How To Clean & Dry Burn Kanger EVOD & MT3's

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ALİEXPRES'DEN ALIŞ-VERİŞİM #1 E Sigara ( EVOD MT3 ) ve Bisiklet Su Tutacağı
ALİEXPRES'DEN ALIŞ-VERİŞİM #1 E Sigara ( EVOD MT3 ) ve Bisiklet Su Tutacağı
Removing and Replacing Filters in wooden VaporGenie Tops
Removing and Replacing Filters in wooden VaporGenie Tops

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Idrees Sakhi: could you use a hairdryer to dry the mouthpiece

Artem Galustan: SPLINTED

Artem Galustan: G THANKS MY COTTEN BURNED TO freak.

TDLDustin: I feel stupid as crap, I thought the wick was like gunk buildup and I ripped it out of the sides.. that explains why my vapes broke

felipe torres: I lost that little rubber washer. is that a big problem?

Carol Ottinger: I would not be pulling the casket off or any parts over an open sink drain! Good video, tho.

assyakirin ariffin: can we change the wick with cotton?

Reece Warman: think I just broke mine :)

airstreamz: Awesome vid man thanks! I had zero idea how to clean my EVOD starter kit.

Jaye Darnell: I have a kanger evod ehookah I tried to put water and vape water but its not working the battery is but idk if I messed it up or should I just try ejuice in it again?

Billy John: Hey, I'm a complete noob when it comes to these things but my brother just brought me one he found at work, it says EVOD Twist on the side of the battery part with an adjustable volt thing on the bottom, whats the best way to clean this thing out? it's different than the one in the video and I also don't know how to charge the damn thing lmao HELP

UndineNotus: broke my coil ty

John Cunningham: Just watched your Vid and i thought t was excellent.
Very clear instructions and easy to follow - many thanks.

Paula Taylor (Lilpaula): Thanks for the video, any idea why I am getting juice come up when I vape? Its really frustrating 😕

Anthony Huerta: Worked perfectly. I always thought that the wicks were automatically burnt and would just swap the atomizer out. I noticed that rinsing out my top wick help too.

With the dry burnt you really don't need much if you've rinsed it well.

Great vid man, thanks! 

Jordan Vaught: Thanks man this helped a lot 

Leslie Hoffner: Careful with the Q-tip if you aren't the tube inside will break!!

Elizabeth Metevier: Thank you so much for this! I'm a newbie vaper and had no idea how to dry burn... I've cleaned my tanks but never did the rings witch would explain a lot of why the flavors just wasn't jiving w/ me... 

George Tullos: Well that makes a lot of sense and answered my question?  However, were do you get that battery thing to dry clean it with?  I'm new to this.

Gingerfox23 23: i did this. nd somehow ruioned my atomizers. there seems to be no coil. i think it was wrapped around my wick. but. idk....
How to Clean & Dry Burn Kanger EVOD & MT3's 5 out of 5

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How to Clean & Dry Burn Kanger EVOD & MT3's