Different Ways To Wear Your Beanie Hat With Natural Hair

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Different Ways to Wear Your Beanie Hat with Natural Hair
Different Ways to Wear Your Beanie Hat with Natural Hair
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ComfortButton: You mean ... I can still wear my little panda beanie? :'D *goes to find satin scarf* 

Anthony Spencer: can i wear a knit beanie without the scarf. i'm a guy so id rather not wear one. especially sense i have to take it off at school

Gillian Thompson: Girl you rock I sat here and watched all of your videos. Thank you for your styles and everything. Amaze balls. Lol

De La Fro: I love your styles! I actually made a video on how I style my short/medium natural hair for beanies as well. Check it out if you'd like :)

Chloe Sneary: Wow. Youve got a LOT of hair! Good to know its not just me! xD hahaha

V King: Thank you so much!!!!! This helped tremendously 

Priscila Wyssolela Moreira: does your hair has those natural curls or you have to make them your own ? pleeeease answer me i need to know

Reine Earl: The problem I have with wearing beaines with my curly hair is that i don't like the way my hair sticks out in the back when my hair is down. I don't know if it is jus tme but I think it looks weird! :(

Laura Uzamukunda: Omg this just help so much I have thick dreads and usually buy oversized beanies but after wrapping them in a satin cap I was able to wear them with out the extra bulge. Thanks for the awesome tips. 

REESE GREEN: Thank you are cute

wendydcvlog: Hey Nap! Awesome videos! I was wondering, do you know what to do when your hat/beanie/ flats out the top of your hair? Ugh i have this problem, I cant wear hats on my curly afro since I ate when it flattens everything >.<. Do you have any tips on that topic? Like, how we can revive the curls or how we can avoid the flatness of the hat?

Louisalena: Oh, the satin scarf/cap is actually a good idea. Thanks!

jkbungolmbo: I get to wear my kitty hat again:)

Naptural85: Hey Guys! I'm obsessed with my Beanie Hats! I wear them every season no matter how hot or cold, but especially in the winter time! Here's a couple of tips on different ways you can wear them with your natural hair for style and for protection from the elements! Hope it helps! XoXo Nap

tina woods: Loved the tips, thanks so much! I will definitely share this on my page thanks again

kyia1414: I going to get some.

Just_Bri: all styles for long natural hair :(

BryanaM17: Do you think this would work for snapbacks too?

Pinkn Taylored: 5;00 u look like a girl aspa rocky the rapper lol :) but love the styles

nomimonobeverage: Do a hat give away!

menaural27: cool :)

Danielle williams: Perks of having long natural hair during the winters lol my hair is so short

thedarknessofnana: Genius! I would have never thought to put a plastic cap or my satin scarf under my beanies. . . I'm so doing that from now on.

tiaconley65: *Your

Michel'le w: Can you do this with a twa or being in between with a twa?

vintagenow: IIIII LOOOOVEEE YOUUUUU! ur the bestest!

Blazin Stream: Ok So I NEVER comment on anything for anyone but I just had to tell you that you are such a beautiful person (inside & out) & I greatly appreciate all your love and knowledge you selflessly share. You have recently helped me fall back in love with my natural hair again by teaching me the care & patience I need. Girl I was @ a loss but now, I am sooo in love with my curly crown! Thank you so much!!!! BTW Olivia is gorgeous just like her mommy. May your storehouses overflow with blessings!!! <3

Ramona Pollard: Your newest fan!! Your videos are practical and really work! Thank you!

cassiemichelle03: Genius.

sonia nathalie: thanks. kiss

Tawnraia Truitt: Only nincumpoops would dislike this.

AliEsteem: Hats always damage my hair

Keeyana Washington: Hey Whitney you're awesome!!

India Ward: Get he he

GapGirl44: Your vids are awesomeee

RedNoir: I want the red beanie!

Shameca Lang: Just started a knitted beanie growth challenge for myself. Only wearing my hair out on the weekends. But keeping my hair in twist under my beanie for all week. Old video but good info thanks

xoxoxowhatsxoxoxo: So glad I found your channel! You're so adorable :'3

Leana Bradbury: You're so funny! "hey, don't be ey'in my beanies!" I've been watching you for a few months now. I really enjoy your vids! Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family. I live in NH, and certainly not a lot of ethnic stores around. I miss LI, NY!

CreativeChic101: You have a beautiful set of hair. I also watched your videos on how to grow long healthy hair. I have been following your 10 tips and my hair has really grown. Thanks for the helpful videos. God bless!

Amber Redding: Girl got editing skills!!! Great personality and adorable! Cant wait for more to come! :)

Koqui Onefourteen: They're edited the best, with the best music, best teaching skills, and a super great personality!! We love you Whitney and thanks for the tips!

Anj Saludes: I am inlove with your hair... I wish I had hair like yours!!!

idonthave timeforthis: I love your hair!!

MsAriiful: I need to go buy some beanies now...

Iyanna Lyles: Saved my life stocked up on beanies now

hershegurl05: whit wat is ur skin care regimen? u have great skin as well as hair!

Brokensmile39: Your koala beanie is so adorable c:

dckitty: Thank you so much! I was sure I'd have to spend another winter completely hatless! Yay!!!

buzzer270: That was cute and funny!!
Different Ways to Wear Your Beanie Hat with Natural Hair 5 out of 5

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Different Ways to Wear Your Beanie Hat with Natural Hair