Vehicle Speed Sensor Location

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Vehicle Speed Sensor Location
Vehicle Speed Sensor Location
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Mazda 626 Vehicle Speed Sensor Location Removal part 2
1995 Subaru Legacy L Outback: DIY vehicle speed sensor 2 replacement
1995 Subaru Legacy L Outback: DIY vehicle speed sensor 2 replacement
replacing a vehicle speed sensor
replacing a vehicle speed sensor

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Tammy Gresham: Hi, 2003 Hyundai santa fe. Checked speed sensor&fuses. Seems to be good but speedometer and odometer and cruise control not working. Anything else I can check? Any reports of bad wiring somewhere? Baffled. Thanks. 

at0ny: I have code p0500 on my hyundai santa fe 2003. Rpm/spedometer does work, but the cruise control does not work, is this the same sensor? On the obd scanner its says p0500 vehicle speed sensor.

I have a Nissan altima 2006 when I put my car in drive it will not take off I have to put it in 1st then 2nd then 3rd then drive all this while on driving someone say it could be my speed sensor

Levi Lockling: So, my speedometer and odometer do not work, though my tach and the rev limiter(4000 rpm) do, then would that be VSS? The car is throwing a code 24(1992 SL2, 114,000).

maitham muslam: how are you ? please I have car jeep grand Cherokee model 2008 I have problem in my turbine speed sensor input  (( no signal )) code p2767 but i can not find the location of the sensor   so i can clean it or replace it as well?

or is there any another way to fix this problem ?

please any one can help?

Bernard Gill: Great and simple; thanks for sharing!

richpin06a: Francisco Gabela,The tach and speedometer not working would be one indicator.

Francisco Gabela: How do you know when the VSS is going bad or stops working?

Altobellodobermans: I so lo e the fact that when I have issues with my 2002 manual transmission,  you are there for me Richpin. Thank you for your videos.

Will C: What do you put in front of the ramps so the saturn doesn't bottom out?

virtualgaz: great vid and info - BETTER than any forum or Google I could find, if only I had come here first, I've wasted hours looking for this thing on the net!!! Once again, useful mate, thanks heaps! 

Evelyn Proudfoot: Simple but very helpful video!

Michael Chen: Hello Richpin, I have a question, my 1992 SL1's ABS light stays on now. But the ABS still works fine, I tried on the open space. Any idea? Thank you.
PS, I had replaced all the rear brake blub to LED a week ago, Is that the reason I got the ABS light on?

Shleeshtak: What is the part or type of the actual wiring harness connector

I think I have a bad connector itself. I replaced the VSS but have intermittent problems. I wanted to replace the connector plug before replacing the VSS

Stephanie Parker: Wish it showed how to remove from the electrical connector that is hook to a metal piece on a 96 infinity I 30

Marlin vargas: donde se encuentra ubicado el sensor del velocimetro del vw bora o jetta

rinzo faulks: on a 2003 ford windstar how do replace vss and is it located?

junechris: I have an occasional irregular shift on mine too. only happens sometimes. It was recently rebuilt in January. It's under light to moderate throttle and it's almost like it's in perform shift when it isn't. It feels a little slower acceleration wise when it does that too (vs) when it shifts properly.

Milan Kovacic: J have a problem with my renault clio 1.2 16v 2002, when j give him a litle harder gas he just don't get the speed the rpm goes up, but the speed stay's seem HELPPP :(

Tomscorpio83: You sound like everybody loves Ray
Vehicle Speed Sensor Location 5 out of 5

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Vehicle Speed Sensor Location