Stoeger X20 Review

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X20s  Sur ppressor
X20s Sur ppressor
Seducer X50 test day.
Seducer X50 test day.
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Andrew Marlow: only thing is in UK all air rifles except PCP have to be sub 12 foot pounds

Jeremy D: Nice gun. Seems you don't stock Stoegers any more. :-(

Тимур Тимуров: по русски нет? 

caparzzo: greetings from Mexico sir, was seeing reviews on airrifles.and i want the best for my money, what i look for a rifle is; quiet (I live in town with neighbors nearby and a place of? shooting with 30 yards), .22 cal, long-term quality, practice and hunting of small birds, not sure if nitro piston or not and maximum price range to pay 350 dlls. these seemed good. Benjamin Trail NP XL, Hatsan 125 Sniper, Benjamin NPS. I'm overwhelmed by all the variety of rifles,you think or do you recommend another

EDCListDotCom: What 177 pellets are people having success with in their X20? I keep buying Superdomes because they're the only pellet that works for me, but it's a bit like eating the same sandwich every day. Is there anything better?

meowmixmeowmix23: Yeah definitely

TheGV50: I have a pigeon problem, would this air rifle help?

Run n' Gun: what is the muzzle energy and velocity for the .22 cal?

HoBBySOLDIER1: 5 min before i saw this vid i bought this air gun

darklord: To the gunshop

Jake Newman: Just a quick question. I am thinking of buying one of these but I don't know the width between the 2 rails. Could you answer this?

Waheed360: thumbs up if you love the intro music

Jeremias Zapata: ¿cuanto cuesta este rifle? osea el combo rifle-mira. gracias

Μαριος Ζ.: there is one thing I haven't understood yet with spring rifles : if i want to load it do i have to unlock the barrel somehow or do I just have to pull it down ?

giovasuperganz: azz che rinco!

mrfrozex1: An even more safe way to load the rifle is: break the barrel just so the hole shows, put in a pellet and THEN load it! If you load the rifle this way, there are no fingers that are in the way that could get hurt.

japonaliya: @ArcherAirguns As far as I know there is a fed/ law which prohibits any state or locality to designate any air gun as a "firearm" That being said, many local jurisdictions have laws pertaining the discharge of airguns or any projectile that can cause bodily harm, EVEN in your own home!! In some cities like NYC and San Francisco, airguns cannot even be sold or transferred, though possession is not an crime. See this by E. Beeman:

Θανάσης: I saw in a review by Rick from pyramydair that x20 and x5 have breech problems(their breeches are very tight and they dont accept many pellets).Is that true? Thanks

TheJaRoDoNe: @ArcherAirguns Very nice to hear that! I'll be buying the x20 supressor one as my first airgun then. Unfortunately they are out of stock in every single store where I live (Finland) until next spring.

TheJaRoDoNe: Is the x20 suppressor model actually more quiet than the nonsuppressed one? or is it just marketing?
Stoeger X20 Review 5 out of 5

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Stoeger X20 Review