedge shaped prongs. The prongs on mine are all beat up. Is yours like that? I couldnt tell in the video. Thanks.

Stanley Moskowitz: ONE OF THE BEST .

Stanley Moskowitz: PERFECT..

David Isaacson: Great video, it really helped with the first strip down of my JM Pro keep them comingThanks

orion m42: Mr perez I have seen several videos and I like how you present yours I'm going to clean my shotgun and use your video step by step instructions thanks oh by the way I subscribed to your channel keep doing good work be blessed.

Skipholiday: eXcellent video. THANK YOU

marc brown: thanks for the great video, because of it I bought one, just one question what is the make and model of the sling?

Rob J: just bought my 930 and used your video to help me dcoa. very helpful, was a breeze! thanks!

Robert Hanson: Good job!

Mason Murphy: Curious does removing the Barrel mean you will have to resight the gun in since the front sight is on the barrel and rear sight is on the receiver. Or does it maintain point of impact after putting the Barrel on

stchman: It's pronounced hopeez, not hops.

stchman: I've never seen anyone clean a firearm WITH a trigger lock.

Adventure in mind: Thanks for the video.. Hey! did that sling stud come on the fore-grip from Mossberg?? First time I've seen that...besides using the sling adapter under the barrel. Is that on the new generation SPX? thanks for your help and the videos

CimCima727: Thank you very much man, excellent video!!

Kim Humphries: Nice one Paul! You know the gun, identify all parts, communicate clearly - anyone new to the gun should be able to conduct their first cleaning by watching your video! 

Richard Palmer: Thanks a bunch for this tutorial. I'm super familiar with cleaning/maintaining pistols & a variety of rifles, but not so much when it comes to shotguns. I got one of these 930 SPXs and took it out for a day of shooting. Lots of FTEs and a few jams that were baffling to me. I think a lot of it was not having cleaned & lubricating it before using -- not something I'd ordinarily do, but it happens.

At one point I had to disassemble the thing to extract an oddly chambered round. Getting that spring back in took some doing! Thanks for showing how you did it. I don't feel so bad now. Very nicely done. Thanks again!
Mossberg 930 SPX Field Strip, Cleaning, Reassembly 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 930 SPX Field Strip, Cleaning, Reassembly