Vehicle Speed Sensor Location

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Jerry Harris: I have a 2010 Buick Enclave and was trying to find out for myself on turning off the sensor. now when I remove it, will vehicle run better, will it hurt the truck to keep it disconnected

cn 250: to test it remove red wire stick it up your ass and run as fast as you can ( of course run in place) eith ignition in on position you should see 20-30 mph on dash.

Ferlando Edwards: Toyota exiv 1997 speed sensor location

yuanitoable: my car is a pontiac g5 gt do you think the speed sensor is there in the same place ? beacuse the satur its the same engine

josh bridger: is this car in the video a citroen saxo need help finding the car speed sensor can not find it please help regs josh

Stuart Lilley: any idea how to disconnect the speed limiter on a 2001 mk2 1.2 16v Clio?

LivesNearCostco: Richrpin, thanks this helped me locate the VSS on my 98 Saturn SL2 and replace it. I removed the air snorkel and replaced it from above but it was really hard to get a wrench on it. Would have been much easier to replace it from below if I bothered the lift the car. Hopefully that will solve my P0731 code.

Miguel: I am not able to get out of first gear on my 1997 grand Cherokee can it be the speed sensor that went bad

James Barratt: Don't give up your day job.

Arnold Baclig: if you make a should tell what type of car so that the veiwer now the vehicle that you perform .. not just the speed sensor... give a example hello viewers! i have a car a 2001 lezus rx300 that im going to show you a speed sensor location... thats it simple is that ... i hope you do that next time.. thats my tip too you... stay safe out there....

Rienesh Kesharie: toyota hiace 1999 speedometer location

James Barratt: Location for that car, but what was that car?

James Liebherr: is it a Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari what kind of car

Charlie Wisher: i have a 91 mr2 crank no start 2.2 l engine wonder if any one have any ideals spark plugs a run rich back fire have spark top dead center. replace everything. and change ecu ran for 20 and died fuel pump working cant figure it out

Joel Epperson: What vehicle is this?

wilson perez: Hey rich, thx for your videos. I have a 1993 Toyota mr2 automatic 2.2L. My speedometer is off by 15 mph when I first start driving and has the car warms up, it's off by 6 mpg. What do you think? Cable needs greasing or speed sensor? Thx Wilson

bogeytu: And he doesn't even tell you what make model and year of car he is referring to... so I guess every car is the same to him.... smh.

MRGF78: on what car?

Hama A: Every brand of car is in different location lol

Ernest Latcher: On what car
Vehicle Speed Sensor Location 5 out of 5

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Vehicle Speed Sensor Location