How To Repair HP Pavilion F1703 Lcd Monitor

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How to repair HP Pavilion f1703 lcd monitor
How to repair HP Pavilion f1703 lcd monitor
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ISamuelII: @z28r2fast4u3 and @cricketyname, I am sorry if these are considered dumb questions, but... How did you get the monitor opened? Was it a pry it up all around until it opens, or are there hidden screws? (edit) Okay I was finally able to view the entire video. Thanks. What is a "cold spot" and how do you recognize one? Edit to also add, no ground strap?

Tim Ashley: She dropped it, ha!

Josh Davis: i am working on this monitor the same board is black it looks like it blow its dark on the back but i can pinpoint anything that is blown on the same board you are working on what am i looking for? or what shold i look for on this board?

Ap Elecomp: no power monitor farassoo FLD-1740 ?

fernando vega: Repairing my HP Pavilion f1703 lcd monitor was super easy thanks to you.... issue: monitor turns off after a few seconds.. Fix: found cold solder joint on one of the coils on the power supply ... just as you said on your video .. Drop test: PASS.... Removing the LCD out was a just as easy as you also said. It snapped right off in about 30 sec. then removed two rear screws and I was on my way !! Thanks and great work!!

z28r2fast4u: @cricketyname sorry i sold the monitor just a little after i made this video

Todd Smith: Hey man! I just picked one of these up and the resistor at R128 is burned and I cannot read the resistance or watt rating, can you please help It looks like a 1 watt resistor @ 47kohms...does this ring a bell? Cheers

morseken72: i open my lcd monitor same like you but i have other issue on it, one of the ic is burned and i need the replacement the legend on it is (4411, be4k1b) i think it could be a operational but i need another view of this,, thanks

kdentonjm: @z28r2fast4u I have a HP W2207H 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor that has internal ink leaving, can you tell me how i repair this problem please?

KefirGrain: @toddmel7876, R128 is a 3.3 Ohm resistor rated at 2 watts. Replace it with a "fuseable" resistor, for it is meant to protect the circuit from too much current coming from a faulty 12V power pack.

dextercf: @dextercf It works now, Thanks for the video!

gabriel murcia: My screen keeps turning on and off any suggestions?

gxryd3r: My backlight on HP 2009m comes on for only 2 seconds and shuts off upon detecting signals or turning on from power button. Since the backlight still brighten up for 2 seconds I don't think it's the problem. I read about faulty inverter. Could this be the problem? Thanks.

Laurencio R: Hey, I have the very some monitor that's doing the same thing, Im sure its that "cold" thingy you mentioned. Question... how did the "cold" thingy get there... I had this monitior for about 3 years, worked great until the "cold sore" thingy developed... how did that happend??? Actually, I dont even know what to look for, can you do a "close-up" on what Im supposed to be looking for.. Thanks,.

jesus eduardo flores ferrer: Como lo abro

KefirGrain: @Cindee60 a "cold spot" is an American term for what electrical/electronic techs in the UK, New Zealand and Australia call a "Dry Joint". it's when a solder joint that holds an electronic component in place on a circuit board has either had not enough solder applied, or the component has come loose at the solder joint over time [through vibration, over heated or bad soldering technique], and here's a bad connection. Resoldering fixes the problem, as per the video [thanks for that, btw]

MrRedZoneX: very helpful thanks!

Symo Kahari: Bro.. Thanks a million.. Crooks have been chewing me money in pretest that they are doing much.. Now am a Prof.

AKzidentProductions: Same Here mine only stays on for about 2 seconds


Ivan Vazquez: life saver thank you so much man

Dennis Leefarr: It would have been usefull if the film had started with the case removal as most of these repair films assume that the case has already been removed. This is not helpfull if one is looking at a monitor and can not see any obvious way of getting inside it.

dextercf: I'm opening a monitor like that right now. And it has the exact same cold spot. Soldering iron heating up right now, let's hope it cures this thing!

HowlDono: THANK YOU!!!

cricketyname: hey i tried opening the monitor through your way but I cannot pry the screen off the back. could you please make a video showing how to unpry the back or tell me how to do it? I unscrewed all the screws and everything. my monitor is also a f1703 lcd monitor

SchoolOfBassOttawa: Thank you.

KefirGrain: @toddmel7876 i guess this help comes too late, and no one else has come to help, so in case others need help. R128 is a 3R3 [3.3 Ohms] rated at 2 watts. You could replace it with a "fuseable" resistor [goes open circuit, like a blown fuse when overloaded with current from the plug pack power supply], or a wire wound type, which is the original type [i think?]. But any type of 2 watt resistor at 3.3 ohms will do.

locazoxd .con mucha honra: thank you very much. I could solve my problem with my hp

shaqqwave: Show me how to get in!

Casperarizona: Bro!! You saved my Life!!!! I have a small computer businues in Mexico where I sell computers and LCD Monitors! I had a upset customer! I mean really pissed off! jajaj! And Fixed the Monitor just the way you said! And Monitors running like a CHAMP!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Now I have to fix another Dell Monitor with a White Screen! Thanks again!!!

mister1763: Great Video! I'm having the same problem with my monitor and I need to check it out. I was not exactly sure how to disassemble this monitor, so your instruction at the end was very helpful. It took only 5 second to get the LCD bezel (grey front plastic frame around the front of the monitor) off. I picked one of the lower corners and slowly pry it up with my fingers. Like many monitors, once you take the bezel off without breaking it, the rest is easy. I'm hoping it's just a cold spot. Thanks!

miguel vargas: thanks friend from Venezuela served me a lot your video

Darlene Owens: How to get to the board please
How to repair HP Pavilion f1703 lcd monitor 4.4 out of 5

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How to repair HP Pavilion f1703 lcd monitor