Springfield Armory XD Pistol Disassembly And Assembly + Cleaning Tips

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tightshot88: Somebody told me the XD is a pain to break down and clean, compared to a Glock. Any thoughts on that? I'm thinking about getting an XD Mod 2.

Dustin Jones: thanks for the tips

Stephanie Trujillo: Definitely came in handy! Thank you!!

baldbollocks: Thanks

Wilber2: Not a full disassembly, there is much more for a full.

june300 block: thanks I needed that.

E Cruz: simple and straight to the point and i enjoyed and appreciate the cleaning tips, thanks man you my friend have just earned a subscriber👌✌️

Lee Drummond Jr: Quick and to the point, great job bud. Thanks for the vid :)

Robert Osteen: great

Zee Smith: Great explanation and helpful in showing what I was doing incorrectly. You guys did a great job with the video. Thank you for your help with my Springfield Armory 9mm.

Francisco Coronel: Good crap, thanks for the vid

10mmgee20: Bad Title, this is a field strip, cool vid

Gilbert Ochoa: good video. Watched and did it.

Danny Canes: +MidwestProf, I also wanted to thank you for you're presentation, very professional, easy to understand!

Danny Canes: +MidwestProf, thank you for the video. My Springfield is about 2 years old, and I've used it plenty, but it's been awhile and I noticed something that I've always had a problem with. That is with the release on the side just above the trigger, a long switch. This seems to be frozen. Is that switch supposed to be that tight? I see in your video that you lift it up with no problem. But I can barely even move it at all. Thanks!

Luke Combs: This was all I needed, just the basic field strip so thank you. The video was short and simple and that's what I was looking for. :)

Joe Bankles: This is not a disassembly. Field strip. The absolute minimum it takes to maintain full functionality. Recommended to be procedure for completing any live fire drills to prevent corrosion in the barrel due to metal fouling. 

Wat Upp: where can i find a recoil spring to replace the old one?

Rick .Henderson: You really should re-title your vid....this is a FIELD STRIP, not dis-assembly/reassembly instructions.....

james criswell: Very good presentation, thanks!
Springfield Armory XD pistol Disassembly and Assembly + Cleaning Tips 5 out of 5

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Springfield Armory XD pistol Disassembly and Assembly + Cleaning Tips