Verizon Bad ESN / MEID Fix

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Wayne Filkins: Can you get a data plan on the nexus 7?  Also some people said in the comments that you won't be able to make a call on the bad esn phone, but would data work?

rock3246: could i use a verizon contract phone that has a bad esn, and put a new verizon prepaid sim in it?

Troy Johnson: wtf bro a bunch of you doing nothing. freak your grandma

Krystal Almeida: do you know if the same goes for At&t phones?

Adam McCollister: What a waste of 10 minutes. Switching a SIM does not remove the device from the carriers blacklist database (which is shared by all carriers in the USA). I'd like to see you attempt a call with that Bad ESN phone. Just because it connects to the tower does not mean you have a clean ESN.

Al T (Sonofevil77): Idiots. You can't activate a bad esn device with new service but if you were smart you'd understand that he is saying you can use a bad esn device with an active sim card. Pay attention and learn something. 

mujahid abduljabbar: die slow

elisa numbers: You mean there's more, a part 2 ,  never mind.

elisa numbers: For shame saying something else to show of or display colorful  Items he owns.

James 4:4; 1 John 2:15-17

Juan Estrella: Do you smoke some horse shiit

nick navedo: Garbage video, this guy has no idea what he's talking about, what a waste of my time. Please stop making the video.

Anthony Bell: Was this video made for you to know how to change the SIM card

Placido Carrillo: Will this work on tablets ?

john smith: idiot.

EclipceTV: Will this work for prepaid ?

NotARealYoTubAccount: The ESN (IMEI) of this phone is shown in the "PART 2" video, and is not bad.
It's not eligible for activation because it's in use, but it's not blacklisted.
So take this with a grain (or cup) of salt.

You can check the ESN for yourself on swappa
In fact, you should check the ESN of any phone you buy used prior to purchasing it as many used phones for sale these days (especially on eBay) are stolen phones with blacklisted ESNs.

(Note, Swappa's a bit more reliable as they check the ESN for you before they approve listings unless they're in the "Boneyard")

LTDanno360: phones with Bad esn or meid are for the most part STOLEN phones that are being resold

tooandrew: You have to flash a new esn and imei to use a bad esn phone
Verizon Bad ESN / MEID fix 5 out of 5

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Verizon Bad ESN / MEID fix