Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review

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Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review
Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review
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GMAN S: Thank you for your efforts here! Clear, accurate, real world testing. Been hesitant to pull the trigger on a Steam Cleaner to add to our detailing equipment. Think I might now raid the cookie jar and pick one up. I see on the McCulloch website spares are obtainable.

a1joyce: can you update?  I have so much grout to clean and need to know how effective it is on grout.

zo south: Hey thanks for uploading your review this gave me piece of mind about my purchase I bought two of these steamers before watching this video 2 weeks ago☺

a1930ford: If you use this on cars or motorcycles, do not do so in cold winter weather where road ice and contaminants could melt, as the ice and road salt will melt down into areas such as cracks and crevaces and then reharden. This can lead to rust at a later time. Best to use it in this manner during the warmer summer months for vehicles where dust and mud are the only issues to contend with.  

a1930ford: I use distilled water in mine, which is cheap to purchase and does not leave chemicals in the tank to corrode or produce any build up.

Do you happen to know the size of the screw that holds the main handle in place on the machine? Mine dropped out on my garage floor and I have never found it to lock the top holder in place onto the machine. The online manual does not list the size. McCulloch.com has the online owner's manual and accessories listed for this machine.

I use mine to clean my motorcycle engine and various parts for it with. Works like a champ. We recently moved, so I have to track down all the brushes and wands for it that are likely hidden in some storage bin. Hoping to put it to good use soon.

I was not aware they are now sold at HF.  I'll have to check into that, as I have apparently missed them when shopping there.

Thanks for the review and info.  I enjoyed watching.

nattydreadlocks1973: Forty-four-plus minutes to do a review. You do know that You Tube has a video editor?

Megan Stranz: Great job on showing how well the steamer works and using it for "real world problems". The only question I have is do I need to worry that when you use a cleaner on the product you are cleaning and then use the steamer, does the cleaning product become airborn in the steam as well? I was wondering if I would be inhaling chemicals.

madmiles: Badass, man! Thanks for the thorough review! I know what to get now. Saved me the headache. I just needed something small for small detailing work on my truck. Thanks again.

the1realanalogman: Enjoyed your video demo Ghostses! I purchased this unit at HFT this evening and can't wait to deploy it in my war against dirt tomorrow! HFT has a nice sale going on now. I got $10.00 off the reg price and then used a 20% off coupon! Great value. I see replacement parts on the McCulloch site, but I'm hoping to get some of those Dollar Store Brushes too. I can see blasting through the brushes pretty quickly. Thanks for the nice post!  

Lindie Lee: Sure would like to see this work on grout.

ccDuke1: I work at hft and we do have a parts dept number 

Georgina Egger: Great review from start to finish.  I usually have a lot of questions after YouTube reviews, but after I watched yours, I didn't have any.  Like someone else said, I wish you reviewed everything I want to buy.  Thank you.

eddie kay: I bought the Bissell and like the HF product...these are NOT production units by any stretch. Serious crud still demands chemicals and scrubbing. They work for what they were intended...pre-cleaning and light cleaning but at this point, I'm still looking for ways to recoup my $39 investment.
BTW,,,for cleaning the vehicles....run your hose to your laundry hot water hook up, turn the HWH up to high : simple, incredibly effective.

TheChrismanis1791: Pretty happy to find a ACTUAL review instead of 20 minutes of someone saying somethings junk. I clean my car interior pretty seriously seat removal carpet removal fixing spots underneath. Seems like this can help speed up alot of the floorboard time and dash panel time from previous owners nicotine. 100 dollar investment is not much when atleast i know it can complete tasks in the home. Thank you sir. Also i just thought this probably would help in degreasing a engine bay alot safer than a power washer. 

TheEsotericDesi: crap, it's not "HELPING" I mean that crap's literally blowing the filth to the moon... Amazing... I bought one 2nite... I now regret not getting it sooner...

klio1212: Thank You your review helped me a great deal !!

sarahwallner: Very nice review, thanks for the real life peak! 

Edgar Davila: Great review, i think you move fast the steamer need to be slower the time to stay steaming a surface depends on surface and the dirty to you need to stay a little more to the steam works, again great review

Shelly Norland: Good honest product review kind sir! Fabulous steam cleaner review from a regular human like me. Great work, your effort and follow thru to post on youtube is much appreciated. Next going to check if you have other reviews, if you do will follow u.
Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review 5 out of 5

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Harbor Freight McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Review