Vehicle Speed Sensor Location

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Vehicle Speed Sensor Location
Vehicle Speed Sensor Location
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Mazda 626 Vehicle Speed Sensor Location Removal part 2
1995 Subaru Legacy L Outback: DIY vehicle speed sensor 2 replacement
1995 Subaru Legacy L Outback: DIY vehicle speed sensor 2 replacement
replacing a vehicle speed sensor
replacing a vehicle speed sensor

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KingVon01: would it bet the same for a corolla 1993 because i need to check and see if mines is good

ranoldoe: 1998 honda passport, speedometer/odometer stops working at times (mostly works) cruise control works even if the speedometer isn't.  seems to be a short, but where is the most likely place to check.  I suspect it's a ground issue with either speedo head or vss.
Any ideas would be great.

Christopher Walker: Jeep speed sensor but still helpful video

Tammy Gresham: Hi, 2003 Hyundai santa fe. Checked speed sensor&fuses. Seems to be good but speedometer and odometer and cruise control not working. Anything else I can check? Any reports of bad wiring somewhere? Baffled. Thanks. 

at0ny: I have code p0500 on my hyundai santa fe 2003. Rpm/spedometer does work, but the cruise control does not work, is this the same sensor? On the obd scanner its says p0500 vehicle speed sensor.

I have a Nissan altima 2006 when I put my car in drive it will not take off I have to put it in 1st then 2nd then 3rd then drive all this while on driving someone say it could be my speed sensor

Levi Lockling: So, my speedometer and odometer do not work, though my tach and the rev limiter(4000 rpm) do, then would that be VSS? The car is throwing a code 24(1992 SL2, 114,000).

maitham muslam: how are you ? please I have car jeep grand Cherokee model 2008 I have problem in my turbine speed sensor input  (( no signal )) code p2767 but i can not find the location of the sensor   so i can clean it or replace it as well?

or is there any another way to fix this problem ?

please any one can help?

Bernard Gill: Great and simple; thanks for sharing!

richpin06a: Francisco Gabela,The tach and speedometer not working would be one indicator.

Francisco Gabela: How do you know when the VSS is going bad or stops working?

Altobellodobermans: I so lo e the fact that when I have issues with my 2002 manual transmission,  you are there for me Richpin. Thank you for your videos.

Will C: What do you put in front of the ramps so the saturn doesn't bottom out?

virtualgaz: great vid and info - BETTER than any forum or Google I could find, if only I had come here first, I've wasted hours looking for this thing on the net!!! Once again, useful mate, thanks heaps! 

Evelyn Proudfoot: Simple but very helpful video!

Michael Chen: Hello Richpin, I have a question, my 1992 SL1's ABS light stays on now. But the ABS still works fine, I tried on the open space. Any idea? Thank you.
PS, I had replaced all the rear brake blub to LED a week ago, Is that the reason I got the ABS light on?

Shleeshtak: What is the part or type of the actual wiring harness connector

I think I have a bad connector itself. I replaced the VSS but have intermittent problems. I wanted to replace the connector plug before replacing the VSS

Stephanie Parker: Wish it showed how to remove from the electrical connector that is hook to a metal piece on a 96 infinity I 30

Marlin vargas: donde se encuentra ubicado el sensor del velocimetro del vw bora o jetta

rinzo faulks: on a 2003 ford windstar how do replace vss and is it located?
Vehicle Speed Sensor Location 5 out of 5

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Vehicle Speed Sensor Location