Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review

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Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review
Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review
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Steam Cleaning a Filthy Bathtub with the McCulloch MC-1275
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bobcat8: is the steam continuouswithout keeping your finger on the button

Angela Gonzalez: Thank you!

Mobile Detailing - Memphis Area. We Come To You. All Types Of Vehicles. Shine To Go!: I'm a mobile detailer. I bought one of these units several months ago and it has been a great investment. Lots of cleaning applications on cars, trucks, etc. Great value for the dollars spent.

Danny Hatt: Just an fyi. i owned my machine for two years and it works great. If you take a little more time it will clean super. In fact if you stay in one place for too long like on paint it will take the paint right off. On paint I steam it from a couple of inches away and don't even touch the paint.. along with my airhose the dirt just blows away and makes it as clean as could be. I use it on my 86 Harley and it works great. Once i clean the bike, its great.. When Im going out and it looks dusty i use the steamer from a foot away and just get it wet and wipe it off with a rag.. you ll love this thing..

Danny Hatt: your moving it way to fast in this video... slow down and it will make it clean as could be. also great on windows.... it works great... careful on paint it will burn it off... great machine on my 86 harley

Link the Duelist: I'm half asleep while watching this so I might not have heard this but what kind of water is best to use for this? Regular tap water or distilled water?

Red Woods: Good job for small projects but otherwise like painting a house with a toothbrush. a bucket of Hot distilled water, vinegar, ammonia, a few drops of dish soap and an appropriate brush will do as well.

Luis E Rodriguez: Appreciate your time for doing this video, really help me alot to make my mind and get me one, thak you.

LaQuinna Callier: does this steamer clean carpets well if at all?

Joseph Pomfret: Thanks for posting the video. Try Amazon for the brushes and other accessories. Great video Thanks again.

Isis Nite: on this sink I would try oven cleaner case it to be use with head that king of cleaner or vinger

Antoine Allen: I just wanna say thank you for this video. I was looking into buying one of these and you just made my decision way easier. I will be purchasing one, excellent video thanks again.

Mark Barron: Ghostses, I enjoy all of your videos, thank you very much. I have gone cleaning crazy since I got the steam cleaner and have worn down all of the nylon brushes. The link you provide above seems to indicate that they are out of stock. If any of you have had success ordering new brushes, please let me know. Y'all be careful cleaning your wood kitchen cabinets. I might have been a little too boisterous and damaged the finish.

Also, ghostses, I first found you in your review of the Harbor Freight mixer. I built the mixer in my office by pausing your video and completing each step. I have been through 15 bags of cement and the purchase is worth every penny. Thank you again for all you do for us that are not so mechanically inclined.

leonard payne: This works very good on motorcycles also.

Tony Chong: Thank you ghostses for creating this video. It is the most helpful video I have found online. Most of the videos I found were more like commercials. McCulloch should send you a free deluxe steamer or something, because you just sold a whole lot of people, including me. I love how you timed the heating process. I just wanted to ask a few questions about the steamer if you don't mind? Does the steamer have a handle you can carry it with? I need to be able to take it from job to job.. Also, does this steamer require you to stop every now and then for it to be able to heat the steam up again OR... is the steam constant for the 45 mins?

tc1uscg: Well, the wife had mentioned about wanting a steamer back in the fall so I figured I had a couple months to research. I had it narrowed down to a black and decker model or the Sienna Luna + model. Then I saw this video. While cleaning the carpet in the truck, something clicked. It may be ok on hard wood floors (which we have over 2000sq ft on the 1st floor alone and 4.5 bathrooms w/tile floors a steamer would be nice. But doing carpet/cars/cloth in general, I figured all the stains float to the bottom, into the padding, which you can't get clean unless you replace it. I also assume over time, there will be a interesting smell that won't go away without additional treatments (fromt he car LOL). Great video though, thanks.

nospamful: I know this was recorded quite a while ago but for the benefit of others watching I might state that the dirt and grime you vacuumed from the car should have been vacuumed first - before steaming - so any dirt sitting on top wouldn't be driven deeper into the pile. I would then use a brush and loosen any more dirt stuck to the pile and vacuum again. Once that's completed then I would use the steam. May take longer but when you drive dirt into the pile and add steam you create mud and you'll find the stain may reappear a few days later when the carpet dries.

Fred Flintstone: Thank you for taking the time to do the review. I have been considering buying this unit, but your review as well as other reviews have convinced me not to waste my money. Good steam cleaners do the work with the steam jet alone. Period. Scrub brushes, supplemental cleaning chemicals and lots of elbow grease which you had to use make me wonder what is the point of these cheap low pressure units? Let's face it. A good scrub brush and some cleanser would have cleaned that sink faster than all the fiddling around with the steamer / cleaning products + the steamer with a silly little brush. Thank you for helping me make my decision. Good review.

V-Airsoft: Great review.
Thank you for posting.

martinez guereca: great video sir. just ordered one today and looking forward to using it.
Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review 5 out of 5

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Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review