RE5R05A Coolant Contamination, Nissan Pathfinder - Transmission Repair

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RE5R05A Coolant Contamination. Nissan Pathfinder - Transmission Repair
RE5R05A Coolant Contamination. Nissan Pathfinder - Transmission Repair
Nissan Xterra Major issue. contamination with Radiator/Tranny. Simple FIX.
Nissan Xterra Major issue. contamination with Radiator/Tranny. Simple FIX.
2005 Nissan Pathfinder failed radiator takes out transmission.
2005 Nissan Pathfinder failed radiator takes out transmission.
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Nissan Frontier Coolant/ATF Contamination
NISSAN JATCO RE5R05A 0 260 550 002 TCM/TCU (Transmission Control Module/Unit) Repair and Programming
NISSAN JATCO RE5R05A 0 260 550 002 TCM/TCU (Transmission Control Module/Unit) Repair and Programming
Nissan Transmission Coolant Fluid problem .mpg
Nissan Transmission Coolant Fluid problem .mpg
2013 Nissan Pathfinder drivers reporting problems
2013 Nissan Pathfinder drivers reporting problems
2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4WD
2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4WD
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2009 Nissan Pathfinder --- walk-through and 0 to 60 in 6 seconds !!.wmv
Nissan 2005 Xterra Transmission-Radiator Problem
Nissan 2005 Xterra Transmission-Radiator Problem
2006 Nissan Frontier LE Startup & Rev (Bad Transmission)
2006 Nissan Frontier LE Startup & Rev (Bad Transmission)
Nissan fried tcm no start issue
Nissan fried tcm no start issue

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Tony Garza: I have a nissan frontier and I think all of them come with a air cooler that is in front of the radiator. Just unplug your tranny cooler lines from your radiator and run them to your air cooler, and hopefully that will solve the problem of cross contamination with tran. fluid and radiator mixing together. Thanks for video.

Juan Carlos Alatorre: Hiram im a mechanic and a subscriber i Need your help i see alot of Tour videos and i really need your help im having trouble with a transmission i found the problem in the third valve its stuck open i would like to know if the problem is the transmission or the valve body the transmission is a e40d

Toxicx559: Where would I buy the solenoid

Paul Zborovsky: Hiram, your uploads are absolutely awesome and very helpful.I'm working on a 07 Pathfinder with coolant contamination.Are there any updates to this transmission that you would recommend?

SERGIO MARTINEZ: hi Hiram i have a problema whit this transmission, dont start on 1st and if you put on od this feel so heavy

sirreal ism: Hiram Thank you for the vid. I called my transtar rep and was told no they cannot get the solenoids. So I called the number you posted disconected. Called WIT same prob cannot buy the solenoids. Called Dacco same problem. Do you have someone else I can get them from? Thanks

Jacinto Alvarado: I have the same problem but the HUGE difference from you all to me is that my truck is manual and is......get this.......a 1995 Nissan D21 Hardbody w/ a 2.4 engine. Cant seem to find a decent mechanic to work on it. Need some HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me a response to.......

Albert rocha: HolaHiram 04titan loses power on acceleration & passing gear. No codes or service engine light .let need of expert advice! !

israel ovalle: I Think i Have The Same Problem 2 Weeks Ago My Pathfinder was Having HIGH RPM's And The SES Came With The P1754 Code i Turn it Off And Then I Droves Well After 2 Weeks Before i Am HAving a worst Problem, NO i Have This 3 Codes P1764 NISSAN - Direct Clutch Solenoid Valve Function P1769 Nissan - High and Low Reverse Clutch Solenoid Valve Function P1759 NISSAN - Front Brake Solenoid Valve Function now it wont run More Than 25 Mph What Should i Do? i Already Did The BY PASS on The radiator but i Saw Some Contamination on the Reservor. Any Advise? Thanks

Certified Transmissions: Check out for a bullet-proof drop in replacement radiator that won't fail again like the factory replacements do. No more cross-contamination worries!

sirreal ism: So I found a local guy to sell me used Valve bodys with solenoids on it. Not the way I wanted to go but for 30$ each I am getting 3. Should have some good ones I can get off with out breaking

hector manuel mata: Hey mr hiram im lost on the position of the balls from valve body if you can share an image , I really appreciated to 

sirreal ism: I called Gary and he told me the same thing. None in the country! I guess your vid has everyone fixing these so there was a run on them and no one has any. This sux because I broke 2 of them taking them off. Looks like I am stuck buying a reman valvebody

Milan s: My transmision went after 200 metres driving to do default mode - 3th gear. I must repair TCM module. TCM module is completed with valve body. Repair TCM modul cost 300,- euros. Now valve body works perfect. Repair made company from Slovakia.

sportsmansparadice42: Does the 1999 Infiniti QX4 have the same transmission?

ikenna ibeneme: My email add is

ikenna ibeneme: Hi Hiram your video is 100% insight into what the issue is with my 2009 4x4 nissan xterra. Radiator fluid got into my transmission and I'm presently in dire need of a TCM replacement. Can you point me in the right direction?

MaLIBoo: Awesome tip bro! If you ever service throttle body and/or disconnect wiring on nissan late model this is how u fix NISSAN ALTIMA - Idle Relearn Procedure - This How To - Works Easy 2005

José Zavarce: Hola Hiram, tengo una Nissan Pathfinder 2005 y quiero comprar los solenoides, donde los puedo comprar que no sea un deeler . En la Nissan salen mucho dinero. Espero tu pronta respuesta gracias.

Elijah Faletui: can you name each solenoid left to right i cant find a diagram any where thank you and appreciate any help.

jonathan jaranilla: @hiram Gutierrez Thank you. Nissan has tried making me replace the ECM for $1500+. I refused to believe them because they too were not certain about this issue. Based on this video and contacting other ECM specialists they were skeptical that it was not the ECM rather it being the TCM. I am replacing my transmission/radiator and TCM at the nissan dealership will this resolve my problem with the no crank/ no start or does further work need to be done?

mopar318331: im a trans supplier in new zealand these repairs cost around 4 to 6 thousand here. unbelievable allright, watch out guys, stay away from any thing with a 6l80e, they do not contaminate like the re5's, but the mechatronic unit on them are like glass, also a very expansive fix!!


edilberto jimenez: Y es cierto q se tiene q remplasar las 2 computadoras q tiene xq se danaron con el anticonjelante espero su respuesta

Milan Slovak: Hello i have maybe same problem. I was in Nissan service for diagnosis my problem. My Nissan Pathfinder 2,5D, have 200.000 km, year production 2005 first 1 km go OK. After transmission going to do default - go only 3. Report from Consult III: TRANSMISSION 31000-EB30B P1757 FR BRAKE SOLENOID, TRANSMISSION 31000-EB30B P1759 FR/B SOLENOID FNCT You mind: Its possible replace only Solenoids?? Please where i can buy this solenids? Not better for AT replace all VALVE ASSYCONTROL?? THX

omrjr23: sorry, I meant suv. the solenoids where low, between 8-10 ohms, the larger 28. but none shorted. could the clutch still be burned? rev works perfect, once it gets going in 1st shifts normally. still seems electrical to me.

MR79HUSKY: Hi, I also have the problem with my transmission on 2006 pathfinder. My radiator broke down and the antifreeze got into transmission fluid. I have changed the transmission and radiator and got the cooling hoses flushed. Now everthing works fine, shifts good without any problems. The only thing is that after transmission change the shift mode doesnt work. When I shift to manual change it doesnt work and it stays on drive. Have anybody has a clue what shoud I do? Help guys.

doit5000: Hiram where can individual solenoids be purchased for a Nissan Titan re5ro5a transmission? thank you

edilberto jimenez: Cuanto sale arreglar la transmission de una pathfinder 05

milopez1: llame al numero que me diste pero no contesto, encontre una tienda transtar en San Antonio donde estoy y ello solo me venden el cuerpo de valvulas completo, solo necesito 3 solenoides, crees que me pueda ayudar?

Mihails Kozlakovskis: The same problems with my Pathfinder 06, repair costs - 2000 - 3000 $. Nissan SUCK!!!

Hiram Gutierrez: Call Gary at Transtar, 713-221-3020. Tell him Hiram gave you his number. He will get you what you need.

Hiram Gutierrez: The TCM is the issue here. I actually still have one with that same issue. I thought I threw it away, but the burn mark is not that visible. It usually burns a hole close to the TCM pins behind the 2 covers on the rear of the TCM. Coolant gets trapped in those 2 covers and it will look like gel. And you probably already know that coolant is conductive. So current flows to other circuits where its not supposed to be causing false trouble codes and some times burning of the TCM.

John Lewman: How do you remove the solenoids from the valve body? Do they come right out when you undo the bolts?

Milan Slovak: I have same problem. Diagnosis: Report from Diagnosis Consult III: TRANSMISSION 31000-EB30B P1757 FR BRAKE SOLENOID, TRANSMISSION 31000-EB30B P1759 FR/B SOLENOID FNCT Please where is possible buy this solenoids? You before 1 year bought all TCM with WALVE ASSYCONTROL or you bought only solenoids? Please write me here. Thank you.

omrjr23: I did this repair and it didn't fix, still has p1759 fault code. it had the bypass done two years ago, there was antifreeze in AT then but was flushed and ran good till recently when it slips in 1st gear. what's weird is that if I shut off the engine then restart, the first acceleration makes the sub go normal, when I stop and try to go again it slips.

J Vergara: I have a 2006 frontier that i was told needed the TCM replaced. I just ordered a new one I should get it in tomorrow. Have you made any videos that will walk me through the process?

Hiram Gutierrez: @jonathan jaranilla your TCM has shorted out. You can probably get a good used one or get one from Nissan. they're about 900 or so. the longer the coolant stays in the tranny, the worst it will be.

jonathan jaranilla: did this pathfinder have an issue with a no crank no start? i have a 07 pathfinder with the same coolant problem and my car does not start nor crank is this because of the valve body issue?

Hiram Gutierrez: @milopez1 Si, si qiuere llamar porfavor dejar mensaje y yo le llamo.

TruAgape1234: Thanks Renault for your CRAPPY quality. This is why I would NEVER recommend post-Renault Nissans.

milopez1: Does anyone there speaks spanish?

caveman joe: This needs to be a recall, thank goodness I bought the manual transmission.


luis freitas: Thanks for the info ! I have been going crazy trying to figure this trans out with the same problem??

Hiram Gutierrez: Llamele a Gary aqui en Houston, 713-221-3020 y digale que Hiram le dio el numero. El te consugue los solenoides individualmente. lleva 3 (63421) y 3 (63425) y 1 (63431B) de 12ohms o 1 (63431A) de 28ohms.

milopez1: Awesome tutorial... I have a Nissan Pathfinder 05 and I have the same issue, Im trying to find a valve control but I can see you just bought the solenoids,where did you buy them? I really need to fix my truck

Robert Contreras: did u ever figure out what was wrong with your pathfinder. my xterra is giving me the same issue no crank no start.
RE5R05A Coolant Contamination, Nissan Pathfinder - Transmission Repair 4.8 out of 5

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