Shed Conversion

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amy gwillim: what insulation did you use?I live in London and want to make sure I don't freeze when inside

Andrew Henderson: how big is the shed thinking of doing something like this with my dad just need to know if it would fit a futon and a tv and stand?

Eric Martin: Steve very informative video about to commence a similar project
a couple of questions
once you plaster boarded the wall did you then skim the walls?
what if anything did you do to insulate the floor or door?
i am really impressed with the shed your team has built

Steve Hearn: The insulation was placed directly against the outer wall and then the dry lined plaster boards placed up over the insulation. Hope this helps!

Sam Margrave: Hi there, you got any plans or details that you used? Can you recommend any guides?

MrLaCubanisima: Hi Steve, nice video! I am currently insulating my shed for the Miami heat. How did you attach the insulation. Is it against the outer wall, or closer to the interior drywall? Thank you in advance.

Dan Woodcraft: What about door insulation? How did you ensure that there was no cold filtering in through the door? Dan in Scotland

Haston Shook: Thanks a lot for the movie. I also have some information about diy, comprehensive strategies and directions for wood working projects, specially about storage shed Look at here for more info:

Steve Hearn: No air gap, just good proper insulation that is behind the dry lined plasterboard that made my interior walls. So far I have not had any issues with condensation and I am very pleased about that! Again, I think it is very worthwhile adding proper insulation to a shed if you are converting it to a office type use. Money well spent :)

Steve Hearn: Hi Jamie. I have not had any issues with condensation and I think that is due to the shed being properly insulated both for the floor, walls and ceiling/roof area. I do not have the heater on all the time in the winter as it is too expensive, so when it is switched off in winter, I have a cold shed but no problems with condensation. I have a small electric heater and once that is switched on, it is quick to bring the shed up to temperature to allow me to work inside.

Jamie Smalley: Steve, I am also interested in any condensation issues you may have come across in the three years since you completed this conversion. Thanks.

Steve Hearn: Hi Benjamin, yes the full kit out has been worth it as the shed survives the London winters with no problem and I do not even have to have the heating on all the time, only when I am in the shed working do I switch it on! No real issues with condensation so its all good! The insulation works a treat! Thanks for watching!

Benjamin Cooper: It's really good, I have a studio a lot like your's but haven't had the time to kit it out with insulation or plaster, would you say it's been beneficial? and have you had any issues with condensation? Thanks!

Steve Hearn: Thanks Ben, my brother who is a builder completed the conversion for me!

Steve Hearn: Thank You for your kind comment!

Steve Hearn: The cost was around £1,000 for the complete conversion to a all year round usable office/room space. Worth every penny!

koolfoolable: How much does this cost in total?

Benjamin Cooper: That's a really nice conversion!
Shed conversion 5 out of 5

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