Winter Tent And Homemade Stove

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mblankenship15: Pretty good idea. Have you thought of putting a flat bottom in it so that the fire would sit on that instead of the bottom? It may make the bottom last longer and if you put holes in it, it could even create a hotter fire due to increased air flow. 

Raymond Goessens: That my friend is a verryh good looking tent!!! do you got a instuction how to bild one?

oooooooooooo: Thanks for making this video. :)

Deriust: Where did you buy the tent stove jack? It looked heavy duty for sure. Need one for my teepee setup. I suppose you could use one on the roof center hole of a teepee...anyone with any experience there?

backpackinonline: How much does the stove and stovepipe weigh? Do you leave your camp in place on your own property, or, do you pack it in and pack it out?

snaponjohn100: Very cool Terry my friend. Can't wait for the update. God bless. John

Andrea Patane: Homemade stoves rule.

real goshawk: Hi Terry, did you ever make a second part like you mentioned in the vid? Would be interesting to hear what the stove is capable of. Andreas

A M Miranda: Looks good, nice job... Hope it keeps you warm... Peace, Michael

Mykarmaxspiredaz: I'm curious about surrounding your stove with river rock. The stones should hold in heat considerably longer then the metal once the fire tapers off.

IA Woodsman: @Wintertrekker Thanks for the suggestions.

Journeyman71: Great looking shelter. Where did you pick up that tent? Nate

IA Woodsman: @Sebaring The stove drafts properly. That is why you need vents in the front.The stove draws in fresh air and the heat rises and takes all of the byproducts out the chimney.

busycando: Nice looking winter set-up,thanks for showing.

ewtoutdoors: Cool video, thanks for sharing, hope it works well for you. Take care.

MiWilderness: Great idea!

olle Güni: Hello, IA Woods man! This is good. A furnace in his winter shelter. Since the temperature will be really nice. Thank you for showing. I wish you a good time. olleGüni from Germany (google translator)

Edzherenow99: cool

Richard Hummell: There is also another problem using river/stream rock as there may be pockets of water in the rock that, when heated, could build up pressure and could explode. Best getting your rock from a ground source. Was sitting by a campfire once and a rock blew and a shard cut a 4" gash in my buddies face. 2 inches higher and he would have lost an eye. We were camped next to a river and that is where we got the rocks.

1highplains: reminds me of the old 49er days! i love it !! good upload brother,thanks

josephallen19: lookin good man.

stonybrokebushcraf: good job bud

Jimm Griffin: you could use river clay to pack around the stove to retain heat...spiritpipeman

Joel Bragg: I found stove jacks on ebay but where did you buy the end caps for the 8" pipe? Can't seem to find them anywhere.

Mr Meoff: Good idea's but that's made from a tarp right? So if you use your A-frame but have your tarp over the cross beam it won't sag & will be much stronger in case of snow.

IA Woodsman: @phr1sk37 All our snow is gone or I would.

TheSonofthunder7: Nice setup. But I could never build anything like that cause I stink at welding, So I'm hopefully going to get my stove from Kifaru also. I was originally thinking a paratipi but with these Iowa winters I'm really starting to think a 4 man would be a better go of it. Store more wood inside.

PatricAine Faulkner: Very interesting. Thought provoking - something for people to consider when winter camping. Thanks for sharing.

IA Woodsman: I have since moved on to a 4 person Kifaru tipi. I am still using the stove. Keeps that shelter very warm.

phr1sk37: Neat! I hope it keeps you warm ... send some snow my way please!

backpackinonline: Question: How much "burn time" do you get before you have to add wood?

smokeycanopy: Nice stove and a great video

Jim Jimm: Thumbs Up!!

IA Woodsman: @bobinmissouri I am SW

dlilngn: Cool stove, sir! I hope you have fun tinkering with the setup. It looks to have a good draw and burn. Thanks for posting. I look forward to more updates!

Mr Bug: Great video !

ireland66613: Awsome great video I my self bult a hot tent set up great fun in winter peace brother

okanoganforest: Nice job on the stove!!

oneilluminatus: WARNING !!! This aint no show for da city kitty woosies. If you are one of them , just go and spend the night in a motel or something like that instead....Your odds of survivall will increase by more than 99.9% or more... freaking city dorks...

bizzarrogeorge: Really cool stove. Thanks for sharing!

FixedByDoc OffGrid: AWESOME... great stove. cant wait to get mine finished. im making two out of the hellium canisters from those balloon kits. nice canvas tent. ive been wanting one similar for awhile for my dogs and gear. wasnt sure how well the smoke pipe was gonna work but at the end it was really puffing out the smoke. good job nice video.

chiya2006: Great stuff. Let me tell you ! I did grow up somewhere that we had relied mostly on these kinda stoves for entire house. except, the one we had was well built larger barrel type set in a vertical position.had a small door built inside bigger door positioned at lower side so we always had small door open for oxygen and bigger one for adding wood the most important part was top side we used to boil water, tea,warming food up even cooking on it. and using bottom part as a toaster. Flash back >>

rotag111: Good vid and nice set up. I have a set up similar to that made from canvas. I like your stove pipe set up.

atlantic woodsman: Nice how long does your wood last in the stove many times do you have to load the stove in one night?

keith rice: yes I love cotton tents .I like camping at camp sites but 9 times out of 10 give me the wilds any day .I like camping in haunted woods for fun some times just me . and by the way . please take a look at my 2 videos one is at night with my stove going . one in the day light so you can see the stove better and tent just put into utube tee pee and look me up keith rice

quintin636: that's the best budget stove ever! i was looking for a easy to build flat top stove (on the cheap) and i've been looking on youtube for ideas for a long time already (haven't tried building anything yet) and you've been the best ever! awesome idea!!!!! HUGE FAN from your idea m8

davidsquall351: Cool setup

SurviveN2: I'm trying to get caught up on my video watching...again...LOL. That is a really cool stove and it's got me to thinking of how I can build one...LOL. Thanks for sharing. Take Care :-))

Jeff Spate: I like it, but it still looks mighty chilly, Willy.

SCHRUBBE1966: Looks like high wind would cause a problem with that setup.
Winter Tent and Homemade Stove 4.8 out of 5

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Winter Tent and Homemade Stove