MIUI V5 Android 4.2.2 For Nexus 4

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MIUI V5 Android 4.2.2 for Nexus 4
MIUI V5 Android 4.2.2 for Nexus 4
Первый взгляд на MIUI v5 на русском
Первый взгляд на MIUI v5 на русском
Nexus 4 MIUI ROM V5
Nexus 4 MIUI ROM V5
Official Miui V5 for Google Nexus 5
Official Miui V5 for Google Nexus 5
MIUI V5 Galaxy Nexus
MIUI V5 Galaxy Nexus
MIUI ROM V5 for Nexus 4!
MIUI ROM V5 for Nexus 4!
LG L9 Rom MIUI v5 Android 4.2.2 CyanogenMod 10.1
LG L9 Rom MIUI v5 Android 4.2.2 CyanogenMod 10.1
MIUI V5 3.9.6 (Android 4.2.2) For Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300)
MIUI V5 3.9.6 (Android 4.2.2) For Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300)
AOKP Rom for the Nexus 4 (Milestone 1) 4.2.2
AOKP Rom for the Nexus 4 (Milestone 1) 4.2.2
MIUI v5 - Nexus 4
MIUI v5 - Nexus 4
MIUI v5 on Nexus 4
MIUI v5 on Nexus 4
Nexus 4 Miui  v5 Rom Review
Nexus 4 Miui v5 Rom Review
Nexus 4 - MIUI - Custom Rom  - Review
Nexus 4 - MIUI - Custom Rom - Review

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Bhavesh Lama: i have installed dis rom but the sound n wifi doesnt work....i love this rom but what to do........

ktt1977: This is a very good ROM, compared with the other ROMs I've tried. I like this one. It's very user friendly and does enough of what I want it to do. 

Nathan M.: It looks good but its crap.. I got. A lot of Japanese pop ups

TipHDFilmz: Best Rom to me right now. very feature rich and light,battery is great

PeTriT10: Great ROM, gonna try out, thanks again Jered, as always.

tinktank: This is one of the best looking ROM I've seen to date! Would really want to root my nexus 4 for this! Great job on the video.

Jared Busch: Thanks for watching =)

Faizan Malik: hey, i tried to install this but i get stuck on the google logo after flashing. I have twrp recovery and ii wipe everything before flashing. Any help would be appreciated.

Nikhil Bullavar: Hey Jared !! Do you have this ROM for the SGS3 ?

Alim Haque: I may have missed it, but I do believe you missed out the two best features. Themes and the permissions centre (Idk what it's called because it has been about a year since I ran it)

Jared Busch: Try flashing the ROM and then clear cache and then flash a different kernel

Jared Busch: LOL, which device do you have now?

Nate Johnson: What miui gapps file should I download that will let me use the playstore

BossYOLIFeUp: A couple of days ago my little sister tossed my phone across the room and the inside of the screen is cracked it's a Samsung GS3. The LED light work people can text call me i can hear the sound but the screen is black... I have T.MOBILE... Should i get the phone fix or switch to sprint and bring my number and save 100 bucks... If anyone can fix it for free or something real cheap let me know.. Or should i just buy the stuff on AMAZON IF SO WHAT DO I NEED

Myke Paglinawan: people tends to get affected by phones nowadays. can we just understand that different phones, fits for different people. different people, different styles, different likes, different ideas. as for me, pick the phone that suits you and your needs.

Jared Busch: Thanks bud =) Ya MIUI is a fun rom for sure

Jared Busch: You're very welcome =)

Jared Busch: ya let me know what you think. it's a really well crafted ROM =)

Suprised?: THX!

AHMED Hasan: please tell how can i download google apps ....

AndreCorner: Why doesn't MIUI officially release for Google phones?

Jared Busch: oh you're very welcome. I should be thanking you for porting it! =)

Jared Busch: I sure hope so. It's already available for the S4, which reminds me...I should probably do a video with it on the S4, lol

Technomaniac Rahul: great review...subscribed...

Matt Peters: This rom has been fairly stable for me. Aside from some cleanup I had to do to my personal storage partition after the ROM was loaded, and a bug that prevents the navigation keys from hiding themselves when viewing videos in landscape, I've been quite pleased. This is a very well crafted Android experience.

Jack Durrant: Is it better than the MIUIAndroid port?

Lindle Lee: No it's Me You I. It's Mi (rice in Chinese, Xiaomi mean little rice). th UI (meaning user interface).

Jeremy Gallman: I think I might flash this tonight, thanks

Jared Busch: I'm sure it will eventually! =D

tiger ke: it's "me you"!

Ivan Y: i flashed this ROM on my nexus 4, when i connect to my laptop, i was able to see only DCIM folder, the rest seems invisble to me. I tried switch/toggle to media player/camera and turn on/off usb debugging, doesn't help either. before this, i was using cm10.1 and i was able to see every folder fro my pc when connected via usb. Any help? thanks!

Lester Soriano: please create a step by step tutorial on how to install this rom

th3xeroeagle: dang I wish I didn't sell my N4 right about now! haha hope it releases on S4 soon

Jared Busch: Awesome! Have fun =)

Jared Busch: ya, lol I forgot to go over them during the recording, but I made sure to put up some in video text pointing out the themes. But I do wish I remembered to include the themes chooser app.

Jared Busch: faster? hmmm, I can't really say because they're both fast.

Jas Own: How is the benchmark

mustafa sabla: Will T-Mobile 4g hspa+ work on this

Vijay Kumar: If anyone facing gallery issues on MIUI ROM, install GALLERY REFRESH app from the play store for free

Oplinta Moshtak: What ROM do you recommend for N4? speed, battery features, etc.

Kevin Wong: I recommend Illusion ROMs for Nexus 4 - I've found that it's super stable and has the most useful features from CM 10.1, PA, and other useful ROMs. You guys should try it!

Jared Busch: I wouldn't call this version better per'say but it does have a couple extra apps that you wouldn't normally get through an official MIUI release

Bayu Wicaksono: Hahaha... You spoke too fast. Btw thanks for the review :)

TipHDFilmz: can i install this on my N7

PeTriT10: Jered, tried it very nice ROM but still I prefer PA over every ROM out there... worth the try tho. Thanks again !!!
MIUI V5 Android 4.2.2 for Nexus 4 4.9 out of 5

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MIUI V5 Android 4.2.2 for Nexus 4