WEN Hair Care By Chaz Dean

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Chaz Dean uses WEN on Thick curly dry hair
Chaz Dean uses WEN on Thick curly dry hair
Chaz Dean shows you how to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner
Chaz Dean shows you how to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner
Wen By Chaz Dean Review - Natural Hair
Wen By Chaz Dean Review - Natural Hair
Chaz shows you how to use WEN on fine thin hair
Chaz shows you how to use WEN on fine thin hair
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theSWEETscoop: @tjblackcat17 Hey! No I have never tried Hair One before but this would be the second time that someone has mentioned it. I should check it out. I have used WEN for a couple years now and love it but it is expensive and a cheaper alternative that works the same would be great! I normally do not stray from a product that has worked so well for me but after hearing this for the second time it has peaked my interest! I will be checking it out! Thanks for your comment ;)!

samnelso: I know nothing about what you're talking about. I just watched for the fish tank.

theSWEETscoop: @parishiltonheiress Hey there ;)...Yes I am still using Wen and I have been for a couple years now! I am very dedicated to WEN. They have different scents which makes it nice if you get bored of smells easily or want a change. Give it a try! Thanks for writing ;)!!

Zaranda C: R u still using it? Do u still like it?

theSWEETscoop: @ssdpups72 I always was it out. I do not like to leave it in as a leave in :).

Shea Donovan: do you wash the conditioner out of your hair at the end of you shower or leave it in???

Ashley Boege: hi! i just ordered this product online yesterday i can not wait to get it but i am nervous because the reviews seem to be 50/50 for love it and hate it. I watched the infomercial and i am so glad you showed what the pump size was becasue i kept thinking i would be wasting the product. do you start at the roots or scalp when you massage it in? i am worried about having greasy roots since i have thin, fine, and bleached hair. but you hair type looks similar so i thought i would ask.

theSWEETscoop: @peachesandpuma Hey there ;). I have not been online for a couple so I apologize for my late response. Thanks for watching ;)! I don't have split ends and I love it! I have not used Pureology before so I cannot compare it to WEN... but I have really done my homework on a lot of products out there and WEN cannot be beat! Even after over a year of using it! My husband even loves it. Just a tip: Lots of vitamins and water will help you also to achieve that hair length past your shoulders ;) XO

peachesandpuma: Hi Sweetie, how are your split ends? I use Pureology and I still get split ends...I am hoping that by switching to WEN, my hair will finally grow past my shoulders! Thanks for your video!

pinaklada: Yup! =) Been on the fence for a while but finally decided to give it a shot in Tea Tree. If that works out then I'll give Sweet Almond Mint a try next!

theSWEETscoop: Hey ;)! I think your first comment did not show because it was waiting for my approval. :0/ Sorry! I have my comments sent to me first ;). I am so HAPPY that you found my video very informative. Will this be your first time using WEN?

pinaklada: Hmm... my first comment isn't showing so I'll post again! =) Great review! So far it's the most informative WEN review I've found!

pinaklada: =) Great video! This is the most informative review on WEN that I've found so far. Now I'm just waiting for mine to arrive!

theSWEETscoop: Awahhh! Thank you so much! I hope you have a great day...thanks for making mine ;).

pinaklada: =) Great video!

armywife85613: I use the Wen Fig and I love it. That one doesn't smell that great, but it is very moisturizing.

theSWEETscoop: It really is! My favorite scent is the "Sweet Almond MInt" if you decide to try it :). I think that is the most popular scent also!

crystalmpope: This sounds like a great line.
WEN Hair Care By Chaz Dean 5 out of 5

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WEN Hair Care By Chaz Dean