How To Clean & Dry Burn Kanger EVOD & MT3's

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UndineNotus: broke my coil ty

John Cunningham: Just watched your Vid and i thought t was excellent.
Very clear instructions and easy to follow - many thanks.

Mind|Sculptor: thanks! i'm a new vaper and one of my lighter flavored juice tastes like crap because i had a stronger flavor in it before.  A few hits after i filled up i was like gross WTF... then i thought oh duh there has to be some way to clean your tank in between flavors.

Paula Taylor (Lilpaula): Thanks for the video, any idea why I am getting juice come up when I vape? Its really frustrating 😕

Anthony Huerta: Worked perfectly. I always thought that the wicks were automatically burnt and would just swap the atomizer out. I noticed that rinsing out my top wick help too.

With the dry burnt you really don't need much if you've rinsed it well.

Great vid man, thanks! 

Jordan Vaught: Thanks man this helped a lot 

Leslie Hoffner: Careful with the Q-tip if you aren't the tube inside will break!!

Elizabeth Metevier: Thank you so much for this! I'm a newbie vaper and had no idea how to dry burn... I've cleaned my tanks but never did the rings witch would explain a lot of why the flavors just wasn't jiving w/ me... 

George Tullos: Well that makes a lot of sense and answered my question?  However, were do you get that battery thing to dry clean it with?  I'm new to this.

Gingerfox23 23: i did this. nd somehow ruioned my atomizers. there seems to be no coil. i think it was wrapped around my wick. but. idk....

Borys Gzymka: thanks a lot!

Riazul: i put eliquid in my tank right and i tightened it but then i wanted to put my eliquid in the tank so i tried to untighten the piece put it wont come off i want to put more eliquid inside its really frustrating 

Tyler Chauffe: This video really helped!!! :D You earned yourself a new sub!

Leone Leighton: Does this make the coil last longer and work better?

walldoo99: Thanks man this is soo cool.I just got some darker liquids that seem to clog the wick in 2 days. this might help. 
Just a heads up for all the reader. I had been trying to find a price online that was cheaper than my local stores. When you search on GOOGLE try looking for discount e cig liquids and for some reason you fine a much better and cheaper selection.And when I say GOOGLE I don't mean bing or yahoo or any other search engine I mean GOOGLE

Anna Voltaire: I'm new to all of this and I found your video incredibly helpful. Thanks for doing these.

Taylor Pleasant: Can you use dry herb in the kangertech evod??? 

z-KrYpToNiK: how do you clean solid liquid out of the clearomizer,,,,
like the liquid froze inside

kyuss: Thanks a ton for this video. saved me money!

Pete Leong: Thanks very much for the removing the extra wicks tip! I was pissed off with mine before I tried that tip and now its much better! Keep up the great work. 
How to Clean & Dry Burn Kanger EVOD & MT3's 5 out of 5

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How to Clean & Dry Burn Kanger EVOD & MT3's