Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review

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Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review
Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review
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aseriesoftoobs: Still going strong for you? I've had a similiar one for years. So figured a couple tips were in order: Tips: I don't use the little scrubby tips that come with it. You can get 5 packs of assorted brushes at the dollar store. Spray the area with the main nozzle & scrub with your choice of dollar store (disposable) brush. Adjust material & size for the job at hand... Car carpet: Main nozzle in one hand & wet vac in the other. vaporize grease & grime with the steam & immediately suck it up with the vac. works amazigly well. Areas that are hard to get at, like the door jamb: Steam it loose & then squirt at it with a spray bottle of hot water, it'll run down & (hopefully) out. I actually insulated a cheapo bottle with mylar faced bubble insulation, just for this purpose. Sanitizing / de-mildewing fabric (beds / upholstery): Use the floor tool with the cotton or micro-fiber cover & thouroughly go over the whole thing & let air dry over night. Stinky carpet: go over with the floor tool with the cotton or micro-fiber cover, do about a 3X3 area with steam & then vacuum up with a wet vac, then move on. Works awesome for getting fossilized gum out of things, just softens it up, so it comes right out. Did 4 flights of stairs coated with anti-slip strips, that hadn't been cleaned in 20 years. Kids had coated it in gum. Took about 12 hours. which was about 10K cheaper than the replacement the contractor recommended...

the1realanalogman: Enjoyed your video demo Ghostses! I purchased this unit at HFT this evening and can't wait to deploy it in my war against dirt tomorrow! HFT has a nice sale going on now. I got $10.00 off the reg price and then used a 20% off coupon! Great value. I see replacement parts on the McCulloch site, but I'm hoping to get some of those Dollar Store Brushes too. I can see blasting through the brushes pretty quickly. Thanks for the nice post! 

Lindie Lee: Sure would like to see this work on grout.

Alex Chambers: I wish you made a video for every product I'd ever consider buying. Very informative. Thank you! 

Jonny Weber: Just wondering why did you use tge Purple Power spray, then use the steamer... What is the point of even using the steamer than?? 

TheChrismanis1791: Pretty happy to find a ACTUAL review instead of 20 minutes of someone saying somethings junk. I clean my car interior pretty seriously seat removal carpet removal fixing spots underneath. Seems like this can help speed up alot of the floorboard time and dash panel time from previous owners nicotine. 100 dollar investment is not much when atleast i know it can complete tasks in the home. Thank you sir. Also i just thought this probably would help in degreasing a engine bay alot safer than a power washer. 

eddie kay: I bought the Bissell and like the HF product...these are NOT production units by any stretch. Serious crud still demands chemicals and scrubbing. They work for what they were intended...pre-cleaning and light cleaning but at this point, I'm still looking for ways to recoup my $39 investment. BTW,,,for cleaning the vehicles....run your hose to your laundry hot water hook up, turn the HWH up to high : simple, incredibly effective.

ccDuke1: I work at hft and we do have a parts dept number 

Georgina Egger: Great review from start to finish. I usually have a lot of questions after YouTube reviews, but after I watched yours, I didn't have any. Like someone else said, I wish you reviewed everything I want to buy. Thank you.

TheEsotericDesi: crap, it's not "HELPING" I mean that crap's literally blowing the filth to the moon... Amazing... I bought one 2nite... I now regret not getting it sooner...

Shelly Norland: Good honest product review kind sir! Fabulous steam cleaner review from a regular human like me. Great work, your effort and follow thru to post on youtube is much appreciated. Next going to check if you have other reviews, if you do will follow u.

Edgar Davila: Great review, i think you move fast the steamer need to be slower the time to stay steaming a surface depends on surface and the dirty to you need to stay a little more to the steam works, again great review

Sanjay Srinivasa: There's something so oddly satisfying about watching all that dirt get cleaned haha great review!

klio1212: Thank You your review helped me a great deal !!

sarahwallner: Very nice review, thanks for the real life peak! 

Patricia K: His review clearly states to WIPE or rinse, soon after steaming,or the grime attaches itself again. Also using a shop vac to suck up the moisture on upholstery.. I've been using this for a month and absolutely love it! Especially the hard to reach places. Can't wait to go into my husband's garage!! 

Jessica J Alaniz: For some reason the video wasn't loading on my iPod, can this be used on beds as well as couches? I saw the accessories it came with but didn't see anything that can be used for that purpose. This will be the first time I purchase a steamer I hope I get the right one, I was actually aiming towards this one 

smashmouth: I just bought mine and I'm glad I came across this video. Well done and very informative. I'm now happy I bought it. Thanks

Sam Chowdhury: I have been wanting a steam cleaner for quite some time now. I saw your video last year while doing research on steam cleaners and found it very knowledgeable. I bought this same model today from Harbor Freight and wanted to see some review on it. I searched the model and found your video again. I came to find out I already knew a-lot about it already, lol. So, I watched your video again to refresh my memory and I guess I don't have to read the instructions any more or figure out how to use it. Thanks a-lot. 

Everythingtech: Do you have to continually hold down the button

whitemotorbike2011: Do you have to use distilled water

dmpx101: Thanks for the demonstration. I just bought a unit and wanted to know its capabilities. Per the carousel in the microwave, I put a bowl of water in the microwave for 2 minutes on high and then using a sponge wipe out all stuck/splattered foods. I do this regularly and never spend more than a minute or two getting it spotless.

broderp: Harbor Freight does not appear to be carrying this model any more. The steam cleaner they are currently carrying is http://www.harborfreight.com/steam-cleaner-kit-8823.html. Model 8823 with only a 90 day warranty according to the site. Is this the same unit as here? (looks can be deceiving.) I so want this steam cleaner, but a 90 day warranty is kind of scary.

M Hk198: Is this cordless and rechargable? And how it works for outside inside car washing?

Evie F: I worked years back for a company that did restoration cleaning after floods and fires. My first job was in a house where there had been a kitchen fire. There was greasy soot everywhere. We used sprays bottled with a simple Dawn soap and water mixture and commercial steamer to clean EVERYTHING. Appliances, doors, windows, curtains. At the end of every job, those houses didn't smell of smoke and all we used was the Dawn and water and the steam with the occasion rub down with a bristle brush and then wiped it all up with rags. Lately I have been wishing I had a steam cleaner of my own and been shopping and reading tons of reviews and watching unhelpful videos. For a while I thought I was remembering the power of steam cleaning erroneously. Thank you so much for that review. I watched it and had to grin. There was the power I remembered! I was concerned that you used such strong chemicals in conjunction with it but your methods were exactly how we did it at the job. Folks need to understand that you still have to scrub a bit; just not nearly as hard without the aid of the steam. They blow out steam, not magic fairy dust! LOL. I will be ordering this machine as it is clear it can sustain a head of steam which IS a valid expectation of a steam cleaner. 

Ohio Digger: Looks like a Bugatti.

superpeluso1: I do have one of this to clean cars and I probably had mine for like 5 years of abuse and it still works fine and by the way I use mine every day I strongly recommend it 

H Purey: Gotta love Harbor Freight!

Richard Johnson: The results on the truck carpet was very impressive! Thanks for doing the video.

Madeline Woe: I appreciate the time you took to review this! It really helped. I am now gonna look to see if there is a video on how that squeagie attachment works. Window cleaning with steam what a thought! Life could be better ey?

J Nova: Outstanding video! Thank you for showing you working and using the unit at the same time. I just picked mine up and will be using it shortly. Your video made a huge decision in me buying one. Please make more video like this one.

AirGunWarriors: Harbor Freight should bonus you somehow, I too am sold from from the results I've seen in this video!

Gary Hodgin: Thanks for the video. Your applications are similar to what I want to use a steam cleaner for. I'm going to check around some more but this looks like a pretty good deal.

JillArizona: Thank you!!

Michael Dorn: Would it be possible to use this the same way as a steam machine used for car interiors? I think it would but would appreciate your opinion

Dwight Harrison: I had a refrigidaire repaired 7/6/14 that was leaking water into the bottom of the refrigidiare. The drain was frozen and clogged. The repairman used this product to clean the drain and melt all the ice. He was in and out in 40 minutes. I would like to have a 20% coupon before I make this purchase.

exflow2000: Thanks for the review. This steamer may be the best I have used. I had others, that the steam was limited. On this steamer I have run it for 45 min in a row and did not run out of steam. I know your saying to yourself yeah right. I used it to steam bow wood I bend in to a deflex/reflex shape. As a matter fact it the one in my profile pic. So 2 thumbs up to this steamer and to you. Merry Christmas all!!!

bisqon: thanks bro

John Fank: source for replacement parts and accessories http://www.mccullochsteam.com/products/MC1275-Canister-Steam-Cleaner

Santo Valentino: This video triggers my ADD

Carolyn Zuniga: I bought it brand new, worked twice and never worked again. Good luck.

mochi kun: pretty awesome review

mygtxful: well worth the money, I watched your video and bought one. It will damage latex paint if you not careful but it will clean it great. It works great on my sinks, tile, I mopped the ceiling in my bathroom and works great on the caulking around my toilet. Great unit and I own big professional car wash steamers. CONS it would be nice if it had an upholstery and carpet attachment.

kjh lk: This machine is fantastic. I heard about this for prevention and to eliminate bed bugs. My friend had a breakout and I told her about it. It killed them on contact. Another friend has flea problems from some birds that were nesting in her house I told her about this machine and she purchased it. Worked fabulous. Also another person I know had ring worm. I recommended this machine and it worked. I use this as a prevention and to clean my grout. I found a nesting place of termites behind a wall and when I used the steamer we got rid of them instantly. Have not had any problems since then. So I just purchased the latest one that just came out. This machine is fabulous. 

Aron Stevanus: Did you try cleaning this with purple power alone without the steamer?

Charity Dutcher: is there mopping required after using this unit from the excess water made by the steam? 

Joseph Lorentzen: A275-003-5-Long-Nylon-Brush-(5-Pack)

Kimono Skunk: I was wondering if you could use this as a steam car washer as well... only seen vids of the other models that are almost 1000 dollars.

Dirk: Great Review of actual real life usage! My wife has medical issues and chemicals are not a option this steamer used alone can sanitize and clean with out harsh chemicals. I don't think Santo meant ADD, OCD sounds more like it and it defiantly triggered mine, I ordered mine yesterday from Amazon for $113 and free shipping. 
Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review 4.6 out of 5

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Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review