8 Flashcarts Tested On 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 7.1.0-14E

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8 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 7.1.0-14E
8 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 7.1.0-14E
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7 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS Ver 6.3.0-12U
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R4i Gold 3DS Flashcart Review!
R4i Gold 3DS Flashcart Review!
R4i Gold 3DS RTS is Firmware Upgraded for 3DS (XL) 6.2.0-12U
R4i Gold 3DS RTS is Firmware Upgraded for 3DS (XL) 6.2.0-12U
8 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS V5.1.0-11U
8 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS V5.1.0-11U
2013 R4 Dual Core Firmware Upgrade for 3DS 6.1.0-12E Ver 6.1.0-11U
2013 R4 Dual Core Firmware Upgrade for 3DS 6.1.0-12E Ver 6.1.0-11U
R4i Gold 3DS Firmware Upgrade for 3DS (XL) 6.0.0-11U 6.0.0-12E
R4i Gold 3DS Firmware Upgrade for 3DS (XL) 6.0.0-11U 6.0.0-12E
R4i SDHC V1.4.5 Updated for 3DS (XL) Ver 5.0.0-11
R4i SDHC V1.4.5 Updated for 3DS (XL) Ver 5.0.0-11

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DAVE01568: there is a difference between r4i gold 3ds and r4i gold 3ds "rts" you showed rts working what about non rts try that please

OneMan Army: freaking cut your nails for once.... Facepalm. just saying.

sean mc cann: holy crap this guy sounds retarded

IzunaX Senpai: I have an R4i, the same one as the first one you tested. And It worked perfectly fine on my Regular 3ds. But then I sold the 3ds and bought one of the Pokemon Y special 3ds XL systems. and Now it won't work at all on it and I have no way to update it off my old Dslite. Any advice?

Whitewyvernkiller: should i update my 3ds to 7.1 , or can i use the original gateway 3ds card (with the newest update 2.02b or something like that) with a lower firmware? because i have a firmware higher than 4.5, but lower than 7.1.

Omran Abdulla: i know that you might not reply but, i got the 7.1 Version, can i play Monster hunter 4 using one of these? Do you Recommend one?

Shining Yoshi: Everything works fine until I load up a game. The screen is stuck white even though I updated the Wood (yellow-1.63) and Firmware (7.0) to 7.1.0-14(U). My card is the R4 Gold Pro 2013. Any known issues or help?

bebto vela: Knock-knoc (sec 39) lol

R4woodcenter: Is my flashcart blocked on latest 3DS (XL)/2DS 7.1.0-14X system update ?

MrChubbycody: I have a R4 SDHC dual core and I downloaded my files from the website, but it just still won't work. 

Brad Myers: have a 7.1.0 3DS XL and bought a gateway 3ds. I know the red Gateway card doesn't work for 3DS games above 4.5. But can I flash the Blue Gateway card, which is supposedly a generic type R4 card, with any of the firmware from these cards and have it work with DS games?

blazeblue1991: how did you set it up because i am confused because where do oyu have the update i want to play my r4 card on my 2ds so bad 

Viliam Šebora: at r4isdhc.com is information that your R4i SDHC Gold and Dual-core is fake. Is this information real?

sdani2000: Nice video but wich one of all of this do you think is the best?

xXTerminator14Xx: Can you update my R4 gold card for me because I dont have friends that own a DSi or lite?

Luc van der Leeden: I think I bought a fake R4 SDHC Dual Core 2014, I only don't know how to spot. The card looks exactly the same as yours. bought it on Spielite.de Downloaded the latest kernel and update from www.r4isdhc.hk Then it shows me another layout of the R4 menu with on the upper screen: This is a fake card ... This is the second site where I bought a fake game card. (eachgame.com does also) Do you know a site where they only sell GENUINE cards, so I don't have to wast any more money? I can't spot a fake card from the outside, r4isdhc.com tells me how to spot, but that should mean You have a fake card too.

effendi360: I'm about to order my first card. Witch one of these two You would recommend ? R4i Gold Pro or R4i SDHC Dual-Core.

naheJ: hi, please what is the kernel do you use for the second card tested? thanks

Deflow Vesper: Is there a firware for R4i V5.0 3DS that is compatible for 3DS ver.7.1.0?

Quinten Clark: +R4woodcenter Which one of these cards is the real one? the www.r4i-gold.me gold card? or the www.r4isdhc.com gold card? the www.r4isdhc.com site says that www.r4i-gold.me are selling fake versions.. comparison: http://www.r4isdhc.com/r4-product/#

Diogo Fernandes: Gateway 3ds Work on this version?

jeffreydevil: R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition?

Ng Wesley: Does R4 SDHC Dual Core 2012 work or do i have to update it's firmware or something? Sorry just bought my 3ds and it gave an error message when i loaded the flash card

john graham: could you help me out please i have the gold pro 2014 but i cant find the right software for it ive been trying all day could you tell me exactly what i need or even link me to the downloads please

Denis Dronov: Will the 2nd R4 you tested work on my 3ds (XL) version 7.1.0-16U?

Rikku Strife: I have the 4th card, but even after putting the kernel and the firmware on the SD card, I just get "An error has occured" when I try using it...

Catzu.: Please help me! I have the R4i 3DS RTS card. Everytime i try to put a menu to it, it won't work. Top screen goes white, and bottom screen has somekind of weird black and a little green colored menu that has folders i can click and a sd card logo. But shows no games. It worked earlier, but i had to delete everything on the sd card and now any kernel i try won't work. Oh, and i'm using a 2DS. And it worked just yesterday but because i had to delete everything on it, it doesn't work anymore. Thank you in advance!

nimrod saaid ochoa sanchez: hello friend a question I upgrade my abode with New R4iTT Kernel R4iTT RTS by the mine's official website tells me this out of production any response is good and thanks

Jeff Nero: hey, wich Kernel you have to the Purple one (R4i TT 3DS)

Aaron Quinn: I have a white screen on the top screen of my 3DS with the latest kernal firmware and want to customize it but I don't know how. There used to be a clock and stuff but it's gone. I took a picture of it. I have the SDHC Dual Core 2013 card. The card works which is the most important thing but I would like to have a clock or other stuff on the top screen. Thanks.

Devin Larscheid: I keep getting "An error has occurred. Press and hold the POWER Button to turn the system off. Please refer to the Operations Manual for details." This is really really frustrating, what seems to be the problem? I have an R4 Gold Pro Revolution and a 3DS XL. I already installed the r4isdhc-yellow1.71 (the most recent kernel) and the 3DSV7.0.0-13 Firmware Upgrade on my SD card but it still keeps showing this message. Please help!

Gamzee Makara: My RTS R4 3DS does't upgrade to support the 7.0 update. I go to the Upgrade menu but I just get a box on top that says "support model: nsdl, nsdi 1.45, 3ds 5.0" any help?

Christian Sales: is it compatible with the 3ds LL 7.1.0-14J?

Spencer | Android and MinecraftPE: I got the Dstwo for Christmas. I was wondering if you could make a video on the best plugins for it. Thanks :)

said lama: hi, i have th r4itt upgrade thats says "new" on the top right corner not "2014" in the official website says that both have an update for 3ds ver.7.1.0-14u but i cant manage to make this last update work it always goes to a black screen and says "an error has occured hold the power buttom to shut the console down..." how can i fix it? please help me

berto lapira: I have R4 SDHC 2013. Is this supported with the new firmware update? I tried everything to upgrade but my console cannot read it so can I upgrade.. always an error occurred when you select it.

J Kor: What is the best site to buy these cards? I'm in USA

Tacio Menezes: Hello, i have the R4 SDHC Dual-Core 2013, and i successfully upgrated him to the firmware 7.0.0-13U, my 3DS are on that firmware and works, if i i upgrade my 3DS to the new 7.1.0-14U the R4 will keep working? The official website says that its working on the new firmware but didnt launched an update to the 7.1.0-14U, and i fear if i upgrade my 3DS the R4 will not work... Can i Upgrade the 3DS?

KRAIÜS VON MELIER: Hello, good video and very interesting information. I have a question my n3ds was dated to firmeware ver. and don´t accept my r4i gold.cc plus updated, you can give me the correct firmeware, please... I thank you for the info and any useful help

carlos bunbury: hello brother I loved your video, you could tell me if any of these flashcards works in version 7.1.0-14U, because after seeing the video I was going to update to version 7.1.0-14E and turned the other, you could tell me if it would work, greetings from mexico. 

Jolo Leachon: So I just bought R4 SDHC Dual Core 2013 earlier. And I have no idea how it works. I tried downloading stuff from their website but I think my 3DS version is superior to it (7.1.0-14U) It just shows an error has occured.. So yup, if anyone has the same card as mine, please link me to things that could help me. Thank you guys! Happy New Year.

ehiehiCiaosiamoNOi: Are all these r4 compatible with 3ds XL? Thank you in advance 

Bioback: is there any big difference among all those cards? which one is the best?

Denniel Diaz: Hello, How did u update the www.r4i-gold.me version im having problem please make a tutorial .. and one more thing. it requires NDSL/DSI to upgrade?

TheNoobyNinjaHD: I have the Dual Core one, and got it from the same website as you. I have a EU 3DS with 7.1.0-15. It just gets stuck on loading. Can you help? I also cannot find 7.1.0-15 firmware, only 7.1.0-16 firmware, so I used that, would it make a difference?

widney nascimento: You have to post a link to the files already update the superdstwo. Well mine is now with the new firmeware and does not work My console is in version 7.1.0. 14U please help me

Jimm Neutricity: I tried to update my r4i 3ds, but i know i messed up and now it wont appear on my 3DS or my DSi. Is there any way to undo what I did?

hector fernandez alonso: I have problem with R4goldpro on my nintendo 3ds xl, update the software and I get the black screen with a message what says: there has been a problem, turn off the console, any idea/solution? (version 7.1.0-14E)

YoyomastersFTW: The new kernel on the r4i website for card 2 does not work for my card. It doesn't start up. Instead it gives me an error and tells me to restart the system. Please help me out.
8 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 7.1.0-14E 4.1 out of 5

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8 Flashcarts Tested on 3DS (XL) Firmware Ver 7.1.0-14E