Glock 20 Rapid Fire

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Glock 20 Rapid Fire
Glock 20 Rapid Fire
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Glock 20 First Shots. Take Down (Full Size 10mm) Shooting Demonstration Close-Up Rapid Fire
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Strike Industries Frame Shock Buffer: Glock 20 Slow Mo Recoil Test 10mm Review
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52 pickup Glock 17 Rapid fire (3 magazine rapid fire ammo dump)
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nateo200: Ah the 10mm Glock 20....that noise is just so satisfying....

Mike Tyler: I love this guy!!! Awesome channel!!! 

Aerial Advancement: Do u recommend the Georgia arms ammo

Aglassdarkly116: I think this video sealed the deal on getting a 20, thanks! Georgia Arms loads excellent ammo at an excellent price, need to visit them at a local show soon. Glad to see them getting exposure on here.

mark cooper: love my glock 20 also shootin pins at 100 fun fun fun

trapstar918420: @The12lber There you go....even better.

Jerome H: where might I be able to buy sum Hickok rounds, prefer 12ga.

hefedehefe: I cant choose between the Glock 20,29,or30. Grrrr....

MrGlocknload: @bigorange1986 cheaper than dirt has bitterroot valley 10mm ammo for just over $20 a box of 50 that's as cheap as your going to get brand new fmj 10mm ammo.

nejinaji: @Hula666hoop im going to get one of those also, but ive shot both and i just want to get the glock first. im a sucker for powerful guns.

jarrellify: That gun dope af'

jntroisi: @jntroisi Sorry, that's $0.126 CAD per round. My fingers were too fast while typing.

mikedumpin: Own a glock 20 and loving every minute of it... good vid

eagleshadow2020: Life is really great when you're shooting the 10mm Glock 20.

seanxvw: hickok45 I think you missed your target, lol. Good stuff.

solidsignalz: I love this video...

eatmudz71: hickok, what is more powerfull, a 10mm or a .45? Thanks!

bigphil562: nice

Regina M Barron Barron: The Double Tap rounds seemed to produce the snappiest recoil, probably due to Double Tap's tendency to load hot rounds. Even their 180 grain hollow-points are moving along at over 1300 ft./ sec. out of a Glock 20, approaching .357 Magnum ballistics. Perhaps these are a little warmer than your handloads...

hickok45: @lonerangersheriff , Probably a good general recommendation; however, I think it depends on how much a person shoots. That's the one piece of information I always like to know when people ask me about whether something recoils a lot or not. For people who don't shoot much, a 9mm can seem to recoil a great deal, whereas for people who shoot a great deal with large caliber, a .45 doesn't seem to recoil much.

kcorlies: Awesome video. I am sure you had a lot of fun ventilating that ammo can!

telemacherT2: Life IS Good!

Pmedic605: Absolutely!

lonelycyclist: It's a shame we can't have guns in my country.

fieldx200: Life is good

Treblaine: Well the problem is you find ignorant lawyers in the worst place you want to find them... in a courtroom. But juries are fickle groups, they may be swayed by energy argument though they may also be dumb enough to tune out after complex terms like "energy" and just think "Herp, 10mm is only one millimetre more than 9mm, that's nothing". Any competent lawyer could cite the FBI report post 1986 Miami shootout saying 10mm was necessary stopping power needed for an autoloader.

RavenWolf515: @hickok45 Do you prefer .45acp or 10mm for home defense?

BullRonin: @hickok45 I really do enjoy your videos sir. I'm was thinking about getting a Glock 21 for the longest time, but started thinking about the Glock 20. I was curious if a fully loaded Glock 20 is lighter than a fully loaded Glock 21? In general is 10mm ammo as heavy has good ole 45?

MagicCat3: I ccw a g29.. in Massachusetts of all places

wdevroege: shoot some guns and find out the best gun that you like and able to shoot accurate

trapstar918420: @lonerangersheriff emotionally prepared for recoil? How do you emotionally prepare for the recoil of your weapon sheriff?

ultrabeastmode: thats some great control with the 10mm damn probably the best i seen on youtube.

cambellschunky704: "life is good" sure is, hickock- your vids are a ray of sunshine at the end of a hard day. thanks. keep on keepin' on, brother

brainysnaeha: @hickok45 is the glock 20 available in thailand? is there any 10mm ammunitions made in thailand? The most popular maker here is royal ammunition. Very impressive pistol i saw from your videos. If it ever made to thailand i think it will easily priced over 1,500 dollars! We don't just go to the gun store and grab some heat that easy firearm laws here are very stict.

kevinrocks2323: I still wonder why this round is not very popular among the firearms community or law enforcement. It's powerful (legal for hunting white-tail deer!), seems to have manageable recoil when used by experienced shooters, and the Glock can hold 15 + 1 of them. Seems strange that the FBI complained about the recoil and made a reduced recoil load when hickok seems to handle it just fine.

Speedogg138: @khenessy1 A) Magazines, B)Not ONE of the mags he shot in this video held only 9 rounds...

spud_.308: On the quest to watch all 600+ vids. This was the 1st time I've heard the signature "life is good"

ExczSanityz: An ammo can was hurt in the making of this video.

jntroisi: What do you think of hard cast copper plated bullets. There's a local MFG here in Hamilton, ON, Canada who sells .40 cal, 180 g for $126/1000rds. That's $0.26 CAD per round.

Jeremy Hopkins: love 10mm, but i heard if you use 10mm in self defense from a home invasion or something you can get in serious crap cause its over powered

trapstar918420: @kevinrocks2323 Yes. Well said.

GunfightersArmory: the Hickok handloads are loaded hotter than the others. lol

thegc1: Hey, been looking into the Glock 20 and saw this today. I realize this is the most powerful incarnation of the Glock, but how much more recoil does it have over the Glock 23? More of a difference than the 23 has over the 19? Just trying to guage it... Also, never heard of Georgia Arms until now, so what is your opinion of them? Looking at the prices of their Canned Heat, I was considering giving them a shot...

Bluelunes: In the States anything 12.7mm (.50) or smaller is legal. The 10mm is a great round and from what I understand is physically similar to the .40 S&W round - although it is a bit larger and more powerful. In fact, I believe the 10mm auto is the parent case to the .40 S&W.

Glockcrazy19: @bigorange1986 jesus your gonna ccw a 10mm, are you afraid of bears?

aluisious: @enricad You can't even spell.

Billy Bates Jr: Well I Think I Will Get A Glock 10mm ! But I LIKE my Glock 30 and 22, and 23 !!

nighthunter1962: I love georiga arms ammo as well

nejinaji: beastly gun. gonna be my first handgun

BigRed30378: @robloxguggi No problem.
Glock 20 Rapid Fire 4.9 out of 5

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Glock 20 Rapid Fire