Stihl MS290 MS310 MS390 Chainsaw Repair

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Stihl MS290 MS310 MS390 chainsaw repair
Stihl MS290 MS310 MS390 chainsaw repair
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Fireman Fritz: I am disappointed by the absence of needed information at times like when you re-installed the piston without a ring compressor, then the video jumped to the crank completely installed and you spent almost 2 minutes showing how to apply gasket seal to the block body and head assembly ! Felt like you were teaching a ninth grade shop class. I mean, damn... the only people watching this stuff are going to be mechanics already and if you know how to take off a bolt... you know how to apply gasket sealer.

Thank you for adding the tip to use "fuel resistant" sealer. That was important for me.

I am grateful for the posting though, as it identified the bearing failure, which is what I felt was the problem, but I have never taken one of these apart before. So the step by step has been very helpful. Especially the "long bolt" double nut trick even though it seemed near the end of the extraction the bolt stopped and only the nuts were turning... then the video "jumped" again to the finished task. I would not have thought of that idea myself right away, so thank you. Now I can fix my neighbors chainsaw for him.

I truly appreciate this world wide web stuff. I am 69 years old, grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and remember going to the general store to use the telephone that was just a small oak box with a crank and mouthpiece on it and ear cup hanging off the side. That thing was "high tech" for us.

Now I have this laptop that can connect me with any information the human community has anywhere on earth. And a device that makes telephone calls that fits in a pocket !

We are living in great times !
For me... the 1964 New York world's fair is "coming to pass" and that is very kool.

Mark Me: do you know if the ms 391 has the bearings with plastic race also?

Fredrick Metcalf: You make excellent videos.....very clear, well organized and explained......please make more......and thanks for going to the trouble.....Merry Christmas! ! ! ! ! !

matthew lee: how about a big bore kit for a ms310? is it worth it?

Adam Dupuis: Just got a used 290 for 200 bucks, this info will come in handy if i have problems down the road. Great tip on getting that stud out i'm sure i would have been pulling my hair out, ahh who am i kidding, i would have been smashing crap with hammers lol. Great video. Cheers.

Pierpa_76 Pierpaolo: Wow too 'I have to disassemble my McCulloch up to that point. But I would not know how to unscrew the clutch !! Now it is disassembled and not now know how to block the 'tree so as to force the clutch to unscrew it. I built a key with two pins and 'wheelbase is all in all good. I await advice because I would replace both bearings. Greetings.

Klayton Warner: i am working on rebuilding one of these right now bought it for 30$ and the four bolts  that hold the cylinder in are seized and i mean seized broke 2 #27 torx bits any suggestions?


Click here to buy:

Walleye Willy: Stihl quality sure has gone down the crapper in the last decade. Plastic inside the crank bearings WTH? Probably made in the same factory in China that build their junk zama's.

Zacarias Hernandez : Have a ms 250 sthil saw, working on the piston, can anyone teach me how to take off bearings? Thanks

Steven Rudd: Ok why did my races cost $8'75' apiece.hmm expensive plastic!

JON Gergeceff: Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

Steven Rudd: Yes my damn 460 was in use today! Had to go 2 the ol stadby my 310 I bought new in 06 gotta 20 in csrlsn.roller tip n yes I felld 41' in red oak solid not no bark mesrm. I am true believer its always not the saw it's the man's knowledge running it. I found that out today.

afleetcommand: wow. expected a better material from the Stih brand. I have one on the bench, a 391. Was avoiding these but the customer now I have it. Looks like I have to replace the oil pump...and that doesn't look straight forward! While I'm in there is it worth just replacing bearings & seals??

BriggsMower: the races are not plastic there kevlar 

heliarche: My 290 has been acting funny just like you said for the longest time. Today it finally gave up the ghost and won't even run anymore. I'm hoping I can get away with seals and bearings but I'm not optimistic as it feels and sounds different when I pull it over. Thanks for the video though. The dang plastic case really does tick me off.

Aaron Candeloro: We'll done great help I was stuck for ages trying to get the cylinder out off frame it wasn't to be a 2 can job turned into a carton cheers

Tonio Skweir: Can't wait to try this out. Glad I didn't put it in the metal pile with my "froze up" 041 AV. I assume a new piston and head can go back on instead of my old scored piston using the same instructions. Thanks for the confidence boost. I'll post back once I get er done.

1fanger: You need to do more disassembly videos LOL. They`re great for me, shade tree gearhead. Thumbs up.

MrHangerone: Great vid!
Stihl MS290 MS310 MS390 chainsaw repair 5 out of 5

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Stihl MS290 MS310 MS390 chainsaw repair