Mora Knife Sharpening

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sojourner pasajero: Thanks! This video really helped me sharpen my Moras. I've got a 511 and Companion, and use a Spyderco Sharpmaker with the stones flat, and it gets them shaving sharp in just a few minutes.

Offshore Drifter: That stone needs lapping badly 

Mark Slinger: What is simple green? Thanks

YIC: i'm having a hard time sharpening the curved part

BrotherBeard75: Mora knives are so good!

colincky w: thanks sir just got my first mora knife today and your video is very helpful [ although wont need to sharpen it just yet ] your video is very much appreciated take care...ATB....colin

vstarbiker: @Asu Debate : Remington 7600

Asu Debate: A pump action 30-06?? What the freak are you talking about?? Rifles aren't pump action..

Paul Camacho: Couple questions: 1. why do you moisten the stone with Simple Green as opposed to plain water? 2. what type of alcohol do you use to light your stove fire? isopropyl? 70%, 90% 99%?? Thank you.

Sundialonthejob: I watched this video while my Mora 601 was on the way. This technique works great. The easiest sharpening, most incredibly sharp blade I've ever owned. Thanks for the video.

David F: You would probably really "geek out" over Japanese whetstones if you ever had the opportunity to use them. They only need water (which is "sustainable" and readily available). Nice video.

infidel: just watching you do it that way, has given me confidence to sharpen a knife,gonna buy a mora next week, so will be using your method, thanks brother.

Miguel: Excellent video! Thanks for posting it.

Jeremysw2: Great video, i'm using the same knife, same sharpening system - but I can't really get it to work unless I put a "micro bevel" on the edge. I guess it just takes practice but I suck.

Mathew Panattoni: I never thought about simple green for this purpose, thanks.

Rob Davis: Hey thanks for giving me the idea to degrease my stone, it worked out great and I don't like using oil because it's so messy and hard to clean up... also great sharpening advice for Mora knives! Subscribed.

MrGivmedew: I like your video. Thanks for showing it. I want that sharpener. One thing I think though is that in a way especially for a well maintained knife the rough stone takes the sharpness down and is used to set the blade, make it even and prepare it for the finer stones. So I don't think that dragging the most used area on its own is a good idea. You will end up with a blade that looks like my 20+ yr old SA boyscout knife where that part of the blade is worn away and not as wide anymore. my 2 cnts

mrsir512: What mora is that thats the best one ive seen.

Romegyptian: Thanks for sharing

NeoLeaver: Thanks man, nice demo.
Mora knife sharpening 5 out of 5

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Mora knife sharpening