Kydex Sheath-making: Homemade Vacuum Thermoformer

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rostom tafajira: does any tipe of plastic could work whit this vacuum machin ??????

DoctorRansom: Will make a follow-up vid sometime soon - in the meantime, posted links to some pics of the finished sheaths in the description. You'll have to make some guesses until I get the next vid done.

Defcon229: simply use an electric heat gun kit

HogSnot: Look at all the screws! You built the crap outa that box! Engineer? Good vid. Like an idiot, I drilled all my holes on a piece of MDF. Sitting a few feet from me was an odd piece of pegboard that I didn't think about...

DoctorRansom: Great idea. Would love to see it implemented.

Iseekoutthetruth: where did you get your kydex from

dragsbae: Could you make a sheath for other objects? Like a small stone phallus from a Japanese fertility shrine? I'm constantly working on my quick draw with it should the need arise and a holster would definitely come in handy.

DoctorRansom: That one is 5.5HP.

DoctorRansom: @dragsbae Sure thing. Kydex can scratch stuff up though, so if your phallus is important to you, you may want to use something like leather. Black leather.

DoctorRansom: @bladesNstuff For knife sheaths, especially smaller blades, I usually roll with .06. Thicker is nice, but harder to work.

DoctorRansom: That depends on what your definition of "wasting" is. If your pressing method doesn't do a good job of creating tight tolerances around your parts, then all your kydex is "wasted". That being said, you can still maximize your kydex usage when using this method by using multiple parts at a time, and ensuring that you use all your space. Alternatively, if you're always using smaller parts, create a smaller apparatus.

lee ritter: What is the hp rating on your vac? I have a 2 amp shop vac that I think is probably to weak. Great vid, keep it up!

DoctorRansom: @Cayoot It's more "accurate" in that the vacuum will pull the Kydex closer to the target piece. Whenever I used a vise/clamps, I always disliked how the foam does not fill the smaller spaces. The vacuum does a better job in that respect. To your second question, I needed the Kydex sheet to be flush with the top of the pegboard, and I wanted the guide pieces to clamp to the kydex as an assembly. Either way would likely work - but there's plenty of trimming no matter what you do. :)

dragsbae: @DoctorRansom Thank you Doctor. The vacuum is strong.

HogSnot: Replace that kydex sheet with silicone sheet - save a LOT of kydex and get the same or better results. Silicone sheets pulls the hot kydex in the vacuum.

td84: Very cool! Have you tried molding guns?

Cayoot: I just wanted to say "Thanks" for such a complete answer to my questions. I'm gonna have to build one of these.

Cayoot: This looks you think it does a more accurate job than a foam press does? Also, forgive me for asking a question that the answer is (I'm sure) obvious to other people, but if your kydex sheets come in 12 inch wide sheets, why didn't you make the vacume 12 inches wide so that you don't have to trim the kydex? Again, this looks great...thanks for the demo, I'm thinking strongly of making one for my own use.

tybeejeffro: Check out Livnoutdoors68 page. He has two versions of thermoformers using silicone.

Lennon Allen: What thickness of kydex are you using?

Dr. Jamie Neely: Haven't done this yet. Like the idea. Thanks. What's the next step. That's only half of the sheath. How do you finish?

td84: This is a very good video man. I hope you come out with more.

Elden Armbrust: Don't you waste copious amounts of kydex using this method?

dave091790: There is a video of it somewhere on youtube, I just watched it today. the guy saves way more kydex now.

DoctorRansom: Yeah, it works pretty good for guns, especially because they're deeper, and seems to work much better than the standard foam/press method.
Kydex sheath-making: Homemade vacuum thermoformer 4.6 out of 5

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Kydex sheath-making: Homemade vacuum thermoformer